Does It Snow in Mallorca?

Mallorca, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands. Its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters make it a popular tourist destination among other islands in the region.

Mallorca is a beautiful place with rich culture and traditions, local cuisines, and brilliant weather you can enjoy all year round.

Weather in Mallorca is something people tend to be curious about. That can be a make or break for people wanting to spend some quality time sunbathing and spending time outside.
However, if you do find yourself in weather that does not provide the high temperature and bright sun, you might be curious if perhaps it snows here. For all those wondering if it snows in Mallorca, this is what we will find out today.

So, let’s get started.

Does It Snow in Mallorca?

Winters in Mallorca

Mallorca is a great place to go in winter. Normally, winters are very cold on the Island, and January and February are the coldest months. The lowest temperature you will experience is 6 degrees. However, during the day, the temperature can rise to 15 to 20 degrees Celcius on sunny days.

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You might experience more rains in the summer; however, the frequency is fairly low as it rains only a few days in the whole season.

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Apart from the usual popular tourist destinations like Playa de Palma, Magaluf, or Alcudia, most of the hotels and restaurants are closed. However, there is still a lot to do and enjoy in the capital Palma de Mallorca along with the less popular areas.

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When it comes to the winters, it is a time to visit the mountains in Mallorca. That’s because, in summers, hiking isn’t the ideal option, but in winters, there are no excuses. Especially in the Tramontana mountains, northeast of the Island, there are splendid hiking trails, where you can make stops in the beautiful towns of the Island.

Rarely will you find snow on those mountain peaks as Mallorca seldom gets snow in winters.

Typically, tourists don’t tend to visit this part of the world in winters. Summer crowds start descending after the month of May, so the best time to visit this place is from March to May.
In summer, there is usually a lot of activity here. Still, in winter, there are only a handful of tourists in small towns, so you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones in peace without the hassle of overcrowding.

Where Can You Find Snow in Mallorca?

If you want to see snow in Mallorca, you will be hard-pressed to find any near ground level.

Usually, the little snowfall that Mallorca does receive is concentrated on mountain peaks. So, your best bet at getting a look at this snow is by driving near the mountain peaks and getting a look at the snow accumulated on these peaks in all their majesty.

The snow, when it does fall, has an exotic quality to it. The beautiful sceneries it creates are breathtaking and worth the effort of looking for them.

Another great thing is that these places are immensely photogenic. If you are into photography or want to get some great photos of yourself in the foreground of nature’s most breathtaking backgrounds, these places are for you.

Given the warm climate of Mallorca year-round, the Island’s low-lying snow is rare and both unique. But the highlands of the Serra de Tramuntana tend to snow slightly every winter, a fact highly valued by the Mallorcans in the pre-refrigeration period.

What’s interesting about this snow is that in the past, collecting and selling it was a profitable business on the Island. In summer, workers piled ice sheets on these farmhouses and moved them to the living quarters to keep food and drink cool. This is an interesting bit of a look into the history of Mallorca and how the snow was an integral part of the Island’s ecosystem.

You can still see the remains of this long-running island archipelago as you climb the summit of some Tramuntana mountains. Puig de Massanella, the second-highest peak in Mallorca, has about 11 snow houses, including shelters built by snow collectors, with slopes and seats.

When Does It Snow in Mallorca?

Winter is the time when you can witness snow in very rare cases in Mallorca. In the months from January to February, the highest peaks receive cold winds and higher humidity levels which causes snow to fall there.
At this time of the year, if you do find yourself in Mallorca, you should try and witness this rare commodity in this part of the world if you can, since it is a uniquely fascinating experience!


Mallorca has weather that is perfect for all kinds of tourists from all sorts of places around the world. Plus, the amazing views, beautiful beaches, and lovely tourist attractions, along with delicious food, help the overall vibe of the Island as well. And if you are someone who might be looking forward to seeing some snow on your trip, there is a good chance you can experience that as well.

So, if you’re thinking of visiting with your friends and family, you’re definitely doing the right thing. So don’t waste your time and give these beautiful islands a try. You will experience some hot temperatures and get to take part in a lot of the activities available on these islands. And on the other hand, if you visit in winter, you might be lucky enough to see some snow.

Go ahead and book your ideal vacation and consult the weather service to land at best possible time. I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you will have a great time on your visit there.

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