When to Visit Mexico City: The Best Month

When visiting a particular destination, you’ll find some months best to give you better weather. In addition, some travelers prefer warm months, while others prefer colder months. As such, if you’re visiting Mexico City and have reached this article, you’ll want to know the best month to visit the city.

Generally, the best months to visit Mexico City are the months of March, April, and May. These months will give you primarily perfect weather with only mild temperatures, not too hot or cold. However, if you prefer extreme temperatures, the hottest month in the city in May, and the coldest month is January.

Of course, every traveler has a particular preference when visiting a particular destination. For example, a relative term is the best month to visit Mexico City. However, since most attractions in the city are best when the sun’s out, you’ll find it best to steer clear of the rainy months. 

This article will walk you through the best month to visit Mexico City—this way, you’ll know the best month to travel and the best time to avoid. We’ll also give you an overview of the hottest and coldest months to help you choose when to visit.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

When to Visit Mexico City

What Month Is Best to Travel to Mexico City?

As mentioned, Mexico City is best explored when the sun’s out and the weather’s clear. However, it can also get too hot in the city, which means you’ll find it challenging to explore when the temperature is too high.

For this reason, you’ll want to explore the city when the weather is clear but not too hot, and you can find such weather during March, April, and May.

These months mark the end of the dry season, which means the temperature becomes warm and the weather is clear. However, since it’s also when the weather transitions to the rainy season, the temperature also goes down.

As such, you’ll find it best to travel during these months since the weather is clear and the temperature is comfortable for excursions to even under direct sunlight.

Hottest Month in Mexico City

Some travelers prefer to visit Mexico City in its hottest month, mainly because these months have little to no chance of rain. 

If it’s also what you prefer, then the perfect month to visit the city for you is May. This month, you can expect temperatures as high as 91 degrees Fahrenheit or 32.8 degrees Celsius.

During this month, you’ll have little to no chance of rain, which means you can enjoy the city’s attractions with clear skies and good weather. 

However, you’ll find it best to enjoy the city’s indoor attractions, like museums, during midday when the sun is highest since it can be challenging to enjoy outdoor excursions due to extreme heat.

Also, if you’re planning a trip to the city this month, ensure you have essential sun protection such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

If you want to know about the activities you can enjoy during the hot months in the city, read our article: Is Mexico City a Good Destination for Sun and Fun?

Coldest Month in Mexico City

Some travelers prefer the cold weather to make it bearable to explore outdoors, even during midday. After all, they want to maximize the time to explore everything the city offers.

You’ll generally find low temperatures for two and a half months, from mid-November to the first days of February. However, if you prefer to visit when it’s coldest, that month would be January.

During this time, you can expect cold temperatures of around 26.0 degrees Fahrenheit or -3.3° Celsius. But, of course, this cold temperature will only be in the evenings or early mornings since it doesn’t get that cold by midday. 

Nonetheless, you can expect comfortably low temperatures throughout the entire day. If you want to know more about low temperatures in the city, read our article about Mexico City’s Lowest Temperatures.

Rainiest Month in Mexico City

Now, if you have the best months to visit Mexico City, you’ll also have months to avoid, and that’s mainly the rainy season.

In general, some people don’t want to visit the city when it’s rainy season since most activities and attractions are outdoors.  

Nonetheless, some people also prefer such since it’s perfect for budget travelers. During the rainy months, you can expect cheaper flight fares, accommodations, and other travel-related stuff.

You can even find discounts and deals on accommodation, flights, and tours cheaper during this time.

If you’re searching for perfect weather, the months to avoid are September, October, and November. However, if you’re on a budget and want the cheapest flights, tours, and accommodation rates, these months are for you.


The best months to visit Mexico City are March, April, and May. March is the end of the cold season, so the temperature gets warmer, and the skies become clearer. As such, it will give you clear skies yet still bearable temperatures since they aren’t the hottest. 

If you want the cold season, that will be from November to February. On the other hand, if you want to visit on a budget, the best months would be September to November.

If you already have a preferred month for visiting the city, you may want to know what average temperature to expect. If so, read our article about Mexico City’s Temperature for every month.

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