Best Dive Shops in Tulum (5 Shops To Pick!)

Scuba diving is one of Tulum’s popular activities, and it’s because of the beauty of its underwater life. Tulum’s beautiful cenotes and crystal clear sea waters make this town a haven for divers, whether they are experts, hobbyists, or beginners.

Now, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other underwater activities will only be convenient with a guide. As such, you need to find a dive shop that can accommodate you, guide you, and make your diving experience in Tulum fun and safe at the same time.

Best Dive Shops in Tulum

5 Best Dive Shops in Tulum

To assist you, we rounded up the five best dive shops in Tulum to help you find the perfect one that suits your needs. This article contains a general overview of each shop and the activities and starting prices. We also included the contact info if you’ve already decided on one of them.

1. Koox Diving

Koox Diving, a well-known dive shop in Tulum, offers different diving-related experiences. They also have gear available for rent and sale. Located within Tulum Pueblo, you can check out their office near the Basilico, an Italian Restaurant. 

The place has coffee and Wifi to enjoy while you shop for scuba, kite surfing, and snorkeling gear at their Diving Store. 

Offers and Prices

Here are some of the diving packages you can avail of at Koox Diving:

  • Cenote Diving – starts at 174 USD per person
  • Snorkeling Tour – starts at 99 USD per person
  • Cave Diving – starts at 189 USD per person
  • Caribbean Sea Diving – starts at 119 USD per person

You can snorkel in cenotes, dive with whale sharks and bull sharks, take crocodile night tours and enjoy other activities like cave diving, kite surfing, and ground tours with this company!

If you are unfamiliar with the cenotes in Tulum, you can find the best ones here: Best Cenotes in Tulum.

Koox Diving also offers other related courses such as open water certification, technical & deep sea diving, cavern & cave diving, and various freediving courses.

Contact Info

Address: Lote 4, Av. Tulum manzana 2, Centro, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529849800544
Website: Koox Diving

2. Freeway Scuba Diving Tulum

Freeway Scuba Diving Tulum is another dive shop based in Tulum Pueblo. This company offers diving tours that will let you explore the beauty of marine life in Tulum. Further, they also offer different packages in different areas besides Tulum. Thus, you’ll have plenty of options if you are a diving hobbyist.

Offers and Prices

Here are some of the diving packages you can avail of at Freeway Scuba Diving Tulum:

  • Playa Del Carmen Diving – starts at 89 USD per person
  • Cozumel Diving – starts at 149 USD per person
  • Cenote Diving – starts at 120 USD per person
  • Whale Shark Swimming – starts at 189 USD per person
  • Bull Shark Diving – starts at 120 USD per person

Further, this dive shop offers full-range PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses. They boast of having the facilities and resources that can suit each of the client’s preferences.

With PADI, you can ensure this dive shop has a professional and experienced staff to assist you. They also have a friendly service that can provide expert instruction while making the experience fun, safe, and informational.

Contact Info

Address: Calle Polar Pte. s/n, Tulum Centro, Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529841361212
Website: Freeway Scuba Diving Tulum

3. Agua Clara Diving Tulum

Agua Clara operates eco-friendly dive shops in Tulum and Cozumel. As such, they offer different diving experiences in both places. In addition, the company also offers diving courses and tours in Tulum and Cozumel’s spectacular cenotes and nearby reefs. 

This dive shop also has snorkeling tours and eco-tours. Thus, you can get a closer look at Tulum’s natural wonders. If you want to know more about snorkeling, check out: Snorkeling in Tulum.

Offers and Prices

Here are some of the diving packages you can avail of at Agua Clara Diving Tulum:

  • Cenote Diving – starts at 180 USD per person
  • Sea Diving – starts at 150 USD per person
  • Diving Course – starts at 550 USD per person
  • Eco Tours – starts at 95 USD per person

Another thing to note is that the team of Agua Clara Diving consists of bilingual staff. As such, they can accommodate all guests in both English and Spanish to ensure every piece of information is relayed clearly. 

This dive shop also offers PADI and SSI diving certifications for all levels so that you can get diving certification through this shop.

The company also has multi-day diving packages. Such packages include discounts, which means you can save some fees if you have plans to spend several days in diving or snorkeling activities.

Contact Info

Address: luna poniente mz 22 lt 1 loc 2 Centro, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529841691925
Website: Agua Clara Diving Tulum

4. Infinity2Diving

Infinity2Diving is a dive shop and a professional diving school. This company offers a variety of water activities, such as diving courses and cenote diving in Tulum. They also have different variations to suit beginners, hobbyists, and expert divers.

Offers and Prices

Here are some of the diving packages you can avail of at Infinity2Diving:

  • Cenote Diving –  starts at 50 USD per person
  • Diving Packages –  starts at 50 USD per person
  • PADI Open Water Course – starts at 395 USD per person
  • Tulum Reef Diving – starts at 150 USD per person
  • PADI Divemaster – starts at 100 USD per person
  • PADI Instructor Course – starts at 510 USD per person 

Infinity2Diving also offers multi-day packages, allowing you to enjoy several days of diving, especially if you’re staying for a while in town. 

Further, the company has courses that can help you become a diving instructor. As such, it’s something you can use, especially if you have plans on teaching diving to other people in the future.

The instructor course can be taken within six months of becoming an entry-level diver (plus Advanced Diver, Dive Leader, and Rescue Certification). Upon completing our PADI Open Water Course, you’ll have an internationally recognized qualification.

Contact Info

Address: Calle Orion Norte, Lote 4 Entre Calle Polar Poniente y Carr Fed Parque Nacional Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529841432089
Website: Infinity2Diving

5. Flying Fish Tulum

The Flying Fish Tulum is another famous dive shop in Tulum Pueblo. This dive shop boasts of its specialty in giving guests a unique and memorable diving experience. You can see the beautiful marine life beneath Tulum’s waters while having fun and staying safe.

Offers and Prices

Here are some of the diving packages you can avail of at Flying Fish Tulum:

  • Cenote Diving  – 175 USD 
  • Refresher Dive – 185 USD
  • Discover Scuba Diving – 140 USD
  • PADI Diving Certifications – 700 USD
  • Free Diving – 380 USD

Besides these activities, Flying Fish Tulum also offers other packages. Here, you can enjoy some fishing packages, bike rentals, snorkeling gear rentals, and even some cultural tours within Tulum. 

Thus, it’s an all-inclusive dive shop that can also be your go-to if you want to avail other Tulum Activity packages.

Contact Info

Address: Calle Polar Ptex Entre Calle Beta Norte, Calle Orión Nte. y, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529842418513
Website: Flying Fish Tulum


Tulum is a beautiful town that offers a lot of picturesque things to see and experience with your eyes. However, one of the best things in Tulum is only seen through underwater activities like diving and snorkeling. Lucky for you, Tulum has many dive shops offering various packages and tours.

With this list, we hope you find the dive shop that suits your preference, budget, and needs. Each of these five dive shops has certified and friendly instructors, ensuring your safety while still having a fun time exploring Tulum’s underwater beauty.

The only thing you need to do now is to know your preferences to pick the best dive shop for you. Then, you’ll be off to dive at the best spots in Tulum. If you want a complete list of activities you can enjoy in town, read 24 Things to Do in Tulum.

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