Do You Need Pesos in Playa del Carmen?

When traveling, always ensure that you are well-prepared. Each country, after all, has its own currency. Therefore, it’s best to do your research ahead of time and exchange money to have the appropriate currency in hand when you arrive. With so many people flocking to Mexican vacation destinations like Playa del Carmen each year, many people wonder if they will need Pesos?

The Mexican Peso is the traditional currency of Playa del Carmen. However, since this place is regarded as a major tourist destination, US currencies and credit cards are also routinely accepted in restaurants and most tourist hotspots.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you purchase pesos from your local bank before arriving since most banks will give a far better conversion rate than a Mexican exchange agency.

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Continue reading to learn more about using pesos in Playa del Carmen, including whether Playa del Carmen accepts US dollars if it is considered better to use Pesos or US dollars in Mexico, as well as how to make the most of your money during your trip to Playa del Carmen, and more.

Do You Need Pesos in Playa del Carmen?

Do You Need Pesos in Playa del Carmen?

When traveling to Playa del Carmen, you should leave with Pesos. After all, when traveling, it is always recommended that you use the traditional local currency.

Overall, having accurate cash on hand allows you to pay the exact amount or the item you’re trying to acquire and makes it easier on your bank account since you won’t be receiving exchange fees every time you use your card.

Having access to local cash also allows you to shop in smaller, more traditional markets and stalls that may not be able to afford an electronic card machine.

For example, while most hotels and tourist attractions will accept American debit and credit cards when shopping in smaller market-like stalls, these tiny vendors may not have access to electronic payment options, leaving you with no choice but to walk away empty-handed.

Is it Considered Better to Use Pesos or US Dollars in Mexico?

A mix of pesos and US dollars is considered the best to take to Mexico. With this currency mix, your US dollars can be used to pay for major expenses like tours, admission fees, accommodation, and flights. However, for all other purposes, it is recommended that you use pesos.

You should also collect your pesos before departing for the airport. After all, your local bank is more likely to offer you a better exchange rate, allowing you to get more bang for your buck!

Does Playa del Carmen Accept US Dollars?

The Mexican Peso is the country’s official currency (MXN). Although the US dollar is generally recognized across Mexico, particularly in tourist areas like Playa del Carmen, it is not universally accepted throughout the country. Therefore, it is always recommended that you make sure you have some pesos on hand.

Fortunately, in Playa del Carmen, most hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions offer a US dollar or card paying option. Take note, however, that this can quickly make your trip more expensive since using your card time after time may rack up exchange fees through your bank. These charges may also not surface on your bank statements until you return home.

How to Make The Most Out of Your Money During Your Playa del Carmen Vacation?

Paying With The Local Currency

Making sure that you pay with the local currency is not only considered customary but a courtesy. After all, if someone tried to pay with pesos in an American restaurant, the server would be confused. This is just part of traveling.

Many locals will also make it simple to use US dollars. This makes it easier for many tourists visiting Mexico and encourages visitors to feel at home. However, take note that you will make the most use of your money if you convert it for Pesos.

Stay At An All-Inclusive Resort

One of the best parts of arranging a stay at an all-inclusive resort is having a decent idea of how much your vacation will cost before you even arrive.

When you have already paid for so many of your key costs, like accommodation, meals, activities, and often even flights, the odds of exceeding your vacation budget or incurring a significant surprise charge are slim.

Therefore, booking a stay at one of Playa del Carmen’s many all-inclusive resorts allows you to not only lavish your pesos on a massage or a jet-skiing expedition, but you won’t have to worry about exchanging pesos for every bill.

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Avoid Carrying Large Amounts of Cash

When traveling anywhere, it is recommended not to carry around a large amount of cash. After all, depending on where you stay, you may be dealing with a higher crime rate than you’re used to. Therefore, it’s best to make yourself appear less flashy and carry limited cash on you to prevent the worst from happening.

Final Thoughts

The local currency of Playa del Carmen is the Mexican Peso. But remember that since this area is a popular tourist destination, US dollars and credit cards are also frequently accepted in restaurants, hotels, and most tourist attractions.

Generally speaking, it is advised to travel to Mexico with a combination of pesos and US dollars. Your US dollars can be used to cover significant costs like tours, admission fees, hotels, and flights with this currency combination. However, it is advised that you use pesos for all other transactions.

With access to pesos, you also open your options to various activities besides your genetic tourist attractions. For example, while most hotels and tourist attractions in Playa del Carmen will take US dollars and credit cards, modest local merchants may not have access to electronic payment methods, forcing you to walk by without making a purchase.

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