Mosquitoes and Other Bugs in Cancun

If you’re not from a tropical country or area, mosquitoes and bugs might not be something you’re used to. As such, if you’re visiting Cancun, you should expect these little things to annoy you from time to time.

In general, due to its tropical climate, you’ll find mosquitoes and other bugs in Cancun all year. However, there are seasons when these insects multiply and can be a real nuisance for tourists.

While many people think mosquitoes and other bugs are only a tiny problem, they can cause various diseases. Therefore, learning how to deal with these things is essential in preparing for your Cancun vacation.

This article will cover everything you need to know about mosquitoes and other bugs in Cancun. This information includes where you’ll find most mosquitoes, some things to do to prevent them, and remedies if you get bitten.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Mosquitoes and Other Bugs in Cancun

When Is the Mosquito Season in Cancun?

Mosquito activity can change with the season, time of day, weather, and location. As such, it’s best to note these things.

The presence of mosquitoes and other bugs is high in humid places. Among these are lakes, marshes, and natural pools like cenotes.

As a result, there are more mosquitoes than during dry seasons. In Cancun and the rest of the region, these months start in April and end in November. 

If you visit during these months, you’ll experience mosquitoes are most active and always around. To know more about the rainy season, read When is Cancun Rainy Season?

Also, during the dawn and evening, mosquito activity and presence are most active. As such, if you’re partying at night, you’ll likely find mosquitoes in open areas.

Since these months are wet, Cancun has its mosquito season from April through November. If you want to know more about the weather in the city, read our article about Cancun Weather.

Areas in Cancun Where You’ll Find Mosquitoes

The places in Cancun with greenery and lagoons have a larger mosquito population.

You’ll find more mosquitoes and bugs in the Hotel Zone, especially near the Nichupté Lagoon. On the other hand, you’ll find lesser mosquitoes and bugs on the coasts.

This high mosquito and bug presence is due to the area’s abundance of plants, natural lagoons, and flora.

We will notice more excellent mosquito activity in the nearby areas than in Cancun since there are locations with a lot of flora, lagoons, and cenotes.

If you plan to visit cenotes, you’ll need more than a simple mosquito repellant. To know more, read our article about the Cancun Underwater Cave.

Be aware that you’ll find mosquitoes annoying if you hop on a trip or adventure to cenotes and natural parks with a lot of greenery and lagoons.

6 Helpful Tips to Avoid Mosquito Bites

When you’re enjoying your time in Cancun, the last thing you’ll want is for it to get ruined by a mosquito bite. As such, below are six helpful tips to avoid mosquito bites during your stay in the city.

Always Apply a Mosquito or Bug Repellant

A mosquito or bug repellant is necessary for Cancun and other neighboring areas because of the mosquitoes and bugs around. As such, it’s best to always have some with you or apply it whenever you go out.

You’ll find several mosquitoes and bug-repelling items available in Cancun for you to purchase. Such items include socks, wristbands, towels, and apparel.

Here is some good Mosquito Repellent Spray.

Wear the Right Clothes

An article on particular clothing will help you get around mosquito and bug problems. For example, if you’re going out in the morning or evening, you can wear long, loose sleeves. 

If you’re going out for the day, you can choose light-colored clothing since mosquitoes can’t perceive light colors well.

It’s also essential to avoid wearing clothes with tight fit since mosquitoes and other bugs can bite through them.

Avoid Any Perfume

Any strong scent can easily attract mosquitoes and other bugs. As such, it’s best to avoid applying perfumes or colognes. It’s also best to wear deodorants that are scentless.

Use Mosquito Repellants of Any Kind 

If you’re in your hotel room and you see mosquitoes around, you can use different products such as tablets, lamps, and other substances to keep these insects away.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

It’s always best to keep your doors and windows closed if you see many mosquitoes outside your patio or terrace. However, if you want fresh air sifting through the room, you can ask your hotel staff to bring you a mosquito net.

What Is the Best Remedy for Mosquitoes and Bug Bites?

Even if you take all these measures, you’ll likely get bitten by a mosquito or other bugs. So you need to know the best remedy for mosquito and bug bites.

The only option in that situation is to apply a top-notch lotion to relieve insect bites. As such, it’s best to have some of this topical treatment with you all the time. 

Additionally, be cautious if you have a biting allergy. It is therefore recommended to use antihistamines or antiallergic medications to treat allergies. However, you must get to the hospital immediately if the reaction is severe.


Most of the time, mosquitoes and other bugs are present in Cancun, and most spots or areas you’ll visit likely have them. For this reason, the only way to get around it is to follow the tips mentioned above. 

As long as you follow them, you’ll be sure to avoid the nuisance brought by these mosquitoes. Further, you will have better chances of avoiding the diseases and other problems that mosquito and other bug bites may cause.

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