Mexico’s Capital: Are Mosquitoes a Concern?

One of the small yet common concerns when visiting a particular destination are bugs and insects like mosquitoes. While they may seem too small of a problem, they can be a nuisance when they start ruining your rest or biting when you’re having a good time. As such, when visiting Mexico’s Capital, you may wonder if mosquitoes are a concern.

Mosquitoes can be a primary concern if you’re visiting Mexico City. Some tourist attractions and areas in the city can have mosquitoes, especially during a particular time and month. As such, it’s best to be ready by bringing mosquito repellant or buying one upon arrival.

Whenever you’re traveling to Mexico City or any other destination, the last thing you’ll want is for some pesky mosquitoes to ruin your day. Preparing for these insects is best to ensure you have fun in the city.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need about mosquitoes in Mexico City. This way, you’ll know what to expect in the city. We’ll also cover some tips to ensure you prepare for these insects and know your way around this concern.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Mexico City - Mosquitoes

Are There Mosquitoes in Mexico City?

Mexico City’s weather and location make it ideal for mosquitoes to thrive. For this reason, you can expect these insects to lurk around in several areas of the city.

The city is generally vast, meaning not all areas have mosquitoes. However, chances are you can encounter them when visiting particular attractions.

With this in mind, it’s best to prepare for mosquitoes by bringing any item that will protect you from bites. It can be any mosquito repellant to keep these insects away from you. 

Do You Need Mosquito Spray in Mexico City?

You won’t need mosquito spray in some places since mosquito activity isn’t expected. However, it doesn’t apply to travelers visiting Mexico City.

As mentioned earlier, this city is known for having spots or areas with plenty of mosquitoes. While they seem like a tiny problem, they can be a nuisance and ruin your time. 

In worst cases, mosquitoes can even irritate you when you get bitten by one or two. For this reason, it’s best to bring mosquito spray, especially when you’re staying in a residential area in the city.

If a mosquito spray is inconvenient, you can always buy one around and spray your room when you travel for the day. This way, you can have no mosquitoes in your room when you return. 

If you still don’t want a spray, any repellant should be enough. It can be a lotion or covering your body with long sleeve clothing or pants.

When Do Mosquitoes Appear in Mexico City?

Although mosquitoes are around year-round, some months can be well-known as mosquito season. For example, these insects become plentiful from April to November since it’s the rainy season. 

Nonetheless, Mexico City has lower mosquito activity than other southern areas like Yucatan, Chiapas, and Tabasco.

Still, it’s best to have mosquito repellant with you all the time to protect yourself from these insects.

If bringing one is inconvenient, you can always find a repellant in small, pocket-sized bottles. This way, you’ll have a portable one you can bring and use anytime.

If you want to save space, apply the repellant before going out. However, be sure the one you use lasts for the entire day.

Which Areas of Mexico City Have Mosquitoes?

As mentioned earlier, only some spots in Mexico City have mosquitoes. You’ll generally find more mosquitoes as you get closer to the center.

Some of the areas where you can expect mosquitoes lurking are the Historical Center and Roma Condesa. If you’re going on a day tour to nearby attractions, beware of mosquitoes at Xochimilco.

Coyoacan has fewer mosquitoes than other areas of the city. As such, you don’t have to worry about these insects if you’re visiting this area.

You are generally less likely to get sick from a mosquito bite, especially one or two. Nonetheless, it’s still best to apply some repellant to be sure. 

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5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Mosquito Bites in Mexico City

When you’re enjoying Mexico City, you don’t want to get a mosquito bite that can ruin your trip. So if you visit the city, you can prevent mosquito bites by following these five tips.

Always Use Mosquito Repellent

Since mosquitoes are common in Mexico City, you’ll want to always prepare for them. As such, it’s best to carry a mosquito repellant every time. If you don’t want to carry such, you can apply whenever you go out.

Since the city has plenty of stores, you’ll find several shops selling mosquito repellent almost from every street and corner. As such, you won’t have problems finding one even if you don’t bring your own.

Cover Yourself with Clothes

You can protect yourself from mosquito bites by wearing specific clothing during your visit to Mexico City. For example, you can wear long-sleeved clothes in the morning and evening. 

When you’re out during the day, it’s best to wear light-colored clothing since mosquitoes cannot detect light colors. Furthermore, mosquitoes can bite through tight-fitting clothes, so avoid them whenever possible.

Avoid Perfumes

It is easy for mosquitoes and insects to be attracted to strong scents. As a result, you should avoid using perfumes and colognes on your skin and clothes. Instead, choose deodorants without scents if you’re applying them.

Prevent mosquitoes from entering your room

When resting in your room, the last thing you want is mosquitoes to bite you. So if you live in an area without mosquito screens, close the doors and windows. 

By doing so, mosquitoes won’t be able to enter your home and cause problems. Also, whenever you move, try to keep the windows to your bedroom closed if you notice mosquitoes are abundant in your specific neighborhood.

What to Do When You Get Bitten by Mosquitoes in Mexico City?

Since mosquitoes are common in Mexico City, you’ll have a high chance of getting bitten. For this reason, it is best to assume this case to be prepared.

You need to know the best remedy when you are bitten by one of these insects. Luckily, the only effective treatment for insect bites is a lotion. Therefore, it would be best to always carry some of this topical treatment with you. 

In addition, if you have a biting allergy, you should be cautious. You can buy an antihistamine or antiallergic medication to treat allergy symptoms. However, if your reaction is severe, you must go to the hospital immediately.


In a nutshell, mosquitoes aren’t common in Mexico City, which means you have to prepare for such to avoid any problems. Thus, when packing or preparing for your trip to this city, it’s always best to include long-sleeved clothing and mosquito repellant. Also, keep your rooms closed to ensure mosquitoes won’t get in and ruin your rest.

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