Is It Safe to Drive from Tijuana to Los Cabos?

A drive from Tijuana to Los Cabos is an exciting route many take, ideally for days. It’s a long route that ends at the beautiful Los Cabos, which is at the tip. If you’re interested in taking this road, you may wonder if driving from Tijuana to Los Cabos is safe.

The entire route between Tijuana and Los Cabos is safe for driving, and you can take it without problems, even with your car from the US. However, you must still follow some safety measures to avoid the road and traffic-related problems throughout your trip.

This article will explain the safety concerns related to driving from Tijuana to Los Cabos. This way, you can ensure a safe trip and return without problems while enjoying the road to Los Cabos.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Is It Safe to Drive from Tijuana to Los Cabos

Is the Terrain Between Tijuana and Los Cabos Safe for Driving?

The terrain you’ll encounter between Tijuana and Los Cabos ranges from deserts, forests, beaches, and coasts. You’ll even see some mountain ranges with snowy tips depending on the time of the year you’re driving. 

Besides Tijuana and Los Cabos, the rest of Baja California offers a fascinating opportunity for exploration. This trip offers visitors a wide selection of views, cultures, food, and experiences. As such, you’ll already have plenty of experiences before arriving in Los Cabos. 

As mentioned earlier, the terrain is safe for tourists, and you can use your US-registered car without problems. If you stick to the highways, you can enjoy the route without problems.

The Drive from Tijuana to Los Cabos

To enjoy all the many exciting places on the Baja Peninsula, make sure you plan several stops along the way by car. 

In one long drive, it takes 22 hours, and the roads zigzag across the terrain to connect major destinations. 

There is the option of renting a car in Tijuana, driving it to Cabo, and returning by air from there. Regardless, you’re in for a colorful ride on safe roads and save time with some tolls.

Ideal Stops When Driving from Tijuana to Los Cabos

Plan to take the road trip for 10 to 14 days to see as many stops as possible. Then, you can enjoy the local offerings at each of these stops.

  • Tijuana
  • Valle de Guadalupe
  • San Felipe
  • Guerrero Negro
  • Loreto
  • La Paz
  • Los Cabos

Tijuana is easily accessible from the US to Mexico. The newly upgraded access systems allow cars with US license plates to cross the border quickly. In addition, a few cars with US license plates are stopped at border crossing kiosks.

 To know more about the necessary documents, read What Do You Need to Cross Tijuana Border?

Visit a drive-through broker in San Ysidro before crossing to buy Mexican auto insurance. If your policy doesn’t cover driving in Mexico, ask your insurer if it can be amended.

If you’re planning on driving a rental car into Mexico, check with the company first to ensure they let you. 

Tijuana is an excellent place to rent a car because there are a lot of reputable companies that make it easy. In addition, almost all are near the Tijuana Airport, a short taxi ride away.

Safety Tips When Driving from Tijuana to Los Cabos

The trip from Tijuana to Los Cabos is an excellent experience, and many people do so to experience Baja. It is a fantastic sight, unlike anything you have ever seen. 

Of course, like all trips, you need to be aware of several tips for your safety. However, some tips may also help you enjoy and maximize the entire road better.

Avoid Driving at Night

Driving at night or even dusk is a bad idea. You won’t see cows, goats, and horses until you hit them, and it can damage your car. 

The Mexican streets are also safer during the day and have potential safety risks at night. To know more about safety concerns, read Is Tijuana Dangerous?

Avoid Roadside Eateries

There are better places to eat than a roadside stand, and it is just not a wise thing to do. The best thing you can do is bring food with you in the car so you can eat on the way down.

Also, you should avoid drinking tap water since it’s unsafe for consumption. Instead, it’s best to bring your water and only buy bottled water. To know more, read Is Tijuana Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Take Photographs

Take many pictures, especially of the enormous boulders you will pass on your drive that goes on for miles and miles. Savor the scenery since you’ll likely make this trip once in your life.

Avoid Walking in the Desert

Although the desert might seem likable to explore and take pictures of, it’s best to stay within the highway. The scorpions and other creatures might not be your thing.

Beware of the Road

Be careful since the road can twist and turn in an instant. It’s a windy road on the edge of cliffs in the mountains, so keep an eye on it. 

If you are not a good driver or are sleepy, you shouldn’t drive. Likewise, drinking is not a good idea. Due to the road’s paved and precise nature, it can be dangerous and carries potential risks.

Always Buy Gas

Fill up at every gas station on the way down. Then, take advantage of one of the stops even if there is still plenty of gas in your tank. This way, you can ensure you’ll have gas, especially when the next gas station is far.

Don’t Rely on Your Phone’s Signal

Most of the time, cell phones from the US or Mexico won’t work, so don’t rely on them when traveling.

Maximize Your Time

You should take at least three full days to complete the journey to make the most of it. If you drive without the scenic parts, it will take two full days with no night driving.

Beware of the Officers

Be respectful of the officers. The road down is lined with checkpoints. They are equipped with machine guns and are ready to use them. For this reason, expect your car to be checked. 

Their jobs are dangerous, so they are not bribed and take their work seriously. As such, anyone who stands in the desert for hours each day has to be serious about their work.

Don’t Worry About Sprays

You might encounter a woman or man spraying your car at several places. It would be best if you didn’t worry about it. Mexico sprays for bugs and ensures no fruit or plants are brought into the country.

Airconditioning is Necessary

The trip was amazing, wonderful, and long at the same time. You shouldn’t drive a vehicle with an open roof. The weather will be hot and humid, and you will require air conditioning.

Make the Experience Worthwhile

You should trade the experience for something other than money. Some stops along the way may make you question the need to continue. But, on the other hand, it’s so stunning that you’re going to want to grow roots. When you see these places, you’ll know. 

As such, make the experience worthwhile, and always note that there are plenty of things to see, so enjoy them while you’re there. Although you need to prioritize safety, it’s not a worthwhile trip if you don’t enjoy it.


The trip from Tijuana to Los Cabos is a fantastic experience of Baja California. As such, you’ll find plenty of stunning scenes, rich cultures, and beautiful experiences. As long as you adhere to traffic rules and drive cautiously, you can enjoy this Mexican area and all towns along the way without any problems.

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