Taxi Tipping in Mexico City: How Much Is Appropriate?

Taxis are one of the most common modes of transportation in Mexico City. As such, if you’re exploring the area, you’ll ride a taxi occasionally. Now, if you’re from a place where you’re used to tipping, you may wonder about taxi tipping in this city and how much tip is appropriate for it.

Generally, taxi drivers will only expect you to tip them if you’d like. However, tipping your taxi driver 10 pesos is still appropriate if he helps you carry your luggage to and from the vehicle. Also, it’s ideal if the driver shares helpful insights about the city and is cheerful and friendly. 

If it’s your first time visiting Mexico City, it can be daunting to know how much is appropriate regarding tips. After all, you don’t want to give so little a tip that your cab driver would be offended and too much more than necessary. For this reason, we wrote this article to guide you.

Here, we’ll cover everything you need about taxi tipping in Mexico City. This way, you can know the appropriate tip amount and learn more about when to tip and not when exploring the city.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Taxi Tipping in Mexico City

Do You Tip Taxi Drivers in Mexico City?

As mentioned earlier, most of the cab drivers in the city will only expect you to give tips. Nonetheless, adding 10 pesos as a tip to the total fare is a good call. 

For instance, you might have big luggage if you hailed a taxi from the airport to the city center. 

If your taxi driver helped carry your luggage into the vehicle and helped you again take it out, a tip can show your appreciation and courteousness.

Now, a tip will only be necessary if you have luggage and the driver can do something other than drive.

Also, adding an extra 10 pesos whenever the driver helps you explore the city and get you to your destination quicker using shortcuts and quicker routes is best.

It’s also best to tip whenever he gives you advice about the city, whatever that advice is. If you think he’s being helpful and not just someone who does his job, then a tip will be excellent.

In general, a tip is something you can add to the payment if the driver goes the extra mile to help you as a tourist in the city. If not, then a tip will be optional.

How Much Should You Give a Taxi Driver for a Tip in Mexico City?

As mentioned earlier, you can tip your taxi driver around 10 MXN. It’s a small amount, but it goes a long way for drivers. Of course, you can give a higher amount if you think the driver has been helpful. Nonetheless, if your driver doesn’t help you in any way, don’t feel obliged to tip any amount. The total fare should be alright when riding a taxi in Mexico City. 

10 MXN

Should You Tip in Pesos or Dollars to Taxi Drivers in Mexico City?

If you want to tip your taxi driver in Mexico City for being helpful, courteous, or friendly, it’s best to do so in Mexican Pesos. 

You might be tempted to leave your taxi driver some foreign coins or a dollar bill as a token of appreciation and gratitude. 

However, a single dollar bill or a few foreign coins is something other than what he can exchange. As such, it’s best to give pesos since it’s something he can add to his total income.

To know more about currencies regarding taxi use, read our article: Taxis in Mexico City: USD Accepted?


If you want to tip your taxi driver, you can do so as long as you wish. If the taxi driver helps you carry your luggage from and to the vehicle, tipping him an amount of 10 pesos is still appropriate. Also, it would be nice to tip the driver if he shared helpful information about the city and was cheerful and friendly. 

If you’d like to try other transportation methods in the city, you have plenty of options. To learn more, read: Mexico City: Best Transport Options Revealed.

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