What to Buy At Cancun Airport?

If you’re visiting Cancun, the first establishment you’ll reach is the city’s airport. One of the great things about Cancun Airport is its several shops where you can buy things you need and want. If you’re traveling, you may be wondering what to buy at Cancun Airport because airport shops are known for their high prices.

Avoid buying things at the airport, especially when you arrive. Nonetheless, if you forget some essentials, you can always find available products, including hats, sunscreen, electronic devices, and more. You can also find some duty-free shops to save money when buying souvenirs.

When traveling to Cancun and other destinations, we always enjoy the availability of many things at airports. In this article, we’ll walk you through some concerns you’ll want to know when buying things at Cancun Airport. This information includes the ideal things to buy and some shops you’ll find at the airport that you can visit.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

What to Buy At Cancun Airport

Should You Buy Things at Cancun Airport?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll find most of the essentials at Cancun Airport. As such, even if you visit the city empty-handed, you can survive as long as you can pay. 

However, the high prices of products and services you can avail of at the airport aren’t worth it. In short, we recommend you avoid buying at Cancun Airport unless it’s essential.

If you arrive at Cancun Airport and you see that you forget something you can buy within the premises, it’s best to buy at downtown Cancun instead. 

This way, you can buy it for a lower price and spend less than you would when you buy it at the airport. If you’re hungry or thirsty, it’s alright to spend it at the airport.

Ideal Things to Buy at Cancun Airport

It can be expensive to shop at airports. However, when a water bottle costs five dollars, you must recognize when a transaction is worthwhile and when it may cause buyers’ regret. 

In the duty-free areas of foreign airports, there are circumstances in which buying food and reusable water bottles at airports can be advantageous.

You can save a lot of money on expensive purchases by understanding what you’re looking for and conducting your research in advance since you won’t be charged tax. Here are the top five items to buy at the airport.


Because duty-free shops offer many tax-free options, alcohol is one of the most popular products. Typically, the choice is based on the nation or region near the airport, allowing the opportunity to explore regional specialties.

Because alcohol has the highest global tax rate, duty-free alcohol is cheaper than other types. Therefore, if you drink, you should take advantage of this chance at Cancun Airport. Depending on the country, you may be able to purchase a different number of bottles.

Local Specialties

Several things are reasonably priced and provide an excellent opportunity to spend any last foreign currency before returning home. Additionally, it’s your last time to take a piece of your vacation home with you.

Designer Perfume

When you buy a small bottle of expensive perfume at home, it is not difficult to spend 100, 200, or even 300 USD. Duty-free shops often sell branded fragrances for around 10 USD cheaper than retail shops.

Regardless of the scent discounts, one thing is clear. There is a wide selection of brands from which you can choose, and most importantly, you can purchase expensive items without paying tax. 

Thus, if you’re leaving Cancun, you may want to search for designer stores to score some stuff at a lower price.

Brand Name Beauty Products

You know the price of a good mascara and a foundation package quickly adds up if you purchase name-brand cosmetics. So be cautious when buying beauty products duty-free, and research the retail prices before making a purchase.


Most major international airports sell sunglasses from all the top brands, and Cancun Airport is one of them. 

For this reason, you can pick up a good pair of sunglasses at the airport you’re traveling through.

The best pair of sunglasses will always be necessary when traveling, especially in Cancun, where the weather will always be scorching and sunny.

Shops You’ll Find at Cancun Airport

You can find plenty of shops if you have the budget to splurge in Cancun Airports. Among these are:

Los Cincos Soles

Los Cincos Soles sells Mexican handicrafts. Artists, farmers, and families from Mexico create all the products and art. This shop is excellent for finding jewelry, art pieces, and souvenirs to remember your vacation.

Kipling Cancun Airport

Kipling is a retailer of bags, luggage, and related items. You’ll find Kippling’s store very useful at the airport because they have extra bags for your belongings.

¡Ay Güey!

¡Ay Güey! is an original Mexican store. This shop is a contemporary and creative brand displaying iconic cultural elements from the country. Each product is made in Mexico. Those looking for an original Mexican souvenir must visit ¡Ay Güey! At this airport.

Sunglass Hut Cancun Airport

You could find sunglasses hut stores at Cancun Airport if you forgot yours. The weather in Cancun tends to be very hot, so wearing one of those glasses is essential.

Harley Davison Cancun Airport

Harley Davison makes motorcycles in the United States. However, you’re less likely to buy a motorcycle at the airport, so you should check out other items. For instance, the store also offers women’s and men’s clothes. This store is among the most significant, and you can find one at Cancun Airport.

Pineda Covalin Cancun Airport

Pineda Covalin promotes Mexican culture nationally and internationally through fashion design. As a result, a remarkable memory of Mexico can be taken home with you in the form of authentic Mexican clothes and accessories.

Rogers Boots Cancun Airport

Rogers Boots specializes in locally made leather shoes and accessories. So get one of these pieces of Mexican merchandise and take it home if you want something different.

Ray-Ban Cancun Airport

The Ray-Ban collection at Cancun Airport offers a variety of sunglasses to compliment your best outfit. When traveling to a tropical city like Cancun, you should protect your eyes from the sun almost all year round.

Other Things or Services You Can Avail at the Airport

As part of your shopping, we recommend you purchase some services online before you arrive at Cancun Airport. 

Airport Transfer

An airport transfer is handy, especially when you’re bringing a lot of luggage and must reach your hotel.

You can always book it online before traveling. However, if you need to arrange it beforehand, you can do it at the airport.

Tour Packages

A tour package is optional, but it’s handy to avoid the hassle of planning. For example, plenty of travel companies in Cancun Airport offer packages to popular spots. 

You can use the free Wi-Fi at the airport to find tour ideas you’ll like. To know more about the airport’s Wi-Fi, read Does Cancun Airport Have Wi-Fi?

Ferry Tickets

You can buy ferry tickets at the airport if you plan to visit nearby islands such as Cozumel or Isla Mujeres. The availability of these tickets will save you time from buying at the ports later as you travel.

Car Rentals

You’ll likely need a car to explore Cancun and the nearby towns. Cancun Airport houses several companies that offer cars for rent. You can read our article about the Best Car Rental in Cancun for the best options.


Cancun Airport houses several shops where you can buy essentials or even shop for things you love. However, the expensive price tags attached to airport products will always be why we don’t recommend such. However, if necessary, you can always enjoy the availability of these products at the airport.

To ensure you avoid buying things at the airport, you must bring all the essentials for your Cancun vacation. For a complete list, you can read our article about What to Pack for Cancun.

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