Traveling from Mexico City to Oaxaca: How Far?

Mexico is a country filled with rich and exciting cultures and histories, and it’s completely different from each of its cities. For instance, Mexico City is the capital known for being the oldest and largest, filled with ancient culture and rich history in its museums and parks. At the same time, Oaxaca offers its artisanal heritage and culture. As such, visiting the two-in-one trip is a dream of many travelers.

Now, you might wonder how long it would take to travel between the two cities. In general, the travel time from Mexico City to Oaxaca takes around 5 hours and 57 minutes by car, 9 hours by bus, and 1 hour and 5 minutes by plane. As such, you need at least half a day to an hour if you travel from one city to the other.

Of course, if you plan on visiting the two cities for your vacation, you’ll want to know the exact location of both and the exact distance that separates them. If so, this article is for you. Here, we’ll cover the exact location and estimated travel time with different routes and transportation methods. This information will let you know what to do to enjoy the two cities in one trip.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Traveling from Mexico City to Oaxaca

What is the Distance Between Mexico City and Oaxaca?

The distance between Mexico City and Oaxaca depends on the route you’re considering. For instance, it’s shorter when riding a plane, unlike driving a car.

If you’re traveling by land, the distance between the two cities is around 287 miles or 462 kilometers, and it’s the shortest route made by online navigation.

This route only passes through two main cities, namely Puebla and Tehuacan, both in the region of Puebla. From there, you’ll reach the region of Oaxaca, with Oaxaca City as the capital.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling by air, the distance between the two is only 228 miles or 366 kilometers. Luckily, both cities have airports that serve direct flights between them.

Furthermore, planes are much faster, so you can get to one city from another within an hour, while a car can take more than half of the day. If you still need to become familiar with the exact location of Mexico City, read Where is Mexico City?

Travel Time from Mexico City to Oaxaca

While Mexico City and Oaxaca are closer to each other, unlike other cities, the travel time is still pretty long. Nonetheless, it depends on what mode of transportation you’re taking to travel from one to the other. 

Below is the estimated travel time by car or plane:

Travel Time By Car

Like most cities in the country, Mexico City and Oaxaca are on the same land, which means it’s possible to travel by land since you can find roads and highways connecting the two. However, you still need to prepare for a lengthy drive.

As mentioned earlier, the distance between Mexico City and Oaxaca is around 287 miles or 462 kilometers. 

According to google map calculations, the non-stop drive from one city to the other can take around 5 hours and 57 minutes. So it means you’ll spend half of the day driving, provided that you do so non-stop.

If you stop at gas stations and for meals for several minutes, it will take you more than six hours to reach the other destination.

Nonetheless, it’s nothing compared to other far cities, which take more than a day or two to drive. If you’re used to driving, this trip will be easy.

Travel Time By Bus

Now, if you’re on a budget and don’t have a car, you can always find buses to commute from Mexico City to Oaxaca. 

The good thing is that you can find buses catering direct routes from one to the other. Since it’s a direct bus, you don’t have to ride one bus after another.

Also, this one’s cheaper, only around 400 MXN or around 22 USD. However, it takes longer, at around 9 hours of travel time. Also, you’ll have to figure out how to get to the bus stations and go to your preferred accommodations and spots at the other terminal.

Travel Time By Plane

Another option is booking a flight and flying to one city from the other. Each of these cities has an airport that offers direct flights between them.

With this method of transportation, you can get from one city to another within an hour. Moreover, since you will not have to drive between the two cities, you will have more time to enjoy both cities.

Since it’s a plane ride, it’ll be more expensive. Nonetheless, the flight tickets are cheaper since it’s domestic. It’s also worth noting that Mexico’s domestic airlines offer cheap flights.

Best Transportation Method from Mexico City to Oaxaca

The best transportation method from Mexico City to Oaxaca depends on several factors, and it’s yours to choose. 

If you’re on a budget, the best transportation method is by taking the bus. It only costs 400 MXN, which is around 21 USD. However, it takes the longest travel time, around 9 hours.

If you want to maximize your time, taking the plane is best. However, it’s also the most expensive, with around 2200 MXN or around 120 USD. Nevertheless, with such a transportation method, you’ll only need an hour of travel to reach one city from the other.

Finally, you can always drive if you have time and want to explore more. It’s quicker than commuting, and you can visit neighboring cities and areas while traveling. It’s an option if you want flexibility and want to see more of the country.

It all boils down to your preferences, budget, and time. Nonetheless, it’s worthwhile since you’ll enjoy Mexico City and Oaxaca.


Compared to other cities, the distance between Mexico City and Oaxaca is close. Nonetheless, it’s still a few hundred miles or kilometers apart, which means an hour or an entire day of travel time, depending on your transportation. 

As always, you have several options, either by car, bus, or plane. As long as you have set your preferences in time, budget, and experience, any options will help you enjoy the two cities and what they offer visitors. Thus, it’s always enjoyable, especially since it’s in Mexico. 

If it’s your first time visiting Mexico City, you may wonder what to enjoy. Please read our article about the best Things to See and Do in Mexico City to learn more.

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