Is Mexico City a Safe Destination for Tourists?

Many people are interested in visiting Mexico City because of what it offers. However, many people think twice about doing so because of the rumors about its safety concerns. Therefore, if you plan to visit this city, you may wonder if it’s a safe destination for tourists like you.

In general, Mexico City is a safe destination for tourists. Nonetheless, you can encounter safety risks like petty crime and scams in other cities and areas. As such, you’ll want to know a few safety concerns to prepare for your trip. 

Mexico City is an excellent destination that offers a lot of things to experience, such as its culture, nightlife, and attractions. As such, it can be frustrating not to enjoy such things simply because of a safety concern that you can get around.  

For this reason, we’ve written this article to serve as your guide around the safety concerns for tourists exploring Mexico City. This information will tell you what to expect about common problems when you’re in the city. We’ll also include several tips to help you travel and explore the city without any problem.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Is Mexico City a Safe Destination for Tourists

Is Mexico City Safe for Tourists?

Generally speaking, Mexico City is a safe destination for tourists. Every tourist attractions and areas in the city are well-lit, well-patrolled, and secure. As such, you will be fine if you stick to these areas.

Still, like all other places, you can encounter safety risks in the city, such as petty crimes and scams. As one of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City is filled with thieves and scammers.

Thus, even though Mexico City is generally a safe destination, travelers should take some safety precautions to reduce the risk of petty crime and scams. 

If you know where to go and what areas to avoid, many neighborhoods in Mexico City are safe and fun.

Mexico City is perceived as dangerous by many people. Nevertheless, it is a safe place to visit if you do your homework and arrive prepared. 

According to statistics, Mexico City has the lowest crime rate in the country, and it is safer than Mexico overall. However, in some states in the U.S., crime rates are significantly higher than in Mexico City. 

Mexico City’s shady areas tend to be restricted to specific neighborhoods, allowing tourists to stick to the safer areas more easily. 

When you visit the city for the first time, you should take extra precautions because there are a lot of petty thieves there. So before exploring the city’s attractions, keep your valuables at a hotel.

What to Expect with Crime Risks in Mexico City?

As mentioned earlier, Mexico City’s crime rate is lower than other major cities. Nonetheless, they still exist, and knowing what to expect can help avoid problems when visiting the city.

In Mexico City, carjacking, robbery, homicide, and kidnapping are the most common crimes. In some areas, these offenses are more prevalent than in others. As long as you stick to touristy areas, you’ll be alright.

Crime can only keep you from experiencing the city’s charm if you avoid its crime spots. Unfortunately, there is a crime in Mexico City, but it is lower than elsewhere in the region and other parts of the United States.

Areas in Mexico City to Avoid

It is essential to keep your distance from some bad neighborhoods in Mexico City, even if you wish to visit the city. You’ll likely see pickpockets, kidnappers, robbers, rapists, and thieves stealing car parts in these areas.


This neighborhood is considered the black market in the city, known as a hotspot for thieves and petty burglars. Before visiting this place, take all your valuables to a hotel or a lodging place.


In Iztapalapa, the most concerning statistics are those related to crime levels, such as rapes and other violent offenses. This area is also known as La Joya, which is also known as having one of the highest drug trafficking and homicide rates in the city.

Colonia del Valle

Although the area boasts many scenic spots, many visitors are afraid to set foot here because of kidnappings. As such, it’s best to avoid this area when in the city.


Arena Mexico, the venue for professional wrestling, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mexico City. Although this event is excellent, its host, Doctores, is less safe than one would think. If traveling to the event from your hotel, you must be cautious of pickpockets and petty thieves.

Ciudad Neza

Ciudad Neza is one of the biggest slums in the city, so naturally, it’s a crime hotspot. The list is endless regarding homicides, kidnappings, pickpocketings, and robberies. In Ciudad Neza, you’ll find all of these things.

Mercado Merced and La Lagunilla are also bad neighborhoods in Mexico City. In these places, you may become a victim of many crimes if you visit alone or without a local guide.

Safety Tips to Follow Against Crime Risks in Mexico City

If you’re exploring Mexico City, below are several safety tips you can follow to avoid common crimes and scams around:

Avoid Night Walks Alone

Avoid walking alone at night since it’s when typical petty crimes happen. If you’re traveling alone, avoiding walking out at night is best. If you want, always stick to common touristy areas, and ride a cab or Uber if it’s a long walk from your hotel.

If you want more tips regarding night walks in the city, read our article about Night Walks in Mexico’s Capital.

Beware of Laws

The last thing you want is to have problems with the police or law enforcers. As such, ensure you know the city’s laws. This way, you do not get into trouble with the police.

Don’t Show Off

It is best to avoid showing people how much money you have. If you act like this, you will attract petty thieves, robbers, and scammers.

Blend with Locals

It’s best to dress like a local and avoid a touristy look. Most scammers and thieves will have their eyes on you when you look like a tourist who doesn’t know much about the city.

Don’t Wear Jewelry

Wearing expensive jewelry while touring the city gives a signal to common thieves, scammers, and robbers. It’s best to wear plain clothing and appear as if you don’t have any money or anything expensive to avoid being a target for these crimes.

Never Pass Through Dark and Narrow Streets

Most crimes happen on dark and narrow streets. These are usually on the outskirts of the city. As such, stay within the main streets and where tourists stay.

Avoid High-Risk Areas

While the city has well-patrolled, well-lit, and secure areas, it also has hot spots for crimes. As such, it’s best to avoid these areas to make sure you stay away from petty crime problems.

Always Be On Guard

It’s your responsibility as a traveler to always beware of your surroundings. As such, always observe and look for strange people lurking around.

Don’t Fight Back

It would be better to get robbed or scammed than hurt. These scammers and thieves may have weapons with them. As such, if you ever get attacked, let them take your things rather than risk your life by fighting back.

Beware of Taxis

Only ride authorized ones such as Sitio or Radio when taking a taxi. This way, you avoid taxis that are unregulated and unsafe.

Speak Some Spanish

When thieves and scammers know you cannot speak Spanish, you’ll be a potential target for their crimes and scams. As such, speaking a few Spanish words now and then is best.

Beware of your Destination

When visiting a particular neighborhood or area, it’s best to research and know more about it. This way, you’ll know how to navigate and avoid areas to avoid.


In a nutshell, Mexico City is a safe destination for tourists, and you can explore and enjoy the city without any safety problems. However, as long as you stay alert and know the common scams, crimes, and risky areas in the city, you’ll know what to do and avoid. With this guide, you can enjoy the city safely.

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