Do You Need a Car in Mallorca?

Mallorca is one of the prettiest and most exciting tourist destinations in all of the Spanish Islands. But the main concern is your transportation when you’re visiting such an impressive island and want to go to all the amazing attractions.

If you are wondering whether you will need a car in Mallorca or not, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, I will talk about the island in general and whether you can get around it without a car. We will also look at other modes of transportation available in the region, such as car rentals, bus stands, and much more. 

So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with this guide right away. 

Do You Need a Car in Mallorca?

Can You Get Around Mallorca Without a Car?

If you’re thinking of touring the entirety of Mallorca, then without a car, it will not be easy. Mallorca might not be the biggest island in the world, but it is still not a walkable length. So, ideally, you should have a car if you want to have a good touring experience.

But, if you’re in the smaller sub-regions of Mallorca, near the city center, or in a conveniently placed hotel near all the great places to be, then you don’t need to get a car to go around and have a good time. You just need to plan ahead of your trip and fix your mode of transportation before heading to Mallorca.

There’s also the option of just taking a Taxi or getting a bus ticket to move around if you don’t want to get a car when you’re in Mallorca. But that depends on where you’re staying if you’re looking to save money or some other factor. Either way, you’ll have a great time in Mallorca.

Is Driving Easy in Mallorca?

Mallorca isn’t the easiest place to drive in. That doesn’t mean there’s any significant danger to driving in Mallorca. It is just that Mallorca has a few challenges up its sleeve for anyone looking to drive their own car to get around the island and have a good time.

The first challenge Mallorca poses to drivers, especially tourists in the area, is the fact that Mallorca has an infinite number of different routes and roads to go to the same places, so you can actually get lost in the maze if you don’t have a good map or navigation tool with you.

Another challenge that the roads of Mallorca pose is that there’s a lot of traffic, especially in the summer season when places like Palma and Alcudia are filled to the brim with tourists looking for a good time. So, if you’ve got your own car here, you’ll have to be quick and look for less-traffic times to move around.

Other than these things, Mallorca doesn’t have reckless drivers or anything. It is an easy place to move around. Still, you will have to cover these bases if you want a decent driving experience in Mallorca.

Ways to Get Around Mallorca

Suppose you’re considering exploring the island of Mallorca and having a wonderful time doing it. In that case, there are several different ways that you can choose to get around Mallorca. 

Let’s look at some of them and how you can use them. 


An ideal ride for your visit to Mallorca would be a car. That’s because having your own set of wheels will provide you with high-quality freedom of transportation that you wouldn’t have any other way. Plus, managing your time, having fun riding around, and sitting with your loved ones together is better than any other way.


Buses are another great option if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic or just have issues with navigating around. With an intermodal card that you can just get for about 3 euros, you can take multiple rides and even recharge it to move around Mallorca. It is another very good option you can choose in terms of modes of transportation.

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If buses and personal cars aren’t your things, then you can also get around Mallorca in a Taxi. Mallorca’s Cream and Black taxis are metered and never charge more than the state price. 

So, going around Mallorca in a taxi would definitely be a wise option if you’re thinking of saving money. You can opt to get around Mallorca with this transportation.

On Foot

The last but not least cool way of getting around Mallorca is on foot. Mallorca is actually not the biggest island in the world which is why getting around on foot isn’t an impossible task. 

But you’ll need a lot of stamina, planning, scheduling, and backups if you want to have a walking adventure when you’re in Mallorca with or without loved ones. 

Do You Need a Car in Palma de Mallorca?

If you’re visiting Palma de Mallorca, you don’t necessarily need to have a car with you. Palma de Mallorca is a wonderful resort on the island of Mallorca. It is known for its amazing tourist attractions, malls, and modern architecture.

Palma de Mallorca in itself is not the biggest resort in the world. If you’re thinking of moving from point A to point B, you can actually get around without the need for any kind of excessive ride. This means that it is possible to stay on foot and walk from one place to another.

Plus, because Palma de Mallorca is crowded a lot of the time through the year, having a car isn’t going to do you any favors since there’s a lot of traffic, and you could get stuck in it for hours. 

Ideally, suppose you want to stay in Palma de Mallorca. In that case, you can walk and get things done, but if you’re going to explore the outskirts of the resort, having a car or taking a taxi will be a good decision for you. 

Car Rentals in Mallorca

If you’re visiting Mallorca at a less busy time of the year or are simply aware of the routes and ways around Mallorca, then getting a car for your stay would be a good decision. Lucky for you, you can get a car in Mallorca for quite a good daily price actually.

Car rentals are one of the best businesses in Mallorca, so you’re definitely going to see a lot of them there. And the good thing about these car rentals is that they provide a wide range of vehicles you can choose from, and the prices are quite nice.

Pair all that with decent car insurance, and you’ve got a high-quality sedan or an SUV if you want. You can also go for a luxury car if you’re looking for the most luxurious experience in Mallorca. The car rentals around Palma and other locations are quite nice, so you can get a hold of them and rent a car there if you want to.

Buses in Mallorca

Buses in Mallorca are, as we said before, a great way to go around famous stops with amazing attractions in the background and scenic routes when you’re traveling on them. If you want to travel by bus, it will cost less as well, but you’ll also have less freedom to stop and go on your own time.

The gist is that there are two main bus companies in Mallorca that you can actually travel with. The first one is the EMT – which offers blue and white buses that move around Palma and surrounding areas, so if you’re staying there, these buses will be the perfect mode of transportation. You can get a 10-ticket Bono pass for 10 euros for travel on any EMT bus.

The other company is the TIB. Their buses are known to have different routes, and different routed buses have different prices associated with them. So, you can choose to go around Mallorca with them as well. One thing’s for sure; you’re going to have a wonderful experience in Mallorca either way.


With a car, you’ll be able to see all the good stuff in Mallorca in a few days. Still, if you’re on foot, it will take you some more time to get a good look at everything the beautiful island offers. So, the choice is actually all yours, whatever you like.

Nevertheless, if you cannot get your hands on a car or worse yet, you cannot drive in a foreign land, it’s possible to move around the island on public transport as well. 

So, whatever you decide, ensure you have a great and memorable time with your loved ones. All the best!

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