Best Car Rental in Cancun (with Car Rental Tips)

Although Cancun offers many public transportation options, some tourists and travelers find it more convenient to drive and explore the area independently. If you also feel the same, don’t worry because Cancun houses many car rental companies. The only concern you’ll need to do is choose which best suits your preferences.

To help you, we rounded up five of Cancun’s best car rental companies. This list includes an overview of each company, the type of cars they offer, and the starting prices. This way, you can have an idea before you head to the website and have a deeper look.

Let’s get started!

Best Car Rental in Cancun

Car Rental Tips

Below are some helpful tips you can use if you plan on renting a car during your stay in Cancun.

Choose a reliable car rental company

The last thing you’ll want is trouble and problems with a car rental. As such, it’s always best to find a reliable car rental company that can make you worry less about car rental in Cancun.

Always include insurance

Whether you’re from Mexico or not, you should always include and pay for insurance for every car you rent. The list below includes insurance and tax fees. So you only need to input details and pay.

Bring necessary documents

When driving a rental car, you must always bring the necessary documents. The list includes your license, car rental agreement, and other documents. 

Document the Before and After Condition

When renting a car, you must have a photo or video showing the car’s condition before and after using it. This way, you’ll save from fees if the company sees any scratch and says it’s your fault, even though it’s not.

Drive safely

This tip applies to everyone, whether driving a rental car or bringing your own. Further, if you’re unfamiliar with Cancun, you need to know the driving rules. To know more, read about Is It Safe to Drive in Cancun?

Five Best Car Rental Companies in Cancun

If you already decided to rent a car in Cancun, the next step is to pick the reliable company where you will get your car. Here are the five best car rental companies we recommend for you if you’re visiting Cancun.

1. Easy Way Cancun Car Rental

Easy Way Rent A Car is a reliable car rental company in Cancun that you can always consider. The company has a simple and manageable website where you can easily book a car for rent. 

This company is among the cheap car rental in Cancun because they offer fair prices with no hidden costs or taxes. They also have available assistance 24/7 to assist you.

Since the company’s office is outside Cancun Airport, you can save the additional charges you may have when you book at an airport-affiliated car rental company. Also, they offer a pick-up from Cancun Airport to their office should you need such.

Finally, the company already includes insurance for car rental, so you can rest assured in emergencies.

Available Cars for Rent

On this website, you can filter out your options depending on the type of vehicle you want. The company offers compact cars, SUVs, vans, minivans, mid-size cars, and full-size vehicles.

Starting Price

The compact cars of this company start at 5 USD. You can check an estimate or quote that includes taxes and insurance fees once you set your preferred rent dates and type of vehicle.

Contact Info

Address: Carretera Cancún – Tulum Km 15 Alfredo V. Bonfil, 77560 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +52 998 886 2464
Website: Easy Way Cancun Car Rental

2. Yes Car Rental Cancun

Yes Rent A Car is another reliable car rental company located outside Cancun Airport. As such, you’ll also save some fees that most car rental companies charge because of their affiliation with the airport. 

The company includes a transportation service from the airport to their office, so you won’t have to worry about the distance and travel without a car. 

The website is also simple, and you can easily choose a car and get a quotation of the price you’ll pay depending on the car you’re renting and the duration of the rental. Overall, we recommend this company to be among the best car rental in Cancun. 

Available Cars for Rent

The company offers compact cars, economical cars, sedans, intermediate cars, full-size cars, Mini SUVs, Large SUVs, vans, and minivans.

Starting Price

One thing to note is that a car rental price is around 150 USD, but it’s a minimum of three days worth of rent. Thus, this car rental company isn’t for you if you’re renting for only a day or two.

Contact Info

Address: Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio KM 12.5 SM 301 MZ 01 Int. Plaza Santa Fe, Carr. Cancún – Tulum, Aeropuerto, 77560 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +52 998 279 6915
Website: Yes Car Rental Cancun

3. Avant Rent A Car

Avant Rent A Car is also an excellent option, especially if renting a car for several days.

The company offers around 20% off discounts if you’re renting for around 4-6 days. You can even more if you’re renting for longer. Of course, it does not apply during holidays, but it’s worth noting when visiting Cancun on a regular day.

The company boasts of its inclusions, including full insurance coverage, excellent rates, freedom of transfers, and its array of vehicles for rent. 

Further, the company is oriented towards the tourism industry, ensuring a friendly service to those unfamiliar with the area.

Another thing to note is that the entire car rental process is simple, transparent, and straightforward. As such, you can enjoy your rental car without too many concerns.

Available Cars for Rent

The company offers an array of vehicles for rent. Here, you can rent sub-compact cars, economy cars, sedans of any size, SUVs of any size, and minivans. The company also has automatic and manual transmissions for every car you need.

Starting Price

The starting price of the most affordable car on the site is 29 USD per day, but you can spend less if you rent for a week. It depends on the type of car you choose and the length of your rent. The quotation you’ll have on the website will include fees such as taxes and insurance.

Contact Info

Address: Carr. Cancún – Tulum Km 15.3, Alfredo V. Bonfil, 77560 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +52 800 822 8290
Website: Avant Rent A Car

4. City Car Rental

City Car Rental is another car rental company available in Cancun City. This company offers an all-inclusive car rental option which includes taxes, insurance, and other fees in their quotation. 

The company boasts a smaller deposit fee than typical car rental companies. However, you won’t have a limited budget due to the high deposit fees.

What makes this company even a better option is that they offer their customers coupons, deals, or discounts to popular attractions. Among these are the Xcaret, Xel-ha, Dolphinaris, and even some restaurants and nightclubs in Cancun.

Available Cars for Rent

The company offers an array of vehicles for rent. Among these are Economy Cars, Compact Cars, Intermediate Cars, Standard Cars, Full-Size Cars, and Compact SUVs.

Starting Price

The company offers car rental options for as low as 15 USD daily. As such, you can consider it a cheap car rental in Cancun. The other prices, such as taxes and insurance fees, will be shown on a quote depending on your preferred dates, duration, and type of car.

Contact Info

Address: Parque Logistico APQ, Unidad 24, 77569 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +52 998 980 0766
Website: City Car Rental

5. Val Car Rental – Cancún

Val Car Rental has offices in both Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, meaning you can rent a car in the company if you’re in both places.

The company is located 5 minutes from the airport, so it saves you from the additional charges you may have from airport-affiliated companies. The company also includes airport transfers to their office. As such, you don’t need to worry about it upon arrival at Cancun Airport.

Available Cars for Rent

The company offers an array of vehicle options. Among these are Economic Cars, Compact SUVs, Midsize SUVs, Large SUVs, and Medium Cars.

Starting Price

The rental price in this company starts at around 20 USD, which may vary depending on the package you want.

Contact Info

Address: Unidad 24, Lote 8 Parque Logístico APQ, San Miguel 301, 77569 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +52 998 267 7816
Website: Val Car Rental – Cancún


With these five options, you can rest assured of quality service and drive cars that are in excellent condition—as always, renting a car involves some fees and responsibilities. However, as long as you drive responsibly and take care of the car, you can enjoy the flexibility and enjoy Cancun on your own or even the nearby towns and areas.

Now, if you’re on a budget and want to spend less in Cancun, you can always rely on their bus system as your mode of transportation. To know more, read our article about Taking a Bus in Cancun

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