Where Does Cabo San Lucas Get Its Water?

If you’re planning to stay in Cabo San Lucas and enjoy a few days of vacation in the city, one of your primary concerns is the water source. After all, the water supply is one of the things to check if you’re using it for several purposes. So, where does Cabo San Lucas get its water?

The entire city of Cabo San Lucas uses water from the northern Cabo region’s mountain range, the Sierra de La Laguna. The water gets distributed through aquifers that go through desalination plants within the city.

If you want to know more about the water source in Cabo San Lucas, this article is for you. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the city’s water source. This way, you can understand where it comes from and learn if it’s safe for use.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Where Does Cabo San Lucas Get Its Water

About the Main Source of Cabo San Lucas’ Water

As mentioned earlier, the primary source of Cabo San Lucas’ water comes from the Sierra de La Laguna range. It’s the mountain range located in the northern part of the entire Los Cabos.

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From the aquifers of this mountain range, the water goes through desalination plants in the area. From there, the water gets through thorough filtering before distributing to hotels, restaurants, and other major establishments.

Is Cabo San Lucas’ Water Clean?

The water supply of Cabo San Lucas is pure and clean because the source comes from the mountain ranges of Baja, California. 

For this reason, the water is clean and is relatively free from deposits and hard minerals like you’d get from other sources. 

If you’re using the water mainly for cleaning, bathing, and washing, you’ll find the water supply completely safe. However, it’s different for consumption.

Is Cabo San Lucas’ Water Safe for Drinking?

Although the water source and supply are clean and reliable for several uses, it’s different from the same thinking for consumption or drinking.

While the water is clean and free from deposits or hardened minerals, its passages are questionable. 

For instance, the water pipes can be contaminated and ruin the water’s purity when it goes through.

Of course, such a problem isn’t a big deal, especially for simple uses like bathing or cleaning. However, when it comes to consumption, it can be unsafe and affect the consumer’s health.

For this reason, it’s best to buy bottled water or purified water from reliable sources. If you want to know more about water safety in the city, read: Is It Okay to Drink the Water in Cabo San Lucas?

Where to Find Clean Drinking Water?

In Cabo San Lucas, you can access clean drinking water almost everywhere. Here are some of them:


Major hotels in the neighborhood will always have filtered water on hand if you plan to stay there. If you wish to refill your containers to bring to your accommodation, you are welcome to do so.

Convenience Stores

Almost all convenience shops in the city offer bottled water for sale if you plan on exploring. As a result, you can bring enough safe water with you throughout the day. In addition, you’ll discover that bottled water is very pure and reasonably priced.

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Bottled water is widely available on beaches from many merchants. It would be best if you were alright if the bottle tops were sealed or tightly closed. 

Additionally, beachside eateries will be an excellent spot to acquire a cool drink of purified water or a beverage.

By carrying your drinking water, you may also save some cash. You may bring a cooler filled with your drinks and ice. 

This method will ensure you have a source of water or any other cold drinks and the source’s purity when necessary. To make it simpler to transport, you might get a rolling cooler.


In establishments across Cabo San Lucas, water is frequently provided in various ways, much like in the US. Purified water from the pitcher is what you can anticipate at fancier restaurants. 

Most travelers should be satisfied with it. You can also request bottled, purified, or sparkling water to accompany your meal. Remember that you’ll have to pay for that too.

You should exercise caution while selecting the water for consumption if you are dining at a tiny, less well-known eatery or a coffee shop on the sidewalk. 

In those circumstances, it is better to stick to bottled water. You are welcome to bring your water. Most businesses will be okay with it. If you’re unsure, you can ask for clarification.

Why Shouldn’t You Drink the Tap Water in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas receives its water from sources outside the central metropolitan area. It originates in the mountains of the Sierra de La Laguna from aquifers. 

Water is also sourced from additional desalination facilities spread out around the area. The city’s supply of clean water comes from this mix of sources.

Nevertheless, the tap water is obtained straight from the pipelines that connect neighborhood houses and businesses to the desalination facilities. Unfortunately, those pipes are ancient and in poor condition. 

As a result, numerous contaminants may get into an otherwise clean water supply before it gets to your tap. Although some individuals may drink it without issues, tourists are not advised to do so.

As you might anticipate, several government agencies examine the water in Cabo San Lucas before it is used for human consumption. Unfortunately, the outcomes could be more consistent. According to estimates, the score is 39 out of 100. 

Even while it’s okay, you need more confidence when traveling and needing a place to get clean water. Simply put, bottled water is a far better choice in this case.


Cabo San Lucas’s entire water supply comes from the northern Cabo region’s Sierra de la Laguna mountain range. Within the city, water is distributed through aquifers that are desalinated. As such, the water is relatively pure, and you can use it for general purposes such as cleaning or bathing.

Even with consumption, drinking directly from the tap is not a good idea. While the water supply of Cabo San Lucas is clean and pure, the pipes it goes through could be better. 

To ensure safety, it’s always best to consume purified and commercially bottled water. This way, you can prevent the risks of health hazards by drinking straight from the tap.

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