Can You Drink the Water in Cancun?

Besides food and accommodation, water is another essential thing we need. When visiting a new place, you’ll want to know if the water source is safe for drinking, and the same principle applies in Cancun. Thus, if you plan on visiting this city, you’ll also wonder if its water is safe for drinking.

If you’re visiting Cancun for a vacation, drinking bottled water is best. Cancun’s tap water meets the safety standards for drinking, which means you’re less likely to have problems if you drink such. However, it’s not worth risking, so it’s best to opt for bottled water.

Since Cancun is filled with many high-end hotels, you can be sure its amenities, including tap water, are safe. Still, as a traveler, you must familiarize yourself with these waters’ sources. If you want to learn more about the water in Cancun, this article is for you.

Here, you can learn everything you need about drinking water in Cancun. Further, you’ll understand if it’s safe for you to drink tap water. If not, you’ll know some places where you can buy or source safe water for drinking, along with the price.

Without further ado, let’s get into it! 

Can You Drink the Water in Cancun

How Safe Is Cancun’s Water?

The cleanliness of Cancun’s water depends heavily on its source. Cancun has one of the best public water systems in Mexico, and safely drinks water straight from the faucet. However, you should note that only some places in Cancun have safe drinking water. 

Another thing to consider is the changes in your stomach, as drinking water from a different source can cause problems. It may be safe for locals since they’re used to tap water. However, if you’re new to Cancun, you may have problems with it due to sudden changes.

For this reason, it’s best to drink bottled water or any filtered water from known sources. This way, you don’t have to worry about your health while drinking water during your stay in Cancun. 

Sources of Cancun’s Water

Water comes from different sources in Cancun. Some water sources come from the primary water system, while others source from nearby water springs. 

In some areas, they have communal feed and storage that comes from rainwater. In remote places, water is delivered by truck. 

Since Cancun is an urban city, their water comes from with mains-feed. However, water is generally provided from a communal system outside of these areas. Several locals collect rainwater on their properties or have trucks deliver water to cisterns.

Is It Safe to Drink Tap Water in Cancun?

The tap water in Cancun is safe for consumption. However, it’s best to drink only a little, especially if it’s your first time visiting the city. Thus, we advise you to purchase bottled water instead to stay safe and avoid problems you can have from drinking tap water.

What Happens if You Drink Tap Water in Cancun?

In general, tap water in Cancun is safe for consumption. However, it’s also possible to suffer from an upset stomach if your body reacts to the sudden change in water. Thus, it’s best to drink the bottled water you’ll get from local stores, groceries, pharmacies, and markets.

In short, you’ll have a low chance of getting ill from drinking tap water in Cancun. Still, since bottled water is accessible and affordable, you should keep it safe by drinking such. Also, only drink tap water when necessary, and you need help finding available bottled water.

Where Can I Buy Bottled Water in Cancun?

Since Cancun is a tourist spot and a famous urban zone, you can find plenty of places that sell bottled water. Also, bottled waters are affordable in Cancun, especially if you know where to look.

In Cancun, you’ll find local stores and commercial ones that sell different types of bottled water. Your best bet for the most affordable bottled water is in local stores, but you must expect to pay in local currency.

When you’re buying in malls, groceries, or supermarkets, you may be able to use your card, but it’s still better to have some local currency to save yourself from fees. 

It is also recommended that you buy enough to last the entire trip if you plan to stay in Cancun for quite a while. 

Since bottled water is so affordable and usually available in huge bottles, you’ll find it the best source of your drinking water rather than betting on the safety of tap water.

Usually, consumers have access to a large variety of bottled water brands. Therefore, there is a high probability that you will find bottled water that you enjoy drinking if you choose to do so for taste reasons.

Is Bottled Water Expensive in Cancun?

Bottled water is relatively inexpensive in Cancun. However, you may encounter different price ranges depending on where you buy. 

For instance, if you’re buying bottled water at remote islands, resorts, or even at your hotel, the price will be slightly higher than the suggested retail price.

However, you can find affordable options if you buy bottled water at local grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets. 

In some stores, a quart-size bottle of water costs around ten to thirteen Mexican pesos or less than a dollar. However, in some supermarkets, you may be surprised to see a bottle of water costing around four dollars. 

However, if that’s your only option, it’s best to spend more on safe drinking water rather than bet your health on drinking water from the bare faucet of Cancun.

In Cancun, most upscale restaurants and hotels either install onsite filtration systems or provide patrons with filtered or bottled water. 

Bottled water is readily available in Cancun’s pharmacies, supermarkets, local stores, convenience stores, and businesses transporting water. 

Further, you’ll find several sizes available for bottled water. You can find small bottles you can always slip on small bags, or you can even find one as large as a 20-liter container. Typically, the larger ones are delivered to workplaces, companies, and houses.

Can I Use Tap Water for Cooking in Cancun?

Although tap water in Cancun isn’t ideal for drinking for travelers, it’s perfectly safe for cooking and even for other uses. For instance, you can find the water from Cancun Hotel Zone ideal for cooking and even for your coffee, tooth brushing, and the like.

Now, if you’re meticulous with water safety, you can always buy some handy water filter bottles. This way, you can bring it wherever you travel and turn tap water into safe water for cooking and drinking.


Overall, Cancun’s water source is not ideal for drinking, so it’s best to drink bottled water instead. While locals drink tap water without issues, it may cause an upset stomach for you due to the sudden change in the type of water.

Bottled waters are widely available in Cancun, so you won’t have a problem finding such wherever you go. However, if you want to save some money, you can always buy some water filter bottles. This way, you have a handy gadget to filter out tap water and make it ideal for consumption.

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