Can You Drink Tap Water in the Canary Islands?

Are you thinking of going to the Canary Islands with your friends, family, and loved ones on your following holidays? Well, you are going to have an incredible time there. But make sure you take a few considerations before you do go. For example, one of the tourists’ biggest concerns is drinking tap water in the Canary Islands.

Is it safe to drink tap water in the Islands? If that is what you are wondering, too, then you are in the right place because that is what I am here to tell you.

It is safe to drink tap water if the health and safety authorities do not suggest otherwise. High-quality regulation and treatment methods are used to ensure tap water drinkability.

But what kind of treatments do the Canary Islands authorities use for water filtration? In this article, I will talk about how safe tap water in the Canaries is, the tap water drinkability of the major islands, and what the locals do when they are thirsty. So, without further ado, so let us jump into it (no pun intended).

Can You Drink Tap Water in the Canary Islands?

Canary Islands Tap Water

The Canary Islands are situated about 100 kilometers off the coast of Morocco, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so drinkable water could have been an issue.

That is why many people tend to have queries about the tap water you might find easily in the Canary Islands and whether it is safe to consume by health standards.

As I said before, yes, the health and water authorities of the different Canary Islands have ensured methods that make the tap water easily drinkable and safe to consume for everyone.

Where does the tap water in the Canary Islands come from?

Since the Canary Islands archipelago is right in the middle of the ocean, the question of bringing safe water from elsewhere does not seem feasible from economic and geographical viewpoints.

So, where does the tap water in the Canary Islands come from? The answer to this question might be a shocker to some, but the primary source of tap water in the Canary Islands is the seawater around it.

The Atlantic Ocean around the various Canary Islands serves as the source of thirst-quenching for the locals and tourists in the form of tap water, but bottled water is also very high in use.

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How is the tap water in the Canary Islands regulated and treated?

Now we all know that seawater cannot be consumed without any treatment. This is because there are tons of contaminants, a lot of salt content, and a bunch of wastes that you would not want to put in your stomach.

Consuming seawater can cause a lot of problems if it is not treated well before use. In addition, you can get dehydrated, which is not something to take lightly in most situations.

Luckily, before the seawater is converted into tap water, the water association and departments ensure it is entirely safe and free of contaminants. This is done through the process of desalination through reverse osmosis.

Before the seawater goes through reverse osmosis, it is filtered. This is a higher level filtration that gets most of the larger contaminants and wastes and removes them from the water, then undergoes the more minute and specific desalination process.

The seawater is then taken through a semi-permeable membrane layer so that all the excess salt, minerals, and contaminants are caught and removed before the water moves on. This purification process is reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant
Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

All the water you are going to find in the taps of the Islands is treated and regulated through reverse osmosis, and that is how it becomes perfectly safe to consume.

One problem with the tap water in the Canary Islands is that it tastes awful. The desalination process takes away all the minerals from the water, even though it becomes completely safe to drink.

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What is Tap Water Like On Different Islands?

So, you are thinking of visiting one of the many Canary Islands, and you are worried about the taste and drinkability of the tap water there? Well, it is a fair concern if you have not visited the islands before.

Lucky for you, I will tell you everything you need to know about the drinking water in the Canary Islands. So, without wasting any time, let us look at the tap water of the major islands in the archipelago and how it fares in terms of quality, taste, and overall drinking experience.

Tap Water in Tenerife

Being the capital of the Canary Islands, Tenerife has access to the best quality water in the Islands. According to research, tap water in all areas of Tenerife is entirely safe to drink, and the taste of the water is also somewhat better than other options in other islands.

The government also encourages people to drink tap water in Tenerife because of the cheap costs and the environmental benefits of drinking tap water in place of plastic bottled water that might damage the environment and the surrounding Atlantic Ocean. So, you should indeed consider drinking tap water if you are staying in Tenerife.

Tap Water in Gran Canaria

Tap water in Gran Canaria also undergoes quite a strenuous filtration process before it gets to the taps around the Las Palmas area. First, the water is retrieved, then it is filtered, and then it is desalinated through the process of Reverse Osmosis, which makes it completely clean.

The water is now clear of any contaminants and salts that it might have had in it before. It is considered high-quality water according to health organizations in Spain and is entirely safe to drink. The taste will not be the best, but there are not many better tap waters in terms of safety.

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Tap Water in Lanzarote

Tap water in Lanzarote might be safe initially, but I would not recommend drinking it without boiling it. The locals and tourists tend to choose bottled water in Lanzarote simply because the water tanks are not maintained well enough.

If the tap water is coming from the storage tanks, then there might be some pollutants or contaminants that you might be able to find in that tap water. So, the best thing to do would be either boiling the water or get bottled water for yourself.

Tap Water in Fuerteventura

The water situation in Fuerteventura is quite similar to that in Lanzarote. The water itself is safe and clean; however, the quality is not high enough for you to drink regularly. However, if you want to utilize it for brushing your teeth or taking a bath, that is all right.

But if you want to drink it, you should at least boil it first. The taste might not be that great. For that, you will have to use the resting technique or buy bottled water since it is cheap in the region. That would be the best solution to this tap water taste issue.

Do Locals Drink Tap Water?

Pimavera - san benedetto - water bottle

If you are a visitor planning a trip to the Canary Islands with your friends and family and you are wondering, do the locals drink the safe tap water, or do they also go for bottled water?

Well, that depends. Safe tap water is a good option, but the taste of this water is not that great. Also, the reverse osmosis process takes away minerals and salts out, resulting in lousy tasting clean water.

If a local does not have a problem with the taste of the water, then they would drink it. Most locals go for bottled water because it tastes much better and does not cost a lot.

However, if you do want to drink the tap water yourself, then what you should do is that you should take the water and let it rest for a few hours. This will reduce the chlorine taste, make the water taste better, and be safe to consume.


Tap water in the Canary Islands is safe to consume even though it does not taste that great. You can drink it or choose to drink bottled water too. It depends on your personal preference and health concerns. Even if the water purification process does not seem good enough, you can take the tap water and boil it for yourself. Any germs and bacteria that might have made their way into the water will be removed so that the water is perfectly safe for consumption.

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If your doctor has advised you always to drink bottled water no matter where you are, you do not seem to have a lot of choices here. Health is always of topmost priority, so do not take any risks while you are vacationing.

So, the next time you go to the Canary Islands, do not worry about the tap water not being drinkable. Just make sure you have tons of fun, enjoy, and have a great time in the Islands with your friends and family!

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