Akumal Beach – Things You Need To Know!

On Mexico’s Maya Riviera, there lies a tiny beach town called Akumal. In Mayan, the name translates to “Place of the Turtle.” 

In addition to being known for being abundant in turtles, this Mexican beach is also considered popular for its sparkling white sands, gentle waves, and diverse marine life. Tourists can not only swim but snorkel, sail, shop, and take both boat and diving tours at this beachfront destination. Overall, Akumal Beach is a stunning location that is well worth seeing.

Continue reading to learn more about Akumal beach, including where it is, as well as some of the best things to do at Akumal beach, the top 2 best resorts located nearby, and more.

Akumal Beach

Akumal Beach

Swimming with turtles is a unique activity available on a daily basis in Playa Akumal, Mexico. When snorkeling or diving underwater, you can also see various aquatic animals and coral reefs at this location.

Visitors have reported that swimming in Akumal’s ocean is almost dream-like due to the crystal-clear turquoise seas.

If this seems like your dream beach holiday, keep in mind that you’ll have to wake up quite early every day. After all, only 200 people are permitted to swim in the protected turtle zone each day. As a result, visit as early as possible and hire a guide if you want to swim with the turtles in the best locations before limits are imposed.

While the beach is undeniably one of Akumal’s most notable characteristics, the town, and surrounding activities are also regarded as attractive tourist destinations. These locations are also noted for their beauty and scenic value. So be sure to explore beyond the beach for the best travel experience.

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Where is Akumal Beach?

Akumal is a quiet beachfront tourist resort village in Mexico located 62 miles south of Cancun. This is commonly referred to as the area between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

What Are Some of the Best Things to Do At Akumal Beach?


If there’s one main reason you’re coming or vacationing in Akumal on Mexico’s stunning Riviera Maya coastline, it’s got to be the sea turtles! After all, snorkeling at Akumal is a popular activity. As a result, people come from all over the world to snorkel at this beach. After all, Akumal beach is regarded as being an excellent location for spotting enormous sea turtles and an abundance of sea life.


If you’ve never been sailing before, the calm waters of Akumal beach would be a great place to “get your toes wet for the first time.” Whether you want to kick back and relax on a sailboat or learn how to sail, visit one of Akumal’s beaches and many touring companies to see which sailing tour option works best for you.

Diving Adventures

Akumal in Mexico’s Riviera Maya is known for being located at the top of the Belize Barrier Reef, which has 12 diving spots. These diving locations include a wide range of dive sites and conditions, ranging from coral reefs to small tunnels.

The water at Akumal is also warm, and the visibility is often good. Almost all locations are also shielded from strong currents. However, note that some dive spots can and will go deeper than an Open Water certificate permits, making Akumal an excellent choice for both novices and expert divers alike.

Boat Tours

Given that Akumal beach is home to a plethora of magnificent beach and ocean places best known to locals, it is advised that visitors join a boat tour or excursion when visiting Akumal beach.

These tours will not only give you a day on the water away from the bustling shores, but these knowledgeable tour guides will also share some of the best, more hidden swimming and snorkeling locations that are bound to take your breath away.

What Are The Closest Resorts to Akumal Beach?

Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort

Plan the perfect relaxing beach getaway along the Riviera Maya’s peaceful coastlines at Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort. This magnificent seaside resort, located only minutes from the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum and the lively beach town of Playa del Carmen, has something for every tourist.

Spend your days lazing on the expansive white-sand beach bordered by palm trees, where you can soak up the sun on a comfy lounger or snorkel through the crystal-clear seas. Tourists can also focus on their mind, body, and soul at this location with various health activities provided by the resort, including yoga, meditation, and spiritual dance workshops, as well as revitalizing Pranayama and Vipassana experiences. 

After a picture-perfect day in paradise, when staying at this resort, you can also retreat to your opulent lodgings, which include luxurious facilities—for example, 24-hour room service and gorgeous balconies or terraces with Jacuzzis. 

Sunscape Akumal Beach Resort & Spa

The unspoiled Akumal Region, noted for the beauty of its pristine beaches, is where Sunscape Akumal Beach Resort & Spa is situated in the heart of the Riviera Maya. 

This hotel is located between the historical and natural attractions of Tulum and Cobá on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach. Eight restaurants offer delicious snacks and delectable dinners, while nine bars offer an unlimited supply of beverages.

When staying at this location, the entire family will be delighted throughout the day and into the evening by eleven dazzling pools and an abundance of activities.

Final Thoughts

The Mexican beach, known as Playa Akumal, is well-known for its abundance of turtles as well as for its glistening white sands, calm surf, and a variety of marine life. At this seaside attraction, visitors can snorkel, sail, shop, and go on both boat and diving trips. Overall, Akumal Beach is a breathtaking place that is highly recommended.

If you think this sounds like your ideal beach vacation, remember that you’ll need to get up early every day. In the protected turtle zone, just 200 individuals are allowed to swim each day. Therefore, if you want to swim with the turtles in the ideal spots before restrictions are put in place, go as early as you can and hire a guide.

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