The Tijuana Cathedral

The Tijuana Cathedral is one of many visited landmarks in the city. However, it remains a favorite spot of some people due to its architectural design and historical significance. As such, it’s expected that you also plan to visit this cathedral to complete your Tijuana exploration. 

This article is for you if you need a guide concerning the Tijuana cathedral. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this church, including the location, an overview of the place, and what you can expect nearby such as the restaurants and attractions.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Tijuana Cathedral

About The Tijuana Cathedral

The Tijuana Cathedral is the main cathedral in the city, and it goes by the name Catedral de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (which means Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe). 

Some people also call the Tijuana Cathedral the Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe (Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe).

One thing that makes the Tijuana Cathedral special is that it’s the first Catholic Church ever built in Tijuana. The construction of this cathedral began at the start of the 20th century and the 1970s did it.

Overall, the cathedral exemplifies neo-classical and colonial design. The church has two square-columned turrets with crosses atop them and a clock. Our Lady of Guadalupe is shown beautifully over the door.


It’s easy to spot the Tijuana Cathedral because of its architectural design. Moreover, as a building within the Zona Centro, you’ll find it hard to miss this spot. As such, many people who don’t plan on visiting the cathedral or don’t know it exists visit when they pass by the street.

The cathedral is located only two blocks from Avenida Revolucion, one of the city’s main streets. It’s also within Zona Centro, where you’ll find popular spots and shopping areas like the Mercado El Popo.

If you plan on visiting the cathedral straight after crossing the border, the distance is only around a mile or 1.7 kilometers. As such, you can walk for only 23 minutes and reach the cathedral. Or, you can hire a cab or Uber and ride for only 8 minutes.

Operating Hours

As a church, the Tijuana cathedral remains open the entire day until the last mass in the evening. Therefore, the opening time is one hour before the first mass, and the closing time depends on the last mass of the day.

Mass Schedules

If you’re planning to attend a mass at the Tijuana Cathedral, you can check out the schedule below for Sunday and Weekday Masses.

The Sunday Mass schedule at the cathedral is as follows:

  • 7:00 AM
  • 8:30 AM
  • 10:00 AM
  • 11:30 AM
  • 12:30 PM
  • 1:45 PM
  • 3:00 PM
  • 4:15 PM
  • 5:30 PM
  • 6:45 PM
  • 8:00 PM
  • 9:00 PM

The Weekday Mass schedule at the cathedral is as follows:

  • 7:30 AM
  • 9:00 AM
  • 12:00 PM
  • 7:00 PM

Contact Info

If you want to contact the cathedral’s office, you can do so through the contact information we gathered below:

Address: esq. con Niños Héroes, C. Benito Juárez 2da 7982, Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +52 664 685 3026
Website: Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Tijuana

Attractions Near the Tijuana Cathedral

Since the Tijuana Cathedral is located within Tijuana’s Zona Centro, you’ll find plenty of attractions near the area. Below are some of them:

Restaurants Near the Tijuana Cathedral

The Tijuana Cathedral is conveniently located within the Zona Centro of the city. As such, you’ll find plenty of options if you ever feel hungry and need snacks or meals. 

Below are some of the most popular restaurants near the Tijuana cathedral:

  • Restaurante El Museo
  • Casa Cacao
  • La Justina
  • Colectivo 9
  • Verde y Crema
  • Caesar’s
  • Giuseppi’s
  • Le Galleria
  • Nelson Restaurant
  • Praga Cafe Bistro


Visiting a cathedral or any religious establishment may not seem so appealing for people traveling to Tijuana for leisure. However, the Tijuana Cathedral is unique in such a way that it’s worth visiting whether you’re a religious person or not. 

In general, the cathedral offers a quiet place amidst the bustling center of Tijuana. As such, whether you’re praying or not, the Tijuana Cathedral can be a place to sit for a while and rest while admiring the structure’s beauty.

If you want to know more activities to enjoy in the city, you can read our article about the 15 Things to Do in Tijuana.

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