Best Resorts in Tulum for Families (Top 5 Choices to Book)

Even though Tulum is often associated with couples, it’s also a great family destination. Tulum is an excellent destination for families looking for sun and history. Kids and parents alike will enjoy this laid-back seaside town with its relaxing atmosphere.

Listed below are our five best resort recommendations for families. Resorts like these have accommodations that accommodate several people per room, making them ideal for families with children. Additionally, they have numerous amenities that will make your family comfortable during your stay at Tulum.

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Best Resorts in Tulum for Families

Cabañas La Luna

Cabañas La Luna is the first family-friendly resort in Tulum due to its spacious rooms, stunning beach views, family-friendly amenities,  and many more.

Restaurants: 1Bars: 1
Pools: 1WiFi: Yes
Distance to Tulum Town: 4.7 mi (7.6 km)Distance to beach: Beachfront
Rooms: 10Tripadvisor-review: 5/5


Cabañas La Luna houses ten rooms that accommodate two to eight people, making it an ideal option for families and guests in large groups.

The resort has a stunning ocean view and is located on a beachfront. The resort consists of 10 very special and romantic cabanas. There are six beach cabanas with a beautiful view of the ocean.

The three large suites in the lush La Luna gardens include a Jungle Penthouse with jungle views, Marco Polo Room, and Bella’s Secret Garden Suite. These suites are connected to the Jungle Penthouse.

One large house, the Villa Zanzibar, has a private pool, a fully equipped kitchenette, and seating and dining areas.  


Cabanas La Luna provides air conditioning in all of its rooms. Each of these cabins has a unique style and atmosphere, reflected in their names.


The Restaurant Las Estrellas, located within Cabanas La Luna, is quite hidden as if it were a secret. 

This on-site restaurant features tropical surroundings and gives you a great ocean view and lush gardens. During the night, Las Estrellas transforms into a beautiful fairytale.

As soon as you enter, you will feel like you are under the glistening stars, and the decor has Middle Eastern influences. The atmosphere at Las Estrellas is warm and inviting, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening while our staff serves you delicious food. 

You can also enjoy your food on the deck or beach, where your toes can be in the sand!


The resort offers a lot of activities for the entire family to enjoy. For instance, the resort can arrange excursions to some of the best tourist destinations in Tulum. 

Yoga classes are also available for arrangement. The resort can also help you book activities like kitesurfing, paddle surfing, SUP yoga, or kayaking. In addition, you can enjoy diving in cenotes, caverns, or one of the world’s most amazing reefs.  

If you’re traveling with children, you can do plenty of activities: Xel-há and Xcaret natural parks, lagoons like Kaan Luum, and Punta Laguna reserve with spider monkeys. Upon request, the resort can arrange all of these excursions.

Contact Info

Address: km 6.5, Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila, Zona Hotelera, 77789 Tulum, Mexico 
Phone Number: +13109845484
Website: Cabañas La Luna

Sueños Tulum

Sueños Tulum is another family-friendly resort near the end of Tulum Beach Road. It’s quieter but still a walk away from the popular bars and restaurants in the hotel zone. This resort offers family-friendly amenities to ensure your entire family enjoys your stay in Tulum.

Restaurants: 1Bars: 1
Pools: 1WiFi: Yes
Distance to Tulum Town: 5.9 mi (9.5 km)Distance to beach: Beachfront
Rooms: 13Tripadvisor-review: 5/5


The resort has 13 well-appointed beachfront rooms, and each room can accommodate an entire family or a large group. They also have a Temple Penthouse and Clubhouse, equipped with solar power and private bathrooms.

Every suite is handpainted- with colors and themes with Mayan/Pre-Hispanic influences. In addition, each bathroom is handpainted with Talavera tiles to ensure originality and uniqueness.

Villas are colored according to elements such as Selva (Jungle), Tierra (Earth), Sol (Sun), and Lluvia (Rain). The breeze and ventilation are perfect in every room.

Sueños Tulum offers a serene vibe only achieved by the ocean breeze. Further, the capacity of each room makes this resort a perfect option for families. 


The resort has an on-site restaurant and bar that caters exclusively to guests. So your family doesn’t have to leave the establishment to eat at another restaurant. 

A stay in this resort includes an artisanal breakfast consisting of fresh tropical fruit salad, granola, and yogurt roasted in a wood oven. 

In this restaurant, you can also enjoy the aroma of organic brewed coffee and the fresh taste of raw fruit juice. 

The restaurant also has a selection of tropical marmalades, plant-based or old-fashioned butter served with natural sourdough bread, and a hot dish. 


When it comes to activities, this resort has a lot to offer for the entire family. Among these are retreats and healing experiences. In addition, the resort’s amenities make it stand out and accommodate special celebrations and ceremonies.

The adventure playground is the Mayan jungle, stunning beaches, and transparent Caribbean ocean, but it is also the source of relaxation around town. 

The resort also has a yoga studio constructed of high-quality wood with a palapa roof in harmony with the sea and the jungle in which this place is situated.

This resort is perfect for retreats, family reunions, birthday parties, or casual gatherings with friends. Lastly, you can even have your wedding or vow renewal in this resort.

Contact Info

Address: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila Km 8.5, Tulum Beach, Zona Hotelera, 77780 Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529841574686
Website: Sueños Tulum

Jashita Tulum Hotel

Jashita Tulum hotel is a luxury resort that boasts an elegance while giving several family-friendly amenities. As such, it’s among the best options if you visit Tulum with your family.

Restaurants: 1Bars: 1
Pools: 3WiFi: Yes
Distance to Tulum Town: 8.9 mi (14.4 km)Distance to beach: Beachfront
Rooms: 30Tripadvisor-review: 5/5


Jashita Tulum Hotels houses 30 rooms consisting of luxury suits and luxury villas. The suites have all been beautifully decorated and fitted with modern amenities to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. 

Further, each room can accommodate a large group of people, making it an excellent option to consider if you are a family of four to ten.


The resort has one on-site restaurant, the Pandano Restaurant. Here, you can enjoy mouth-watering Italian and Mexican dishes. The restaurant offers family-friendly menu options, and you can choose for your kids.

Besides the restaurant, Jashita Tulum Hotel has a swing-seated beach bar where you can enjoy cocktails and drinks. The bar also has non-alcoholic drinks for your kids to enjoy.

Lastly, the restaurant offers a romantic dinner experience if you want to enjoy a romantic time with your partner by the beach.


As a family-friendly resort, Jashita Tulum Hotel has a lot of activities to offer for each member of your family.

For instance, the resort has Caoba Spa that offers adults wellness activities like Mayan massage therapies, after-sun treatments, ceremonies, and traditional massages.

The resort also offers Once Boutique, where you can shop for clothes and other times to fit into town.

For the young guests, there is a children’s pool in the resort, a well-equipped area near the beach, complete with parasols and sunbeds.

Last but not least, you can make your day in Tulum with the boat, ground, and diving tours they offer.

Explore the world’s most extensive underground river system, cenotes, and underwater caves during unforgettable nature excursions.

Contact Info

Address: Baia, Punta Soliman, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529841791659
Website: Jashita Tulum Hotel

Una Vida Tulum

Una Vida Tulum is a luxury resort that makes a perfect choice for families. This resort has rooms that can accommodate a large group, several family-friendly amenities, and other features and inclusions they provide guests.

Restaurants: 1Bars: 1
Pools: 2WiFi: Yes
Distance to Tulum Town: 1 mi (1.7 km)Distance to beach: 3.6 mi (5.9 km)
Rooms: 17Tripadvisor-review: 4.5/5


Located in Pueblo, this luxury resort has 17 rooms, ranging from 1 to 3-bedroom suites, sleeping from 4 to 8 people. 

Each room has a kitchenette and an outdoor shower, some of which also have bathtubs. Resort amenities and facilities include a swimming pool, in-room yoga and massages, and complimentary bicycles. 

The accommodations at Una Vida are among the most spacious and well-appointed in Tulum. In addition, this resort is one of the few options in Tulum that welcome pets and kids.

Guests at Una Vida have access to wireless internet, air conditioning, and private outdoor spaces.


The resort has an on-site restaurant, Amanda Restaurant & Bar. It’s a cozy restaurant that serves mouth-watering options for your breakfast and lunch. 

It also has a bar that offers drinks for both adults and kids. So you can get some as you enjoy the amenities in the resort.

The restaurant offers extraordinary food experiences like private dinners, mezcal, and tequila tastings. In addition, the staff can arrange some for you upon request.


As a luxury but family-friendly resort, Una Vida Tulum offers a full-time friendly staff, 24-hour security, and daily housekeeping. If you want to enjoy the town, the resort offers free bikes. 

For instance, you can arrange babysitting services to spend time with your partner without the kids.

Lastly, the resort offers activities that your entire family can enjoy. Among these are private dinners, yoga sessions, custom tours, massages, Temazcal ceremonies, and sound healing.

Contact Info

Address: AV LA SELVA ENTRE KOHUNLICH Xcaret Y, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529842547238
Website: Una Vida Tulum

Las Palmas Maya

Las Palmas Maya deserves to be among the best resorts for families, mainly due to its affordable price. The resort is a simple establishment that doesn’t offer a lot, but it’s located in the hotel zone, making other amenities just a walk away.

As such, it’s considered the best budget resort in the area and an affordable option for families in Tulum.

Restaurants: (Cafe Only)Bars: None
Pools: NoneWiFi: Yes
Distance to Tulum Town: 5.7 mi (9.3 km)Distance to beach: Beachfront
Rooms: 6Tripadvisor-review: 5/5


Las Palmas Maya only has six rooms, so they can only cater to several guests. However, each room can accommodate an entire family of up to 6 persons.

The rooms include four deluxe cabanas and two suites, with every room including furnished beds and mosquito netting.

As a guest, you can access the resort’s patio and balcony. Throughout the resort, you’ll find bamboo chairs and tables.

Las Palmas Maya consists of cabins with palapa-style roofs. Wood, river rocks, and bamboo are the primary materials used to construct these buildings, painted in bright Caribbean colors. 

The atmosphere at this resort has a less unplugged vibe than its neighboring resorts since it offers 24-hour electricity, reliable WiFi, and pressurized water in certain rooms.


The resort has no on-site restaurant. However, it has a cafe (Las Palmas Maya Cafe) that serves complimentary breakfast for guests. It also offers excellent coffee in the morning for free, along with a menu of mouth-watering food. 

There is a 24-hour front desk, and on-site management is happy to recommend local tours, restaurants, and day trips for guests. 

Since it’s located at the center of the beach zone, you’ll find several restaurants within walking distance from the resort.


Las Palmas Maya offers little on-site recreation, but its location allows guests to enjoy water sports, spa treatments, dining, and shopping. 

You can walk across the street for a few minutes to the Om Spa. This spa offers massage therapies, reflexology, and skin care services.

As mentioned earlier, the staff are friendly and can help arrange some activities for you and your family. 

Contact Info

Address: KM 8.5, Av. Boca Paila Centro, Solidaridad, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Phone Number: +529841085354
Website: Las Palmas Maya

Tulum houses a handful of family-friendly resorts. You don’t have to leave your children if you want to enjoy some time in this beautiful town. With the options above, you now know the best ones to consider, especially the ones that suit your budget and preferences.

The rest of the concern is to highlight every possible necessity and see if the resort you’ll book can satisfy your needs. Afterward, you and your family can enjoy Tulum according to your desire.

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