What Is the Best Fishing Month in Cabo San Lucas?

Known as the Marlin Capital of the World, Cabo San Lucas offers one of the best fishing spots. As such, it’s expected if you want to visit this city to try catching some massive fish. However, despite offering rich marine life, you’ll still want to know the best month to catch some fish.

Cabo San Lucas offers some nice catches of different types of fish all year. However, if you want the best months to fish, that would be May through November. During these months, you can catch several types of fish, including Marlins, Yellowfins, Groupers, Sailfish, and more.

As I mentioned, the month of the year plays a crucial role in getting better chances of catching some nice fish. As such, if fishing is the main priority of your visit to Cabo San Lucas, you’ll want to know the best month and time for fishing.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the best time to fish in Cabo San Lucas. This information can help you have better chances of enjoying some nice catches and making your visit worthwhile and memorable.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What Is the Best Fishing Month in Cabo San Lucas

When is the Best Time to Fish in Cabo San Lucas?

You can’t go wrong with picking any particular month when fishing in Cabo San Lucas since the weather is mild all year. However, you can also enjoy the best chances of catching fish within specific months, the months of May through November.

Some of these months overlap with peak season. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll experience the hassle of the crowds. After all, most tourists here prefer the beach and the parties, so you’ll have plenty of space to fish.

Nonetheless, the months of May until November can be the peak for fishing lodging and charters. As such, please note that these particular months will be more expensive than the others.

If you’re still unfamiliar with the city’s exact location, read: Discover the Magic of Cabo San Lucas: Where to Find It

Nonetheless, you’ll want to know more about the best times to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas: Month by Month

If you want to have a better idea about the fishing conditions in Cabo San Lucas every month, here’s a guide for you:


January is one of the ideal months for fishing. During this month, the Pacific Ocean is filled with Striped Marlin. You can also enjoy catching some Dorado, Yellow Fins, Pompano, Triggerfish, Spanish Mackerel, and others. The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean are the best spots to fish this month.


February is also an excellent month to fish, but be wary since storms can come from time to time. You’ll also experience some temperature drops, but it’s still comfortable weather for some fishing. 

This month, you can find some yellowfin, but they are only more minor at around 25 pounds. You can also catch other fish like Groupers, Snappers, Sea Bass, and more. You can also catch fish in-shore, such as Trigger Fish, Jacks, Pompanos, and Rooster Fish.


March is an ideal fishing month in Cabo San Lucas since it offers several types of fish, such as Groupers, Cabrillas, Sea Bass, and some Snappers. However, if you’re seeking some Marlin, you may find it less than in other months.

Now, if you do some fishing during the last days of this month, you can catch some striped marlin because the water increases in temperature. You can also find other fish to catch, such as the Yellow Tail, Spanish Mackerel, Trigger Fish, Amber Jacks, and many more.


April also offers excellent fishing conditions. This month, you can enjoy catching some Dorado or Striped Marlin. You can also find other types of fish, such as Spanish Mackerel, Rooster Fish, Skipjacks, Yellow Tails, and many more.

If you’re fishing this month, you’ll have better chances of catching some fish along the banks of Gordo and the Pacific Ocean.


May is the best month for stripe marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas. As the sea warms, marlin fishing becomes better. Moreover, May is the best month to catch Dorado, with a few of the biggest fish getting caught on the deck. 


The month of June in Cabo San Lucas offers an excellent variety of fish to catch. Further, this month offers excellent weather conditions for fishing with warmer temperatures and water.

Among the typical fish you can catch during this month are striped marlin. However, you can also catch some blue marlin, tuna, and Wahoo. Further, some other fish to catch are Pompano, Snappers, Jacks, and Groupers.


July offers warm weather for anglers, making it an excellent month for fishing. However, the seas offer excellent ocean fishing opportunities if you want it warm. During this month, you can catch some sailfish, striped marlins, and even blue marlins from time to time. 

The best spots to fish during this month are the banks of San Jaime and Gordo. In July, the coveted offshore fish become active, which results in great Wahoo catches. In addition, many big Roosterfish caught inshore weigh forty to fifty pounds.


August is considered the official start of the fishing season for big fish. As such, you can enjoy excellent weather conditions with a high chance of catching massive fish.

This month, you can find Black and Blue Marlins and Sail Fish weighing more than three hundred pounds. This month, you can also find some Yellow Fin in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

You can find some Wahoo, Rooster, or Dorado fishing in-shore. Plan a trip for August to catch big fish if you enjoy fishing for the big game. Recheck the forecasts to see if there will also be tropical weather in August.


In Cabo San Lucas, September is thought to be among the best fishing months of the year. It’s a pleasant time of year to fish in September because the mild weather sends large fish to our grounds. This month, you can fish along the bank of San Jaime and the Sea of Cortez’ Gordo Banks.

Generally, you can enjoy some Blue and Black Marlins weighing more than three hundred pounds. You can also catch some wahoo, sailfish, Dorado, and others. The weather will likely be stormy this month, so check the forecast before fishing.


October also offers excellent weather conditions for anglers. As such, it’s the most common choice for fishing competitions. This month, most targets include large Blue and Black Marlins, Yellow Fins, Dorados, and Striped Marlins.

If you’re going for in-shore fishing, you can catch some bottom fish, sailfish, Wahoo, or Dorado. It is a busy time of year, primarily when tournaments are being held, so plan your trip.


November offers fantastic weather conditions for fishing in Cabo San Lucas. This month, it’s best to fish on the Pacific Ocean or Sea of Cortez to enjoy catching some Sail Fish, Tuna, Striped Marlin, or Dorado. 

You can also catch some Mako Sharks or Wahoo in these waters. However, the most common catches are the Sail Fish, Spanish Mackerel and Dorado. This month can be busy, so plan and book in advance to make sure you get some slots available.


December is the perfect time to visit Cabo San Lucas if you want to enjoy some fishing in excellent weather conditions. This month, you can catch various fish like Dorado, Yellow Fin, Wahoo, and Striped Marlin.

You can catch some Striped Marlin and some Sail Fish near the coasts. You can also catch some Dorado early in the day and Marlin later in the day during this month. 

Other Things to Consider When Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Whether you have some fishing experience or are a beginner, you can only do it on your own in Cabo San Lucas if you’ll fish onshore). Thus, consider a few things before choosing a charter and the fishing time. Below are some of them:

Choose a fishing charter wisely

An excellent suggestion for scheduling charters in the city is to do your homework and make your reservations in advance. It is because many charters provided by street salespeople are more interested in getting your money than in putting you on fish once you arrive in town. The excursions provided could be timeshare deals, and they will need to burn more fuel to bring you to the fish you want.

Most of the fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas are docked within or near the Marina. If you’re unfamiliar with this area, it’s one of the centers of activity in the city. To know more, read: Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Book ahead of time

Give yourself a treat and make a reservation before you come by contacting one of the several reliable charter fishing businesses. We also advise scheduling two or three days to truly enjoy fishing in the city and encounter all the fish.

Ideal Season

The best time to fish depends on what kind of adventure you prefer, both on and off the water. Fishing for the marlin begins in May and continues until November.

It applies to Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, and sailfish. If you’re looking for more of a party scene on the land, the height of summer will be your best bet. Excellent fishing is available in the fall and early winter with less competition and expense.

The weather has been beautiful, the fishing has been terrific, and parties haven’t been as packed as they were during the high season. Despite this, Cabo San Lucas will still have some crazy activities, albeit less so at this time of year.

Ideal Time of the Day

No matter what type you choose for your Cabo San Lucas fishing vacation, every charter operator will advise you to arrive early and venture into the sea. As a result, every morning when the sun rises, there is often a sizable procession of boats navigating their way from the port.

They wait in line to purchase live bait before setting out into the open water to pursue the larger fish. So set out on the sea soon and travel to the areas where the fish are if you wish to capture those trophy-sized fish.

Morning or Afternoon

According to local opinion in Cabo San Lucas, the ideal strategy is to go out on the sea as soon as possible. When everyone leaves, you’ll generally witness a long line of boats leaving the harbor in the morning.

Based on the species you’re pursuing, you might have to go a fair distance before you find them. You’ll have the best chance of having time to go to where the fish are and catch some large fish if you leave as early as possible.

Length of the Trip

If you want to maximize the types of fish to catch in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll want more than a full-day trip. Booking two or three days of the fishing trip will give you better chances. It will also be enough to catch your preferred type of fish.


With this guide, you can now know the best time to enjoy fishing in Cabo San Lucas. Of course, you can always head to the city any month of the year to fish, and the rich and diverse marine life of its waters will always give you something to catch. However, you’ll get better chances over several months. It’s also worth noting the months of particular types of fish if you prefer what fish to catch in the city.

When visiting this city, you’ll want to maximize your vacation and make it worthwhile. To learn more about traveling tips to this city, read: An Insider’s Guide to Visiting Cabo San Lucas: Tips and Tricks.

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