Is It Ok to Drink the Water in Cabo San Lucas?

Water is one of our primary concerns when staying in another place. We always want to ensure the water we consume is safe to avoid health problems. As such, if you’re planning to visit Cabo San Lucas, you may wonder if it’s ok to drink its water.

Cabo San Lucas’ water is safe to drink. However, as a tourist visiting the city, it’s best to drink purified water only. While tap water is safe for consumption, a sudden change in properties can make you sick. If you’re not used to drinking tap water, always buy bottled or purified water.

When visiting another area, city, or country, we always want to enjoy ourselves, and the last thing we want is to suffer from health problems caused by drinking unsafe water. For this reason, we made this article to help you understand why it’s best to stick to bottled water for your consumption.

Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the water in Cabo San Lucas. This information will guide you about where to find drinking water in the city. It will also explain why it’s best to avoid tap water for consumption. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Is It Ok to Drink the Water in Cabo San Lucas

Is the Water in Cabo San Lucas Safe to Drink?

In general, the water in Cabo San Lucas is safe for drinking. However, it’s not something we recommend, especially to travelers and tourists in the city.

Cabo San Lucas has pure water, but you should still be careful. Several factors can contribute to the contamination of water distribution pipes. It is, therefore, not recommended to drink straight from the pipe.

Tourists are still sick in Cabo and Baja despite measures taken to ensure a safe water supply. 

The cause of some of these illnesses can be attributed to local water. However, a large portion can be attributed to tourists pushing their bodies to the limit during their vacations. 

If you stay up all night, drink too much, and get little or no sleep, your body’s defenses will be compromised, allowing an infection to take hold.

Now, as a responsible traveler and as a way to enjoy your vacation, you should avoid the risks of having problems caused by water consumption. 

To do so, your best bet is to spend a small amount of your budget on safe drinking water. This way, you have one less thing to worry about during your stay.

Most hotels and resorts in Cabo San Lucas offer complimentary bottled water. Also, you can find bottled and purified water in almost every local store. 

As such, it’s not a problem to stick with safe drinking water rather than risk getting sick from drinking tap water.

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Do Locals in Cabo San Lucas Drink Tap Water?

Most locals of Cabo San Lucas drink tap water. However, it does not mean it’s safe for you. Your body isn’t used to the city’s tap water as a tourist. As such, it can cause some problems if you drink, especially if your body is sensitive to what you consume.

Now, if you drink tap water in Cabo San Lucas, chances are it won’t be a problem. If you get sick, it’s likely a simple upset stomach. However, you don’t want to risk that matter, especially when you’re in the city to enjoy.

As a responsible traveler, you should prioritize your health over anything, which is the key to an enjoyable vacation. 

While you drink tap water at home, it’s not the same water in Cabo San Lucas. For this reason, it’s always best to consume bottled or purified water.

If you don´t want to buy bottled water, you can use tools like these Water Filter Bottles. These bottles are reusable, and you can use them to filter the water you’re drinking.

Where Does Cabo San Lucas Get Its Water?

The entirety of Los Cabos sits in the southernmost part of the Baja Peninsula and enjoys some of the region’s best fresh water. The Sierra de La Laguna mountains north of Cabo supply the local waters. 

Cabo San Lucas gets its water from an aquifer or a desalination plant. Afterward, they are processed locally before being treated further at hotels and restaurants. 

Now, even if the water is safe for drinking, we don’t recommend doing so, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. If you want to know more about the source of tap water in Cabo San Lucas, read Where Does Cabo San Lucas Get Its Water?

Safety Tips to Consider About the Water in Cabo San Lucas

After leaving the treatment plant, the water is safe to drink, but it may pick up impurities and become contaminated when it gets to your tap. It is, therefore, necessary to take extra precautions. Below are some of the tips you can consider:

Know the water quality

There needs to be public information about Cabo San Lucas’s water quality. However, the average water quality in Mexico is 59 percent.

Stay safe while having fun

Cabo San Lucas is still a safe place to visit and still has fun to offer. You must take specific steps to avoid getting sick. For instance, you can:

  • Make sure you consume purified or safe water and ice
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol
  • Get enough sleep every day
  • Avoid drinking water from unknown sources

Check the water’s mineral content

The mineral content of water varies from city to city. If you have any questions about the water quality in the area, feel free to ask the staff at your hotel or the locals.

Always choose purified water

A change in drinking water may cause stomach problems for tourists worldwide. As such, ensure your health by drinking only bottled or purified water. To be safe, always search for bottled or purified water for your consumption.

Rest when you get sick

It’s best not to push yourself if you get sick. Visitors usually only have to deal with the bug if they get sick for one or two days. After that, it takes them only a short time to get back into vacation mode. 

Always keep some medicine with you

After drinking contaminated water, you might experience stomach distress. Eat healthy foods and rest appropriately. Pepto Bismol and Lomotil are great for getting back in shape for your stomach.


In a nutshell, Cabo San Lucas has safe drinking water. However, tourists should drink only purified water while visiting the city. Even though tap water is safe to drink, sudden changes in its properties can cause sickness. If you’re not used to drinking tap water, buy bottled or purified water.

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