Is Mallorca a Safe Place to Visit?

Mallorca is one of the most visited places in the Mediterranean. Mallorca is known for its serene beaches, limestone mountains, fresh produce, and Spanish architecture. 

Multiple resorts, water parks, clubs, and remote beaches enhance your experience and make your trip memorable.

Tourists always want to know about the place they are visiting is whether they would be safe there or not. Security is one of the key factors determining if you can spend your holiday somewhere, regardless of how attractive the package may be. 

Here in this article, we have done all we can to address all the safety concerns you might have about Mallorca. So, let’s get started and find out if Mallorca is safe or not. 

Is Mallorca a Safe Place to Visit

Is Mallorca a Safe Holiday Destination?

Mallorca is one of the most popular tourist destinations today and one of the safest. It is relatively affordable yet has historically attracted some of the world’s richest and most popular people. 

The place has built a reputation for being a party town, where booze and, in some areas, even drugs are consumed. So, with this context in mind, how safe is Mallorca as a holiday destination?

Mallorca is generally considered a safe island for tourists. The crime rate is low, and most tourists there have only good things to say about their experience on the island and how safe they felt there. 

The officials do their best to cooperate with the tourists and keep the place as safe as possible for the people visiting their beloved island.

However, as is the case for most popular tourist destinations, you must be careful with your money and possessions. Pickpockets and petty thieves may be found in crowded areas. So, you should be mindful of your possessions whenever you are out in a crowded spot.

Another thing that you should be aware of is that Mallorca is a popular party island that is overrun by tourists in peak season that are up and about in clubs and bars, going at it all night. If you plan to go clubbing there yourself, it’s good to be cautious since some people get too drunk and might get violent and obnoxious.

Then there are places like S’Arenal, which have gathered a reputation for being filled with deviants that can be hard to deal with and somewhat dangerous. 

Some of the “working girls” are known to get aggressive with men in this area. If you are visiting with family, it’s best to avoid S’Arenal. If not, make sure to plan your trip out well, as even at its worst, there isn’t much for you to worry about for most of the daytime.

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Is Mallorca Safe for Tourists?

As a tourist, you are safer in Mallorca than many popular tourist destinations worldwide. Mallorca’s economy is driven mostly by tourism. This is the bread and butter for the local and the local authorities. They leave no stone unturned in ensuring the safety and well-being of the guests visiting their home.

The risk of Covid is something that all tourists should take precautions against, but if you are vaccinated and take due precautions, you are good to go. In the times that we live in, Covid precautions are something you must always keep in mind to keep yourself and the people around you safe and sound.

As a tourist, when you visit beaches and other crowded areas, beware of certain scams that are prevalent in the area. There are con artists mixed in with the vendors that will try to sell you something that you do not, going as far as to open cans of drinks and demanding payment for it since they have already opened them for you.

There is also the popular shell game that con artists will try to get you to play. Beware that this game is designed to rid you of your money and rigged to have you lose every time. 

Pickpockets will also try to cause confusion, and pick your pockets in the process. You should be aware of these scams in advance so that you are prepared to face them if any come your way.

Apart from these safety precautions, there are also small pests like mosquitoes on the island that will cause trouble depending on where you are staying. 

Pack some mosquito repellent with you so you can sleep without irritating mosquitoes buzzing in your ears. Apart from that, keep some sunscreen on hand as you will be exposed to a lot of sunlight here.

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How Safe is Palma?

Palma, the capital city of Mallorca, is among the safest places on the island. It is the hub of all activity on the island and where most tourists gather. 

Here you are safe even at night. Yet, we still caution tourists to avoid taking walks alone during the night in certain places like El Terreno or Old Town.  

The Balearic Islands are mainly party islands, so it’s no surprise that there are a few clubs where people might be doing drugs, so be cautious in that regard.

Palma has some of the best beaches in Mallorca. These beaches are crowded in peak season with tourists. With large crowds come some risks for general safety concerns concerning Covid. 

Be mindful of your hygiene and avoid crowded beaches where you can. It will only help keep your trip safe and without any hiccups. 

Is Mallorca Safe At Night?

Mallorca is generally safe, even at night and in the most buzzing areas. However, in many places, you are advised to avoid going out alone at night. Some places in Mallorca might be a bit less safe than the busy tourist spots, and you are advised to avoid them at night.

However, Mallorca is a party island, so a lot of the activity happens during the night, whether clubbing or just chilling out at the bars with friends. You will be safe if you choose the right places to travel and take the right routes. Roads are generally the best place to stick to if you are up and about during the night.

There are some known places you should not visit during the night, and if you can avoid it, even during the day. We have detailed these areas below so you can take precautions and keep yourself safe. Avoid these places at night, and you will not have any trouble.

Son Gotleu

Son Gotleu is a neighborhood located in Levante District in Mallorca. It’s got a bad reputation for having gangsters and robbers that can cause trouble for tourists who find themselves alone at night. 

It’s not as if the area only has such people or you are likely to encounter them most of the time. But it is better to be safer than sorry, especially if you are traveling at night.


Corea is an infamous suburb in Palma de Mallorca. The condition of hygiene is very bad around Corea, which is known as a place most people should avoid. There are people illegally selling drugs while gang fights break out often. 

As a tourist, you don’t want to find yourself here during the night. Police raids are also common in this area which only emphasizes the law-and-order situation in this suburb. So if as a tourist unless you have to, try to avoid this place.

Son Banya

This is perhaps the most infamous place on this list. If you are a tourist in Mallorca, this is a place that you should avoid regardless of the time of the day. Son Banya is a very infamous place for being an underground drug-dealing hub. This place is filled with drug dealers running their shady businesses.

There are also many government crackdowns happening here regularly which cause conflicts in the region. Henceforth this is a place you should simply avoid like the plague while you are in Mallorca. The good thing is that it is in a lonely place almost outside the main city. So it’s easy to avoid, and in general, you will be pretty safe anywhere else in Mallorca.

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Mallorca is one of the most in-demand tourist destinations in the world. By extension, it is also among the safest. Even in the more unsafe places, you will not be at risk of anything more than a petty crime. You will be completely safe and unbothered if you take care of your possessions and show alertness in big crowds.

Make all the necessary arrangements you are supposed to make on any overseas tour, and you are good to go. The people of Mallorca are very friendly and easy-going. The authorities are extremely cooperative, and the general environment is relaxed. Mallorca is rightfully called the heaven of tourists.

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