Is Mallorca Windy?

Are you thinking of heading to the Balearic Islands for a fun and exciting vacation with your friends and family? Well, Mallorca is one of the places you will love to explore. But if you’re not a fan of windy weather, you might face difficulty there.

Many people wonder if Mallorca is going to be windy at the time they choose to go there. Mallorca experiences strong winds, especially from October to April. 

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, known for luscious beaches and coves, beautiful resorts, stunning views, amazing tourist attractions, and weather that is definitely the show’s highlight.

But that’s not all. In this article, I will talk about why Mallorca is so windy, Mallorca’s windiness through different months, how Mallorca uses the wind and everything about the windy nature of the island. 

So, let’s get started. 

Is Mallorca Windy

Which is the Windiest Balearic Island?

Mallorca is the windiest Balearic Island of all, and Menorca is also in close contention. The simple reason for that is geography. European winds blow from France towards this region. 

And since Mallorca and Menorca are closer to France than other regions of the Balearic Islands, they’re also two of the windiest islands of all.

The weather of Mallorca is quite continental as well, which is essential for you to know if you’re thinking of visiting. This simply means that Mallorca’s weather is hotter in summer, while the weather is colder in winters than usual. So, we can safely say that the island of Mallorca is the windiest Balearic Islands of all.

The overall size of Mallorca is much bigger than other islands in the Balearic cluster as well, so that also plays an important role in keeping Mallorca the windiest island in all of the Balearic Islands. 

Still, if you want a memorable vacation, visiting the Balearic Islands and especially Mallorca would be an excellent decision for you.

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Is it always windy in Mallorca?

When it comes to windiness, the weather in Mallorca is most of the year windy. However, some months of the year are windier than others. To actually learn about the windiness of Mallorca, let’s take a look at the wind averages in larger parts of the island throughout the year.

January to April

January is one of the windier months of the year in Mallorca. The wind speed on average in this month is just slightly less than the windiest month of the year. An average of around 12 miles per hour is expected if you visit the island in January.

February is also a part of the 6.8 months cluster of the year when Mallorca is on the winder side of things. But the windiness reduces as months move towards the summertime. So, in Feb, you can expect a rough average wind speed of around 11.5 miles per hour.

March and April both months see the decline of windiness in the Mallorcan region of the Balearic Islands. The average wind speed drops from 11.5 to around 10 miles per hour by the end of April, which is considered the end of the early windy part of the year in Mallorca.

May to July

The calmer part of the year starts from May and stays for 5.2 months, so visiting during this time will be perfect if you’re not a big fan of windy times in the Balearic Islands. In the month of May, the average wind speed is roughly 9 miles per hour which is pretty bearable.

June is when you can expect the breeze to get even lesser and peak summertime to make its way to the Island of Mallorca. If we talk about the average wind speed at this time of the year, we can expect it to be around 8 miles per hour which is even better.

However, the month of July is the perfect time to visit the island. July is considered the calmest month of the year as the average wind speed at this time of the year is only 7.4 miles per hour which are simply amazing. So, make sure you get to Mallorca in July if you want to have a peaceful and warm vacation.

August to December

Both August and September offer months building up to the second phase of the windiest period of the year that lasts over 6 months. The average wind speed at this time of the year is not too much. Still, it continuously increases as it hits over 9 miles per hour again after a steady decline.

October is the first month chronologically of this windy period of the year in Mallorca. This month’s average wind speed is around 10.4 miles per hour, which is getting to the maximum point that we shall see being touched in the windiest month of the year.

November serves as a way through to December, which is the windiest month of the year and one of the coldest too. At this time of the year, the average wind speed is around 13.1 miles per hour, which is pretty fast. 

So, ideally, visiting this month won’t be that great of an idea since the winds will be blowing quite fast. 

Mallorca Weather

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Is Mallorca windy in july?

July is one of the few months where Mallorca isn’t as windy as it is through the rest of the year. July is considered one of the calmest periods of the year in Mallorca. The average wind speeds every day of the month are recorded as less than half of the windiest time on average.

According to reports, the average wind speed in July, the calmest time of the year in terms of windiness, is around 7.4 miles per hour which may seem more than average. Still, this is definitely a low point on an island where the French Tramontana north winds blow.

So, in conclusion, we can say that if you’re thinking of visiting in July. If you’re more of a calmer, less windy atmosphere lover, you’re definitely going to have a wonderful trip. I’ll highly recommend visiting one of the beaches, it will indeed be a great experience for you.

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Is the North of Mallorca Windy?

The North of Mallorca is quite windy. December, which is the windiest time of the year in Mallorca, is when the northern side of Mallorca is incredibly windy and cold despite being a warm climate region of the world. If you’re in the area, expect strong winds at this time of the year.

Especially in the Bay of Palma, which is right near the capital of the island, and the Bay of Alcudia, on the northeastern coast of the island of Mallorca, you should expect quite a lot of windiness. Even in calmer months of the year, Mallorca’s northern region will be windy.

If you’re a lover of colder and windy weather, staying in the northern region of the island will be incredibly lovely. But if you’re not a fan of too much cold, then make sure you stay as far away as possible from the northern region when it comes to getting accommodation. 

Other than that, you can always visit the northern side and have a great evening or two there. 

Are There Windmills on Mallorca?

Windmills have always been an essential part of the rural and urban history of the Balearic Islands and specifically Mallorca, so yes, there are a lot of windmills that you can view in plain sight there. 

Some of these windmills date back to around the 16th century since the Balearic Islands have an incredibly rich history.

As the winds of Mallorca are famous around the world, these windmills come to good use as they’re maintained properly and produce energy that runs a big part of the island. 

The architecture of the Mallorcan windmills and the architecture of the historic buildings in Mallorca complement each other and look stunningly beautiful.

If you’re on a trip to Mallorca with your friends and family. In that case, it will definitely be an excellent choice for you to take a trip to the southern villages of Mallorca, where you’ll find these fantastic works of architecture marvels before you. It will be a wonderful experience for everyone.

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Mallorca is an overall windy place, to begin with. But if you can handle a slight breeze and have a wonderful time, you will have a great experience in Mallorca with your friends and family.

In winters, the climate of this area turns cold and humid and is known as microclimate. Since the other islands belonging to the Balearic archipelago experience a different climate, Mallorca can be compared more to Peninsula, with January being the coldest month of the year. 

However, the windiest month of the year is December. From April to October, the island mostly remains calm and serene. Since it’s not always windy in Mallorca, you can plan your trip accordingly. 

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