Are Mosquitoes Bad in Cabo San Lucas?

If you’ve ever been to a tropical country, town, or city, you know that mosquitoes can be a nuisance and a problem. As such, you might wonder if mosquitoes are bad if you plan to visit Cabo San Lucas since it’s a coastal city.

Cabo San Lucas has less humidity than other parts of Mexico. Thus, mosquitoes are less of a concern for tourists in the city. Nonetheless, these insects can still appear when humidity rises, so it’s best to always carry a mosquito repellant throughout your stay in Cabo San Lucas.

Most people think mosquitoes and other bugs are only minor issues, but they are capable of causing a variety of diseases. Further, their bites sting, and it can be a hassle when you’re enjoying your vacation in the city. Therefore, preparing for a Cabo San Lucas vacation requires a thorough understanding of mosquitoes.

Throughout this article, you will find all the information about mosquitoes and other bugs in Cabo San Lucas. You’ll learn where to find mosquitoes, how to avoid them, and what to do if you get bitten.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Are Mosquitoes Bad in Cabo San Lucas

Are There a Lot of Mosquitoes in Cabo San Lucas?

In general, Cabo San Lucas isn’t a place known for having mosquitoes. Unlike other humid areas of Mexico, this city is free of bugs. As such, most tourists visiting this city worry less about these insects, unlike when visiting other Mexican cities, towns, and areas.

Nonetheless, these mosquitoes can start appearing out of nowhere when the weather gets humid. Therefore, if you want to avoid the hassle of mosquito bites, it’s best to be prepared in case mosquitos or other bugs bite you.

When Do Mosquitoes Appear in Cabo San Lucas?

As mentioned earlier, mosquitoes are less common in Cabo San Lucas than in other parts of Mexico. However, these insects can suddenly appear and become a hassle when the city’s humidity rises.

Another time mosquitoes can appear in Cabo San Lucas is at night since the climate gets a bit colder.

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For this reason, it’s always best to bring mosquito repellant every time you go out. Or, if you don’t want to carry a repellant all the time, you can apply some before heading out. 

A mosquito repellant will be enough to avoid bites if you’re heading out to party at night or enjoy some time in the evening by the beach. This way, you can get extra protection while avoiding the hassle of mosquitoes, should they ever appear. 

Which Areas of Cabo San Lucas Have Mosquitoes?

Since Cabo San Lucas isn’t a place where mosquitoes are common, you’ll find some places having these bugs appearing and biting.

However, they commonly affect areas that are colder and more humid. So, for instance, if you’re heading to coastal areas and seaside restaurants with outdoor dining, you’ll want to apply more mosquito repellant.

It’s also the same for areas with lots of plants since that’s where these insects tend to linger. But, of course, you can always buy mosquito repellants at local stores and pharmacies. 

A small application goes a long way, especially if you’re out for a long time at night to enjoy some drinks and parties.

5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Mosquito Bites

A mosquito bite can ruin your Cabo San Lucas vacation, so it’s best not to get one while enjoying yourself. Here are five helpful tips to prevent mosquito bites during your visit to the city.

Apply mosquito repellent or bug spray all-day

Although mosquitoes aren’t as common in Cabo San Lucas than other parts of the country, they can still appear out of nowhere. For this reason, you should always carry some or apply it wherever you go.

If you’re visiting Cabo San Lucas, you’ll find several places that offer mosquito repellents and bug-repelling items. However, we recommend mosquito repellent lotion for better protection, especially if you wear summer clothes.

Make sure you wear the right clothes

Some clothing is designed to protect you from mosquito bites, and wearing them during your stay in Cabo San Lucas can put these insects at bay. For instance, you can wear long-sleeved clothing in the morning or evening. 

It’s also best to wear light-colored clothing when you’re out during the day, as mosquitoes cannot perceive light colors well.

Moreover, you should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes since mosquitoes can bite through them.

Stop wearing perfumes

Mosquitoes and other insects can easily be attracted to any strong scent. Therefore, you should avoid using perfumes or colognes on your skin and clothes. If you apply deodorants, choose the products that have no scent.

Prevent mosquitoes from entering your room

The last thing you’ll want is mosquitoes to bite you while resting in your room. So if you’re staying at a resort by the beach, you’ll want to keep the doors and windows closed. This way, you can prevent mosquitoes from entering and giving you a problem.

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What to Do When You Get Bitten by Mosquitoes?

While mosquitoes aren’t that common in Cabo San Lucas, you may still get bitten by a mosquito. So it’s best to assume this case to prepare if you ever get into it.

Now, you need to know the best remedy for being bitten by such an insect. An effective lotion for treating insect bites is the only option. Thus, it would be best if you always carried some of this topical treatment. 

Additionally, you should be cautious if you suffer from a biting allergy. Allergies can therefore be treated with antihistamines and antiallergic medications. However, you must go to the hospital immediately if the reaction is severe.


In a nutshell, mosquitoes aren’t bad in Cabo San Lucas, and it’s not that big of a problem when staying in the city. However, it’s not reason enough to relax since mosquitoes can appear out of nowhere when the humidity rises. 

For this reason, it’s best always to stay cautious and apply mosquito repellant every time you go out. It’s also best to have some remedy if you get bitten. As always, the last thing you’ll want is for mosquitoes to ruin your vacation, so enjoy your time in Cabo San Lucas while watching out for these insects.

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