The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas boasts many things. Among them is the wide variety of marine life it offers. The coasts of this city welcome the waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, each home to an array of fish, dolphins, whales, and other types of marine life. As such, besides being a haven for snorkeling, scuba diving, and whale-watching, this city is also known as one of the best fishing spots in the world.

For this reason, it’s not surprising to see many people wanting to experience fishing when they visit the city. After all, it’s not considered the Marlin Capital of the world for no reason. This city is also known for hosting the best fishing contests in the world.

Thus, if you also want to experience becoming an angler for a day and catch some nice fish, this article is for you. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about fishing in Cabo San Lucas. This information includes all the essentials to help you know this activity and familiarize yourself with it for the best preparation and enjoyment.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Is Cabo San Lucas an Excellent Place for Fishing?

Cabo San Lucas is an excellent place to try fishing, and it’s due to several reasons. 

For instance, this city is famous for being home to many fish species. Further, each fish species living in the waters of Cabo San Lucas come in huge numbers. As such, it’s a place that offers a plentiful source to catch for everyone who wants to try.

In Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find fish species ranging from small to massive ones. As such, it’s a haven for every Angler in the world, and even for those who want to experience catching a big fish by themselves.

Although the city offers several species, it’s most popular is the Blue Marlin. As such, it hosts an annual Marlin Sportfishing Competition. Further, it’s known for hosting other competitions like Bisbee’s Black and Blue.

Another thing that makes Cabo San Lucas a well-known fishing spot is that you’ll find plenty of fish to catch throughout the year. Each month is different from another in terms of available fish specie. Nonetheless, each month offers a catch.

Finally, even if you don’t want to fish, you can hire charters who will do the job for you. If you want to take home a freshly caught fish, you can pay for expert anglers to do it for you.

Tourists love fishing charters because they make things simple and well-organized. In addition, tourists in the city may schedule a fishing excursion for sportfishing and leisure activities due to the services of several fishing companies.

What Is the Best Fishing Month in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas offers some nice catches of different types of fish all year. However, if you want the best months to fish, that would be May through November. During these months, you can catch several types of fish, including Marlins, Yellowfins, Groupers, Sailfish, and more.

The thing about fishing in Cabo San Lucas is that you’ll find a particular specie of fish available every month. As such, if you would like to know what type of fish to expect in a particular month, read: What Is the Best Fishing Month in Cabo San Lucas?

Types of Fish to Catch in Cabo San Lucas

As I mentioned, you’ll find an array of fish species to catch when fishing in Cabo San Lucas. Below are the most common fish species you can catch for deep-sea and in-shore fishing in the city.

For Off-shore Fishing

The off-shore or deep-sea fishing is popular in Cabo San Lucas since it will give you plenty of spots to catch a wide variety of fish. One of the experiences in Cabo San Lucas you have to witness for yourself is off-shore or deep-sea fishing. The idea of an off-season doesn’t exist around these areas because the waterways are teeming with nearly every type of giant fish you can imagine, and new creatures are moving in all the time.

Below are the types of fish you can catch when you do some off-shore fishing in the city:

  • Striped Marlin
  • Billfish
  • Pacific Sailfish
  • Blue Marlin
  • Black Marlin
  • Tuna
  • Dorado
  • Yellowfins
  • Mahi
  • Wahoo

For In-shore fishing

Using the productive inshore rivers is just as much fun as going off-shore, where most visiting anglers will go to capture their fish. Additionally, for tourists with children, this may be the ideal approach to introduce them to angling.

Below are the types of fish you can catch when you do some in-shore fishing in the city:

  • Pacific Roosterfish or Pez Gallo
  • Sierra Mackerel
  • Jack Crevalle
  • Snapper
  • Hogfish
  • Grouper

Best Spots in Cabo San Lucas for Fishing

Cabo San Lucas’ location is considered among the best in the world for fishing, and here you get two main areas. The abundant Sea of Cortez, known for having warm waters, offers several sorts of fish species, and it’s located on the left part of the city. The Pacific Ocean, located to your right, is the setting for some of the most fantastic fishing you’ll ever witness.

Both alternatives provide equally fantastic fishing opportunities. However, the differences between these spots from each other are more than evident, even though you’ll find no boundary dividing them.

Here’s a glimpse of each of these spots:

The Sea of Cortez

One of the world’s most diversified marine ecosystems can be found in the Sea of Cortez. These warm seas are home to more than five thousand species and many schools of seductive baitfish. 

You can enjoy catching millions of creatures in these waters, including squid, herring, mackerel, squid, and even sardines.

While it may seem more attractive to you, the local small fish consider it a feast fit for five-star restaurants. You can also find Roosterfish, Snapper, and Amberjack near the coast. 

If you want the best catches, you’ll find popular fish species like Tuna, Dorado, Marlin, Wahoo, and Sailfish if you head out a bit more.

In the Sea of Cortez, the popular fishing spots are the following:

  • Gordo Banks
  • 1150 Bank
  • Santa Maria Canyon
  • Vinorama Canyon

The Pacific Ocean

On the right side of the city, you can enjoy the vast Pacific Ocean to catch some fish. With its intense currents, you’ll enjoy some of the big and powerful fish species. In general, it garnered around seventy world records regarding fish availability. As such, it’s common to see many people wanting to catch some fish in these areas.

In the Pacific Ocean, the popular fishing spots are the following:

  • Cardonal Canyon
  • San Jaime Bank
  • Golden Gate Bank
  • Finger Bank

About the Fishing Regulations in Cabo San Lucas

Although you’ll find plenty of fish in Cabo San Lucas, you can only sometimes head out and try to catch some. Thus, to experience fishing in the city waters, you need to know its regulations. Here are some things to know:

A Fishing License is Necessary

For instance, the law requires any non-resident to obtain a Mexican Sportfishing License from a vessel. This rule applies to all ages. 

While it may seem like a hassle for a vacation, it’s pretty straightforward. Generally, it will be taken care of for you if you book a fishing charter since these charters usually arrange this license themselves.

Of course, not all fishing charters are the same, but this effort usually applies to larger vessels. To be sure, ask the operators if they will cover it for you.

If not, acquiring such a license is still manageable, and you can buy one online through the official website. Then, you only need to fill up the form, pay online through your preferred payment method, and print your license.

You only need a license if you’re fishing from the shore. Still, you must be at least 250 meters or 800 feet away from swimmers. 

In-shore anglers can only use one rod at a time, among other restrictions. For example, on a single vertical line, you can only use a maximum of four hooks if you’re bottom fishing.

Observe Bag Limits

Besides the license, you’ll need to observe the limit to how many fish you can catch. In general, the bag limit is ten fish for every person. 

If you’re fishing one specie, you can keep up to five of it. If you’re catching Billfish, you can only have one of it. If you have already caught one Marlin, Swordfish, or Sailfish, you have already used half of your limit for the day.

The same principle applies to catching Roosterfish, Shad, Dorado, Tarpon, or Mahi, but it’s two for these types. 

Once you catch two of these fishes, you have already exhausted half of your limit. But you can catch ten fish in one day, depending on the type of fish. 

Now, if you want to experience catching some large fish, you can catch as many as you want as long as you release them afterward. 

It’s what most travelers do when they book a fishing charter. After all, a large fish can be challenging to carry afterward, and if you’re staying for some time in the city, you won’t have any container to preserve the fish.

Further, most local boat captains promote catch and release, particularly for Billfish. If there’s one good thing about the fishing industry in Cabo San Lucas, it’s the preservation of these fishes. 

Due to this advocacy, the city’s waters remain one of the best in the world, and they protect marine life as much as possible.

Why Book Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas?

If you want to experience fishing in the city, you’ll find it best to book a fishing charter for several reasons. Here are some of them:

Wide Range of Options

Whether you want to fish off the coast or off-shore, you can choose from many great fishing charters in the city. Furthermore, you may book a charter to catch marlins, a highly sought-after fish, off-shore.

Access to the Best Fishing Spots

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer coastal or off-shore fishing. Fishing charters know where to find the best fishing spots. The secret to having a fantastic fishing excursion is choosing the correct location. 

The captains of charter boats are experienced anglers who know the Cabo waters well. Therefore, they know exactly where to look for fish. As such, you don’t have to worry about the location since they care for you.

Hassle-free Fishing Experience

It would be best if you only considered fishing when you go on a charter fishing trip. You don’t need to carry fishing equipment or worry about finding fish or driving the boat. 

Charters handle everything for you. You will be guided by the skipper while using the fishing equipment provided. Guided fishing trips are trendy. 

An experienced guide can help anglers catch big fish. A guided fishing excursion is ideal for those who have never fished. Besides saving you time, it will allow you to enjoy fishing and water activities.

If you’re searching for other water activities, you might be interested in whale-watching. To know more, read: The Ultimate Guide to Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas.

Experience All Fishing Types

Charter fishing offers a variety of fishing excursions. Various fishing techniques are available, including onshore, off-shore, deep-sea, and sport fishing. 

A guide may also teach you how to fish with a fly, surf fish, or use another technique. In addition, fishing charters are available for anglers in several different types. 

You can enhance your fishing experience with several of their incredible features. For example, Charter services may include game fishing equipment, comforts, catered meals, and several other things.

Family and Kid-Friendly

You can arrange a wonderful family vacation in Cabo San Lucas by going fishing. All you need to do is hire Cabo fishing charters. Because you’ll learn from fishing instructors, you won’t need any prior fishing experience. 

Cabo charters can be selected depending on the size of your group. Traveling with a charter makes it easy for families to enjoy time together. 

Aside from fishing, you can swim and engage in water activities. While traveling, prepared meals will also be provided to you. After preparing your prize fish, you can even host a party on the yacht.

Regulated and Well-Organized

It is enjoyable to fish in Cabo. However, you must adhere to the regulations. The fishing rules and license requirements in Cabo are strict. Nonetheless, charters can simplify things. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about these issues. 

The law must be respected, and no one wants to be caught up in local regulations. The charter service will handle licenses and permits. Hence, you’ll be less stressed and more relaxed as a result. 

Top Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas

Now that we’ve settled the importance of booking a fishing charter, here are some of the best charters we recommend if you want to experience fishing in Cabo San Lucas:

Black Marlin Sportfishing

  • Address: Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 624 171 1456
  • Website: Black Marlin Sportfishing

Armada Sport Fishing & Charter

  • Address: J Dock, Agua Marina Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 866 220 3854
  • Website: Armada Sport Fishing & Charter

Tag Cabo Sportfishing

  • Address: Esquina Marlin 1, Blvd. Paseo de la Marina S/N, Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 624 168 9544
  • Website: Tag Cabo Sportfishing

Land’s End Charters

  • Address: Hotel Tesoro, Blvd. Paseo de la Marina 9-y 10, Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 800 281 5778
  • Website: Land’s End Charters

Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

  • Address: Muelle – O Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 619 819 7983
  • Website: Pisces Sportfishing Fleet  

All fishing charters mentioned above are docked within or near the Marina. It’s a popular spot in the city if you’re unfamiliar with it. In most cases, this area will be your starting point if you’re going on a fishing excursion. To know more, read: Cabo San Lucas Marina.


Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Cabo San Lucas, and it’s perfect for everyone, even first-timers. With the availability of helpful and knowledgeable charters, you can catch some billfish and experience the excitement of having a big fish in your hand.

The waters of Cabo San Lucas preserve marine life, rich with different types of fish. With this guide, we hope you understand what to expect and enjoy fishing when you visit the city. Now go and catch some fish!

If you’re searching for other things to enjoy in the city besides fishing, read: Experience the Magic of Cabo San Lucas: Top 10 Things to Do.

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