7 Ways To Get To Tulum From Cancun Airport

Since Tulum has no airport of its own, flying to the closest one is your sure way to go, and that’s in Cancun Airport. However, the concern is how you will reach Tulum from this airport.

If you plan to visit Tulum, chances are you’re flying to Cancun Airport and traveling by land from there. Though it seems a hassle, a trip from Cancun Airport to Tulum is easy because you have several options. The key is to know all these options and to find the best one that suits your preference.

This article will cover all the methods you can take to reach Tulum from Cancun Airport. I’ll also include prices, inclusions, possible downsides (if any), and our recommendations.

Let’s dive into each one!

To Tulum From Cancun Airport

Through a private shuttle

A private shuttle is the most convenient way to get to Tulum from Cancun Airport. You’ll get a private shuttle to Tulum from Cancun airport with this mode of transportation. 

The reason why it’s convenient is that you’ll have the shuttle on your own. Thus, you can enjoy privacy, especially if you’re traveling as a couple or with your friends or relatives.

The travel time for a private shuttle from Cancun Airport to Tulum is usually around 1.5 hours, so it’s way faster than other transportation services.

Of course, a private shuttle means you’ll have no one to share the price but with the ones you’re traveling with.

Still, the prices for private transfers aren’t that much. You’ll have to pay around $210 if you’re a solo traveler or with one or two more people as a group.

You’ll only add an extra $10 for two to three more people in your group.

The best companies to trust for your private shuttle service are Cancun Airport Transportation and Tulum Airport Shuttle.

Cancun Airport Transportation

Cancun Airport Transportation is part of the airport’s services. As such, it’s what we recommend if you choose to reach Tulum through a private shuttle. With this company, you can choose from different shuttles that suit your preference.

Below are the starting rates for each:

Type of ShuttleCost (One-way  trip)CapacityWith LuggageShuttle TypeOther Inclusions
Private Shuttle110 USDUp to 8 passengersYesRegular Air-conditioned Van
Luxury Shuttle199 USDUp to 6 passengersYesLuxury Air-conditioned VanVIP Service
Group Shuttle199 USDUp to 16 passengersYesLarge Air-conditioned Van
Handicap Shuttle255 USD6 passengers (with one in a wheelchair) or 5 passengers (with two in a wheelchair)YesLarge Air-conditioned VanHandicap Service
Limo Shuttle449 USDUp to 14 passengersYesAir-conditioned Limousine

Note: These rates are a one-way trip. To know the company’s round-trip costs, check out their website.

Tulum Airport Shuttle

Tulum Airport Shuttle is also another company we recommend. With more than ten years of experience, this company already has its reputation. Further, their rates and services are detailed on their website. Also, booking through the website is convenient.

Below are the starting rates for each:

Type of ShuttleCost (One-way  trip)CapacityWith LuggageShuttle TypeOther Inclusions
Private Shuttle110 USDUp to 8 passengersYesRegular Air-conditioned Van
Luxury Shuttle199 USDUp to 6 passengersYesLuxury Air-conditioned VanVIP Service
Group Shuttle199 USDUp to 16 passengersYesLarge Air-conditioned Van

Besides the private shuttles, the company also offers other transportation services like a shared shuttle. Also, note that the above rates are only for a one-way trip. If you want to know the roundtrip rates, you can check out their website.

Tip: To travel through this method, you must book in advance, either as a one-way trip or a round trip. However, we highly recommend a roundtrip service for a much more convenient experience. This way, you won’t have to worry about returning to the airport on time.

Whether traveling solo, as a couple, or as a group, a private transfer is undoubtedly the best and most convenient.

Through a car rental

Car rental

A car rental is another option if you’re a traveler who wants to explore independently.

With a car rental, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of your vacation and even have a service that can let you wander for as long as you want. 

Also, since Tulum is in Mexico, you don’t have to worry about the car since it works like the US or the UK. 

Of course, car rental has its downsides as well. For instance, you’ll be required to have insurance, especially if you’re not from Mexico. Still, it’s not much of a downside since most car rentals offer it as a package included as you rent.

There is also the issue of parking in Tulum, which can be a problem sometimes. While your hotel may have a free parking space, other locations may ask you to pay a parking fee.

A car rental isn’t cheap, so expect a fee of around $25 to $30 per day. However, if you want a car rental with full coverage insurance (which we highly recommend), you’ll have to pay at least $40 per day.

Here are some of the famous car rental companies you’ll find at the airport:

Enterprise Car Rental

  • Address: Cancun International Airport, Calle al Acceso al, 77565 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 998 881 8767
  • Website: Enterprise Car Rental 

Europcar Car Rental Cancun Airport

  • Address: Carretera Cancún – Chetumal Km 22 Aeropuerto Internacional de, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 998 886 0063
  • Website: Europcar Car Rental Cancun Airport

Hertz Car Rental

  • Address: 24RG+Q2 International Airport, 77569 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 999 911 8040
  • Website: Hertz Car Rental

Alamo Rent A Car

  • Address: Intl And Domestic Arrivals Terminals 1, 2 And 3, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
  • Phone Number: +52 998 886 0100
  • Website: Alamo Rent A Car

Now, if you’re thinking twice about renting a car while in Tulum, we have an article to help you decide if it’s worth it. Read: Do You Need a Car in Tulum?

Through a shared shuttle

If you don’t mind public transportation and want to save money from a private shuttle and a car rental, then the shared shuttle is for you.

A shared shuttle usually caters to 12 passengers, and these shuttles are mostly air-conditioned vans.

A shared shuttle can travel around 2.5 to 4 hours compared to private shuttles, which only take around 1.5 hours. 

Also, there are stopovers in this service since the shuttle picks up passengers from all four airport terminals of Cancun.

Also, this shuttle stops at popular tourist attractions such as Playa del Carmen.

Generally, a shared shuttle may cost only around $75 for a roundtrip ticket. Still, it’s not the best option to consider with all the hassles, stopovers, and slow rides.

Through ADO bus

ADO bus

Besides the shared shuttle, you can also opt for public bus transportation, and the ADO bus is the best option. The ADO company offers bus services from Cancun International Airport to Tulum.

The ADO buses might not be the best, but they are still a comfortable mode of transportation. On the bus, you’ll enjoy air-conditioning, reclining seats, plugs to charge your devices, and even a bathroom (so you don’t have to go out at a stop).

Of course, like all other bus companies, they have a scheduled time of departure, which means they don’t have the flexibility.

ADO generally offers only five buses to cater to passengers traveling from Cancun to Tulum daily.

The ADO bus schedule from Cancun International Airport to Tulum is as follows:

  • 10:45 AM
  • 12:05 PM
  • 2:55 PM
  • 7:40 PM
  • 9:35 PM

These schedules are subject to change, so you should check out the ADO website to keep yourself updated.

Through Colectivo

If you’re traveling with a tight budget and can sacrifice comfort for affordable transportation, the Colectivo vans might be an option.

The Colectivo vans are small but shared transportation vans; the only thing they’re best at is the prices. For only $3, you can reach Tulum from Cancun International Airport. 

Of course, the cheap travel fare comes with a sacrifice. This shuttle isn’t comfortable and enjoyable.

For instance, this trip takes around four hours of travel time due to frequent stops. Also, there’s no Colectivo that goes straight to Tulum from Cancun, so you have to take two buses, one from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and then a second to Tulum. 

The fare would be $6, only a few dollars cheaper than a direct bus ride.

Also, the Colectivo is small, so there’s no space for big luggage. Thus, most people who take this transportation are backpackers or those who can hold their luggage on their seats.

Also, this transportation has no air-conditioning, so you’ll suffer from a hot ride for four hours until you reach Tulum.

Through a taxi

Taxis are another mode of transportation if you’re visiting Tulum and are coming from Cancun International Airport. However, it’s pretty expensive, so we don’t recommend it.

If you’re coming from the airport, you’ll only find Cancun Airport Taxis, which charge way higher than a typical taxi in downtown Cancun. 

Now, even if you sacrifice some time to reach a regular taxi, chances are they’ll catch you with high prices, knowing you’re a tourist. As such, we highly recommend you avoid this mode of transportation unless in case of emergencies.

You’ll most likely have to pay around $125 or even higher. Thus, it would be better for you to ride a bus or a shared shuttle rather than spend much on a taxi.

Another thing that makes a taxi more expensive is when you’re arriving from the airport at night. 

Further, taxis in Cancun and the rest of Mexico have no meters. For this reason, you should avoid jumping straight into the cab. Instead, you first must negotiate a firm price to ensure the taxi driver doesn’t scam you.

If you really want to consider taking a Taxi, you may want to know the exact prices and some helpful tips to rent a cab without any hassles; read: How Much are Taxis in Tulum?

Through a tour

Some tourists visiting Tulum do so as a side trip. In most cases, they’ll stay longer in Cancun hotels and resorts. If you have the same plan, your best bet to reach Tulum is through a tour.

This tour takes care of everything so you can enjoy your vacation without worries! These tours include only the most notable sights in Tulum, so you’re sure to see everything worth seeing. In addition, this mode of transportation saves you a lot of time learning about getting around Tulum.

In short, the tour is more than just reaching Tulum. Instead, it includes transportation to the prominent or noteworthy tourist attractions you should not miss while in town.

The tour is recommended if you only allot a short time to visit Tulum and stay longer in Cancun. 

Overall, Tulum tours with Cancun as starting point usually come with 7-8 hours of tour time and can cost from $29 to $150 depending on the inclusions.

Best Way To Get To Tulum From Cancun Airport

The private shuttle service is the best way to get to Tulum from Cancun Airport. It might be among the most expensive options, but it’s cheaper than a taxi. Also, traveling with a group can be even cheaper than a shared shuttle.

Further, the price is reasonable given the flexibility and the speed this mode of transportation offers. With a private shuttle, you can travel to Tulum anytime you want, and you can stop whenever you want as well. It’s also available for a roundtrip, which is quite convenient.

Cheapest Way To Get To Tulum From Cancun Airport

The cheapest way to get to Tulum from Cancun Airport is through a Colectivo, but it’s also the worst option. While you can reach Tulum for only $6, you must take two trips, ride without air conditioning, and carry your luggage on your lap.

Overall, it’s only something to consider if you’re tight on a budget and are willing to sacrifice comfort to see Tulum. 

Now, if you want to know more ways and tips to save money during your stay in Tulum, read: How To Do Tulum On A Budget.

Fastest Way To Get To Tulum From Cancun Airport

The fastest way to reach Tulum from Cancun Airport is through a private shuttle. It only takes 1.5 hours of travel time, and it doesn’t have any stopovers that will delay your arrival.

Of course, there is a faster way: a helicopter ride with only around 50 minutes of travel. However, we didn’t include such since it’s unnecessary and expensive. It’s a rare option that only rich people would dare to consider.

If you want to consider a helicopter ride, it costs around $2620 for three passengers or $3880 for five passengers. With this ride, you can enjoy the Caribbean Sea from an excellent perspective.

The company Riviera Charters offer this transportation service. Here are the rates:

Helicopter TypeCapacityTour TimeCost
Robinson 443 passengers50 Minutes$2,620
Bell 2065 passengers50 Minutes$3,880

If you want to consider this option and learn more about the rates and inclusions, you can find out more on the Riviera Charters Website.

Still, if you don’t have the means to ride this limited option, the private shuttle remains the fastest way.


The distance between Tulum and Cancun isn’t that short. However, you can enjoy the journey with multiple transportation options. Every choice offers flexibility depending on your travel schedule and budget. Since every tourist and traveler has his budget and schedule, the options are laid out.

Are you willing to sacrifice comfort and extra hours for a cheaper fare? Or are you willing to spend extra for an enjoyable trip to Tulum? It’s your choice!

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