Where is Mexico City: A Guide to the Capital

If you’re from somewhere other than Mexico and planning to visit this country, you may be interested in visiting its capital, Mexico City. However, if you haven’t been here before, you might wonder where the capital is. After all, when it comes to traveling, the first question we want to be answered is how to find and reach it.

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, sits amidst the Valley of Mexico, which many call the basin. This valley is situated in the Volcanic Belt in the south-central area of the country. It’s easy to find Mexico City on the map since it sits in the center of the southern part of the country.

As always, the location is the first thing we want to know, especially since it forms a significant part of our travel plans and schedules. As such, if you want to know the exact location of Mexico City, this article is for you. 

Here, we’ll cover everything you need about Mexico City’s location. This information includes its location and also a detailed guide of its distance to other major cities of the country. This way, you can have a detailed guide on how to reach the city if you have already decided that this one will be your travel destination.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Where is Mexico City

Where Is Mexico City?

Mexico City, the capital and the largest city of Mexico, sits amid the Valley of Mexico, which is on the country’s central plateau. 

Most people call this valley the basin of Mexico, located in the southern central part of the country. However, when you look at the entire country’s map, you’ll see Mexico City in the mid-southern part, just above the large areas covered by the regions of Guerrero and Oaxaca.

Since the country is vast, the distance between the farthest cities and this capital city can reach thousands of kilometers away. Land travel can take several days, but air travel only takes a few hours.

Which Country is Mexico City In?

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. As such, it belongs to the country of Mexico. However, it can be confusing for some people who are unfamiliar with the area, as some even think it’s one of the US cities. 

Nonetheless, it’s Mexico’s capital, meaning if you’re from the US, you’ll be subject to the customs and regulations of the Mexican Government.

Also, traveling to Mexico City means adapting to the country’s currency, language, culture, and many more aspects.

Where is Mexico City Located on the World Map?

If you look at the World Map, you can see Mexico City sitting in the southern-central part of Mexico. As such, it’s distant from the vast seas and oceans and is surrounded by several regions of the country. 

Nevertheless, the capital city offers a gateway to other main cities and areas of the country. If you want to compare it with the other main cities of Mexico, here’s a quick picture of the travel time and distance.

How far is Mexico City from Tijuana?

Many people, especially US Citizens, visit Tijuana since it’s accessible via land travel from the US. If you’re near the border, you can get into Tijuana and travel by land or air to Mexico City. 

If Tijuana is your starting point, the distance you need to travel to Mexico City is around 1764 miles or 2839 kilometers. That travel will take around 31 hours, assuming you’re still going. 

However, Tijuana offers a direct flight to Mexico City, which only takes around 3 hours and 15 minutes to travel by air. So if you’re near the border, you can cross by land and buy a domestic flight ticket to save yourself from the high fees of International Flights.

How far is Mexico City from Oaxaca?

Oaxaca is a famous Mexican City known for its vibrant atmosphere, friendly locals, rich culture, and many more. As such, if you’re planning to visit Mexico City after exploring Oaxaca (or the other way around), the distance between the two is shorter. 

Travel by land for around 287 miles or 462 kilometers. If you drive non-stop, you can reach the other city within 5 hours and 45 minutes. However, you can also book a plane ticket, and the travel time will only take an hour and 5 minutes.

To know more, read our article about Traveling from Mexico City to Oaxaca.

How far is Mexico City from Merida?

Many people visit Merida, also known as the white city since it’s the capital of the Yucatan State. It’s known for the Mayan culture in the past, and it receives millions of visitors every year. 

Now, if you’re visiting Merida from Mexico City or the other way around, the distance is around 819 miles or 1319 kilometers. 

As such, you need at least 18 hours to travel by land, assuming you continue. However, if you book a flight, you can reach one city from the other within 2 hours.

How far is Mexico City from Guadalajara?

Guadalajara is the second biggest city in the country, right after Mexico City. Also, it’s one of the best cities to visit in Latin America. 

If you’re visiting Mexico City from this city, you’ll need to travel for around 6 hours and 40 minutes by land since the distance is around 339 miles or 546 kilometers. 

However, if you book a flight, you can reach one city from the other within an hour and 25 minutes.

How far is Mexico City from Cancun?

Cancun is a popular vacation destination, especially for spring break college students. As such, it’s one of the main cities that attract tourists to the country. 

If you want to check it out from Mexico City, it will take around 21 hours and 24 minutes of non-stop land travel since the distance is around 1005 miles or 1618 kilometers. 

However, booking a flight from one city to the other will only take 2 hours and 30 minutes. Read about the Travel Time from Mexico City to Cancun to learn more.

What is the Closest US City to Mexico City?

Since Mexico City is thousands of miles away from the US, the closest US Cities to Mexico City will be the ones near the international border, particularly the ones in Texas. As such, they are the following:

  • Brownsville in Texas – 585 miles or 941 kilometers
  • El Paso in Texas – 1214 miles or 1953 kilometers
  • Nogales in Arizona – 1361 miles or 2190 kilometers
  • Calexico in California – 1638 miles or 2636 kilometers
  • San Ysidro in California – 1726 miles or 2777 kilometers


As the capital of Mexico, Mexico City offers some of the best destinations if you’re visiting the country for the first time. While Mexico is far from stunning beaches, it offers a rich culture and history of the country, and it’s among the best places to visit if you want to try the most authentic Mexican Culture with excellent accommodations and establishments.

Once you reach Mexico City, you’ll want to know the best spots to see. To learn more, read our article about the best Things to See and Do in Mexico City.

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