Dino Water Park Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the most popular islands of the Canaries in terms of tourism and tourist attractions. However, the best thing about Lanzarote is the variety of water parks you can find everywhere.

These parks make this destination a family-friendly place. So, if you are thinking of visiting the Canaries with your family, you have made just the right decision. And today, we are going to review a very famous park in the region known as Dino Water Park Lanzarote.

Dino Water park in Lanzarote is located in the Paradise Island Hotel. The entrance is free for those staying at the hotel; however, the park is open to all. If you are thinking of visiting this park on your vacation, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will talk about Dino Water Park Lanzarote, the ticket prices to reach there, and opening and closing times. We will also find out during which months it is open and the different attractions there.
So, let us get started with this guide without wasting any further time.

Dino Water Park Lanzarote

Dino Water Park

Without a doubt, one of the most fun-filled and adventurous attractions on the Island of Lanzarote is the Dino Water Park. It is beautiful, incredibly fun, visually bright and vibrant, and has all the makings of a perfect family-oriented water park.

The Dino Water Park is filled with many amazing rides and cool slides that you will want to ride along with massive pools of excellent water that will be perfect for all the family to play in.

It is located in Playa Blanca within the bounds of the Paradise Island Hotel and is owned by them as well. As residents of the hotel, you can go there without requiring a pass and have a great time with your family.

The Dino Water Park is very popular among the tourists and the locals, and if you are in Lanzarote, you should think of visiting and having a splash with your loved ones.

Dino Water Park Ticket Prices

Dino Water Park is a part of the facilities of Paradise Island Hotel, which is why residents who are staying at the hotels owned by the company are allowed free access to the park where they can have a fantastic time.
But many people think that this water park is not open to the public. That is not the case. Dino Water Park is open to the public all year without a doubt, but there is a cost to the ticket.

The price for an adult’s admission in the Dino Water Park is €20, whereas, for a child under the age of around 12 years, the entrance is just a mere €14. There are refreshments available within the premises of the park. Unfortunately, you cannot bring food in from the outside.

If you compare the prices to the overall entertainment and fun factor along with the rides available in other water parks in Lanzarote, Dino Water Park is right up there with the best of the best. So, ideally, you are going to want to go there.

Dino Water Park Lanzarote Opening and Closing Times

Dino Water Park opening hours

One of the best things about Dino Water Park is that it is not closed any time of the year. Compared to Dino Water Park, other parks like Aquapark get closed down in the wintertime.

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That does not mean that winter is still the ideal time to visit the park. The water is quite cold in the winters, but if you are not affected by super cold water, you can go and have a great time in Lanzarote.

The ideal time to visit the Dino Water Park Lanzarote is summer because of the warm climate and the perfect temperature of the water. The whole Island vibe also feels fantastic.

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In the summer months, the Dino Water Park is open from 10 am to 6 pm every single day. Therefore, the span of the Dino Water Park Lanzarote is actually more prominent than in winter.

The Dino Water Park is open for a lesser period every day in the wintertime. The water park is available between 11 am and 5 pm, so make sure you visit in due time. Whenever you visit, you will have a great time, that is one thing I am confident about.

Dino Water Park Lanzarote Attractions

So, what does Dino Water Park offer to Lanzarote locals and tourists having a great vacation in the Canaries? What unique attractions, rides, slides, and places does the Dino Water Park have? Let us look at some of the major ones and see how well they will suit you and your loved ones.

Attractions for Adults

Adults seem to have a different taste for theme parks and water parks than children. However, you can explore a few cool places for entertainment and excitement. Let us check out some of the better ones in Dino Water Park.

Food and Refreshment Stalls

The food and refreshment stalls in the Dino Water Park Lanzarote are pretty great and have a lot of variety in the food, and the taste is fantastic. So, you are going to enjoy eating and drinking there.

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Twisting Waterslides

The twisting waterslides are among the best epic slides in water parks around the Canary Islands. The twisting slides are designed to offer maximum pace while sliding and allow multiple people to slide down into the water simultaneously. You will have a great time sliding around with your friends to see who hits the water first.

Kamikaze Toboggan

As fierce as the name sounds, the Kamikaze Toboggan is pretty incredible of a slide. It is strictly for adults and has a very tall height and a great pace. If you end up going on it, make sure you take the proper posture while sliding to gain maximum speed and make a big splash when you fall into the water. You are going to have a blast.

Rides for Children

Children are going to have a fantastic time in Dino Water Park. It has a lot to offer for children of younger ages not to feel left out. One of the main things is the Dino theme, and the best-suited area for them is the Splash area, where there are a couple of really cool rides and slides to check out. Let us take a look at them.

Mini slides

The mini slides made especially for children are great. They are safe, pack a punch, and look cool as well. So if you have got children with you, they will not feel left out if you take them to the mini slides because they will have a great time.

Splash Bucket

The Splash area is mainly known for the splash water bucket zone. This is a unique place in the water park because most children love to get splashed by the water inside the bucket.

So, ultimately, a lot in the park will make your children happy and enjoy themselves.

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What do People have to say about Dino Water Park Lanzarote?

Dino Water Park - Customer review

To give you a bit of insight on how tourists and locals have liked Dino Water Park, I have taken a few mixed reviews about what visitors found good and bad about the place. So, let us check out some of the reviews regarding Dino Water Park and talk about them in detail.

One of the visitors went to the park with their family and had a pretty decent experience. According to them, the food was good, and the prices of the tickets were pretty great as well, considering there are complimentary unlimited soft drinks with them.

Another visitor said that the staff was not very lenient about the minimum height requirements for the more giant slides, which could not be considered a con since it is basic protocol, but that is not what the visitor has to say about the park.

The majority of visitors claim that they have never seen a better water park in the Canary Islands and the whole vibe and aesthetic of the Dino Water Park Lanzarote is cool and island-styled. So, the mass experience is tremendous, and judging by that, you should think of having a great time with your loved ones and friends.


Dino Water Park is one of the best tourist locations and fun theme parks in the Canary Islands. If you are visiting Lanzarote or anywhere near Playa Blanca, you should take a day out of your schedule and have a fun time in the water park.

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I hope you learned a lot from this guide and that you will have a fantastic time in the Canary Islands. So, start packing your bags and get your family, friends, and loved ones ready because it is going to be a wild, adventurous, and full-filled vacation that you are going to love!

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