Ritz Carlton Cancun – All You Need to Know

The Ritz Carlton Cancun is one of the most prominent hotels in Cancun, and many people are talking about the experience of staying in such a hotel. Now, if you’re also interested in staying at this hotel, this article is for you.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the Ritz Carlton Cancun. This information includes the changes to the hotel, the prices, the restaurants, the rooms, and other essential things you need to know about it. This way, you can know what to expect and decide if the place suits your preference.

Without further ado, let’s get into 

Ritz Carlton Cancun
Restaurants: 4Bars: 2
Pools: 2WiFi: Yes
Distance to Cancun Downtown: 19.5 mi (31.4 km)Distance to Beach: Beachfront
Rooms: 360TripAdvisor Review: 4.5/5

Ritz Carlton Cancun to Grand Hotel Cancun by Kempinski

Many people know of Ritz Carlton Cancun as one of the best options in the Cancun Hotel Zone. However, the hotel changed its management by the end of August 31, 2022. 

Thus, as of September 1, 2022, the Ritz Carlton Cancun operates by the name Grand Hotel Cancun managed by Kempinski.

Is Ritz Carlton Cancun Closed?

If you’re a fan of Ritz Carlton Cancun, you’ll still enjoy its amenities and the entire hotel from September 1, 2022. However, it’s on different management.

The Grand Hotel Cancun will continue to operate under a temporary name while Kempinski, a European hotelier, takes control. However, rather than closing the establishment to undergo a complete renovation, they will do this.

What Changes Should You Expect From the Ritz Carlton Cancun?

Kempinski will gradually transform the property’s features until it reflects the brand’s look. 

It will become the Kempinski Hotel Cancun in the coming year. Despite having a few in the Caribbean, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, this is the company’s first hotel in North America.

The company is well-known in Europe, and many consider it the oldest chain of upscale hotels on the continent. 

The franchise, established in Munich in 1897 and has more than 70 locations worldwide, is recognized for its high-end luxury hotels. 

Additionally, they were designated Forbes for the travel and leisure sector, which is encouraging for those who have been critical of most Mexican Caribbean hotels in the past.

More information on the hotel’s future development might be made public. However, no one noticed any public indication that a transaction was being negotiated involving Ritz-Carlton and another company, so the idea that the slip would be seamless would be welcome.

There are a few specifics on how the hotel will change in the upcoming months. First, it will be excellent news that the pass-over will be fully fluid, given there was no formal indication two weeks ago that a contract was being negotiated between Ritz-Carlton and another name.

Is Ritz Carlton Cancun All-Inclusive?

Ritz Carlton Cancun or the Grand Hotel Cancun is not an all-inclusive resort, which means you have to pay for every amenity separately, especially the food. 

However, a stay at this hotel has inclusions and benefits, and you can always have the extra charges sent to you anytime you want or billed upon checkout.

The Grand Hotel Cancun is more a luxury hotel than an all-inclusive one. As such, you can enjoy luxurious amenities in this place.

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Distance from the Airport

Ritz Carlton Cancun or the Grand Hotel Cancun by Kempinski is located at Cancun Hotel Zone, 11.4 miles (18.4 kilometers) from Cancun International Airport. If you need to navigate from the airport to the hotel, you can always use the free Wi-Fi. To learn more, read Does Cancun Airport Have Wi-Fi?

As such, travel time from the airport takes around 25 minutes. The exact travel time is to be expected if your starting point is Downtown Cancun.

It’s easy to reach the hotel by car, but you can always hire a taxi if you don’t have a rental car. However, make sure to negotiate the fare to avoid the drivers overcharging you.

We highly recommend you call the hotel and arrange an airport transfer. It’s usually complimentary upon booking a stay at the place. 

Hotel Rooms

Ritz Carlton Cancun, or now the Grand Hotel Cancun by Kempinski, has 360 rooms that give off a luxurious vibe. However, the age of the establishment has taken a toll and has drastically reduced its beauty. This year’s change in management is supposed to change the furnishings gradually.

The rooms boast fancy and luxurious interiors. It includes modern woodwork, silver-blue accented walls, recliners, patterned carpeting, and sophisticated décor accessories. As a result, each of these elements contributes to their tranquil, beachy appearance.

The rooms are also well-lit due to the glass windows that encompass most rooms from floor to ceiling. Such glasses give a stunning view of the Caribbean waters and the fine white sands of Cancun.

The hotel also has club levels wherein members can enjoy free Wi-Fi, which comes at a daily cost for non-members. In addition, members can also enjoy complimentary access to an exclusive lobby.

Nevertheless, all rooms boast complete amenities, from hot tubs, rainfall showers, lavatories, marble bathrooms, and many more.

The hotel also offers inclusions such as bathrobes, slippers, and a complete set of toiletries. Other amenities include minibars, Nespresso machines, tables, gadget docking stations, TVs with LCD screens, safe deposit boxes, and laundry facilities.

Prices and Room Rates

Ritz Carlton Cancun or the Grand Hotel Cancun by Kempinski has rates in USD, which means you don’t have to exchange your money if you’re staying here. However, if you want to explore nearby areas, you still need some local currency, the Mexican pesos.

Regarding room rates, the hotel has different price ranges depending on the room type. The standard rooms range from 340 to 570 USD. On the other hand, the suites can range from 500 to over 1000 USD.

The hotel accepts credit card payments, which means you can have cashless transactions. The hotel also has a reservation policy; you can use your credit card.

Restaurants in the Hotel

While the Grand Cancun Hotel isn’t all-inclusive, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars in the hotel. As such, you don’t need to leave the place to enjoy different cuisines and dishes.

In general, the hotel has a total of six restaurants and bars. They are as follows:

  • Fantino
  • The Club Grill
  • Casitas
  • El Café Mexicano
  • The Caribe Bar & Grill
  • D-Lounge

There are rare occasions when local musicians perform in the lobby, which also has a piano, but the atmosphere is generally calm. 

Customers may choose from various beverages and freshly made sushi at the lobby lounge, which has an upscale yet relaxed bar atmosphere.

Other dining options include the upscale Fantino (known for its sampling menu and Mediterranean food) and the more laid-back El Cafe Mexicano and Caribe Bar & Grill on the poolside and beachfront. 

Visitors with Club Level status are entitled to exclusive chef’s table tastings and to the Club Lounge, which has a rotating selection of drinks.


The Ritz Carlton Cancun, now called The Grand Hotel Cancun by Kempinski, offers luxurious accommodation if you want to enjoy the best out of Cancun. If you have the budget, a luxurious stay at this place will always be memorable.

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While it’s true that the hotel’s exterior and interior deteriorated a bit due to time, the transition to new management is a good thing. As a result, the hotel might be a better option for staying in Cancun for several years.

If you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy Cancun, you can always consider other accommodations, such as Airbnb. To know more, read Is It Better to Stay in an Airbnb or Hotel in Cancun?

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