The Cost of a Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

The cost will always be one of the things we will always consider when planning a trip or vacation. As such, if you’re planning a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, you may be wondering about the cost of a vacation in the city.

The cost of a vacation in Cabo San Lucas depends on your preferences, especially food and accommodation. However, the average is around 80 to 200 USD per night. It can be lower or higher depending on the type of accommodation you have and the mode of transportation you’re taking.

Of course, you’ll have to remember that many variables can occur when planning your budget for your Cabo San Lucas trip. Nonetheless, having a rough estimate will help you know how much you need to prepare.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the cost of a vacation in Cabo San Lucas. This information will help you create a budget and know whether it’s going overboard.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Cost of a Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

Average Cost of Expenses in Cabo San Lucas

When calculating the expenses in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll have to consider the three main things you’ll have to pay for. These three are none other than accommodation, transportation, and food.


Accommodation plays an essential role when it comes to budgeting. After all, it’s one of the main expenses whenever we’re traveling. 

Of course, if you prefer booking an all-inclusive or luxury hotel, expect to pay more for a more convenient and luxurious accommodation and service. Now, if you’re a budget traveler, you can always find affordable accommodation in Cabo San Lucas. 

In general, accommodations in the city can be as low as 200 USD or as high as 700 to 1000 USD. The cheap accommodations will be transient houses or apartments, while expensive accommodations can include chic boutique hotels or all-inclusive resorts.

One thing to note is that all-inclusive accommodation can be expensive, but it also takes out most of your expenses, especially food and accommodation. As such, it’s worth considering, especially if you find it challenging to plan a budget.

It’s also an ideal option if you’re bringing your entire family to Cabo San Lucas and want to be free from the hassle of planning and budgeting. Once you have booked an all-inclusive accommodation, you don’t have to worry about planning where to eat or how to enjoy it since the hotel or resort covers most of it.


Another thing to consider when creating a budget for your Cabo San Lucas trip is transportation. Most travelers in Cabo San Lucas reach the place by plane. However, you can also do so by car. It’s a long drive and tiring, but if budget is an issue, it proves to be an affordable option.

If you’re flying into Cabo San Lucas, you can save money locally from one Mexican airport to Los Cabos International Airport. In most cases, domestic flights can only be around 90 to 150 USD. If you’re flying from any US city, expect the plane ticket to be higher.

Another expense you need to consider is when getting through the city. However, since most of the establishments in Cabo San Lucas are clustered within downtown, you don’t have to worry about traveling.

Nonetheless, if you plan on going on day trips outside the city, you have to consider it. It’s also best to remember that you’ll need transportation whenever you’re planning an activity. 

For instance, taxis cost around 40 USD for two people and an extra 20 USD for an additional person. Taxis can accommodate at least 10 to 15 passengers since they are vans. Read How Much Is a Taxi in Cabo San Lucas? to learn about taxi fares.

However, if you want to save, it’s best to take a shuttle for at least three or four times less than taxis.

You can also take an Uber when getting through the city, which only costs around 4 to 5 USD. To know more about Uber services, read: Are There Ubers in Cabo San Lucas?

Most of the activities in Cabo San Lucas involve travel by sea. For this reason, it’s best to keep it in mind, especially if you plan on visiting the most popular tourist spots, such as the famous arch and Lover’s beach.


Food also plays an essential part in the budget. After all, we can only get through our vacation if we eat. Although Cabo San Lucas is a tourist spot, the city has many affordable restaurants where you can order excellent food at reasonable prices.

For this reason, you don’t have to worry about food prices since they are usually affordable. But, of course, you can also find some high-end restaurants around, and if you can splurge on such, it’s always a worthwhile experience. 

Generally, a single meal in Cabo San Lucas can be as low as 10 USD, but it can also be as high as 50 USD. So if you’re eating three meals a day and ordering some drinks at night, expect a budget of 40 to 100 USD for a day’s worth of food.

If you want to know about the top spots for food in the city, read: Where to Eat In Cabo San Lucas?

Other Factors to Consider When Budgeting A Trip to Cabo San Lucas

Besides the average costs, you’ll also want to consider other factors when budgeting. After all, the average prices can be lower or higher depending on the following factors:

Number of People

One of the main factors when budgeting for a trip is the number of people going. For instance, each individual means an extra expense in food, transportation, and accommodation.

However, while it’s generally cheaper for solo travelers, you can also enjoy some deals and discounts if you visit with a large group.

For instance, most resorts and hotels offer discounts when booking a large room and checking in with several group members.

Of course, the general rule of thumb will always be a higher expense for a larger group of people. 

If you’re a solo traveler, you’ll enjoy expenses on food and accommodation at a much lower cost. 

It doesn’t apply in every way, though. For instance, a taxi ride is usually around 80 USD for every trip. Such a trip is suitable for four travelers so that you can split the bill into four. However, you get to pay the entire bill alone if you’re alone.

Length of Stay

Another factor that heavily affects your budget is the length of stay. For example, a three-day vacation in Cabo San Lucas is cheaper than a vacation for five days or even one week.

The longer you stay, the higher your expenses. However, it doesn’t apply to every type of traveler.

For instance, some accommodation offers discounts and deals whenever you stay for a long time. 

Such deals are offered for digital nomads and those staying for months in different places and cities.

Of course, it doesn’t mean staying longer in Cabo San Lucas is cheaper. However, if you’re already set on a long-term stay, it’s something to keep in mind.

Tips About Budgeting for Your Trip to Cabo San Lucas

If you find creating a budget for your vacation to Cabo San Lucas challenging, these tips may be helpful. 

Prioritize Bus As Travel Option

While private transfers and taxis offer convenience, they are usually expensive and will hurt your budget in the city. As such, if you want to save money, it’s best to hop on a bus.

The entire Los Cabos has an excellent bus system that runs every fifteen minutes from the airport to the main areas of Los Cabos. As such, it’s best to hop on these buses when going to Cabo San Lucas from the airport or even from San Jose del Cabo or Tourist Corridor.

Book During the Off Season

Like all other cities, Cabo San Lucas has its peak and off seasons. As such, if you’re planning to save money, book during the off-season to get the best deals and discounts. This tip applies to both accommodation and plane tickets. It will also be less crowded so you can enjoy the city better.

Find Free or Affordable Activities

It can be challenging, but you can enjoy popular activities for less or even free if you know where to look. 

For instance, snorkeling can be free from the coasts of Chileno Beach as long as you have your gear. You can also watch whales by the coast if you want to spend on something other than whale-watching tours.

If you want to avoid riding a boat to see the Land’s End, you can always hike up to Mt. Solmar, giving you a better view of the entire tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

Also, if your vacation days in the city include a Thursday, you can head to San Jose del Cabo to enjoy some Art walks. Here, you can enjoy free music, food, and entertainment.

Of course, tours are designed to make your Cabo San Lucas trip worthwhile. It will also give you the best views of the popular spots and whales. However, not booking a tour doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy these things.

Order in Local Food Spot More

While fancy restaurants are an experience on their own, going for street and local food spots will always be affordable. 

If you ask locals, they’ll tell you the best spots to order food in the city, and you can enjoy excellent Mexican dishes without breaking the bank. 

As always, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check out fancy restaurants if you have some money to spare. However, going local doesn’t make your trip any less meaningful and worthwhile.

Spend More Time by the Beach

Like all other Mexican areas by the coast, the beaches in Cabo San Lucas will always be accessible. As such, you can enjoy an entire day or more by the beach without paying for anything. 

You can find enough room in most beach areas to sunbathe, play beach games, and enjoy pleasant walks. When you’re around the city, nothing beats the time by the beach, and you don’t have to pay for this experience.

If you want to know the city’s best areas by the sea, read our article about The Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas.

Water Taxis are More Affordable

Looking at the Marina, you’ll find it a haven for luxury water vessels like catamarans and yachts. However, don’t assume these things are the only way to enjoy the city’s waters.

For instance, water taxis offer a more affordable option and are always available for tourists to enjoy. With only around 20 USD, you can enjoy the rock formations, spot some whales, and even enjoy the city view from the sea.

Avoid Taxis As Much As Possible

The cost of taxis can break your bank, as we mentioned earlier. As such, it’s always best to hop on a bus. However, you can always rent a car if you want a personalized and flexible journey. In addition, if you’re checking out other nearby places, a car rental will be more affordable in the long run than a taxi. However, if you plan on staying within the city, Uber works excellently as an alternative.

If you need a car while visiting the city, read: Do You Need a Car in Cabo San Lucas?

Conclusion, is it expencive?

Since budgeting a trip involves many factors, it’s best to settle your preferences first. This way, you can know how much your expenditures can be within a single day and adjust your budget accordingly. 

If you want a general idea about budget and expenses in the city, an average traveler can spend around 80 to 200 USD per day. However, this average cost depends on many factors, including food, accommodation, and travel method preferences. It also depends on your length of stay and how many people you’re traveling with.

Moreover, it’s best to list accommodation, activities, and food priorities. This way, you can change your expenses according to your budget and know which options to cut during your vacation.

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