Barcelona to Ibiza Ferry: The Ultimate Guide

Barcelona and Ibiza are two famous tourist destinations in Spain. The good thing is that these two destinations are connected through several transportation methods, with ferries as the most popular option.

You’ll generally find around eight ferry trips crossing between Barcelona and Ibiza every week. As such, getting from one place to the other is easy. If you plan on using these ferry services, this article is for you. 

Here, we’ll cover everything you need about the ferries from Barcelona to Ibiza and vice versa. This way, you can enjoy these two destinations without worries.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Barcelona to Ibiza Ferry

Ferry Companies and Schedule Options

Regarding ferry companies and schedule options, you’ll find around two to eight ferry trips per company from Barcelona to Ibiza and vice versa every week. This route is operated by Balearia Ferries, Trasmed GLE Ferries, and Grandi Navi Veloci Ferries.


Balearia owns and operates ferries providing transportation services to and from the Mediterranean Sea for people and cars. This ferry company started operating in 1998 and has its headquarters in Barcelona. 

Balearia runs ferries connecting mainland Spain with Balearics, the Canaries, and North Africa. The company’s ferry services are reliable, comfortable, and fast, making travel between islands easy and convenient.

The company offers seven scheduled ferry services from Barcelona to Ibiza and vice versa every week. If you want the real-time schedule, you can check it out through Balearia’s Website.

Grandi Navi Veloci

Grandi Navi Veloci, or GNV, provides passenger and vehicle transportation through the Mediterranean Sea with high-speed ferries and conventional ships. 

The company started operating in 1997 in Genoa, Italy. The company provides ferry services between Spain, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, the Aeolian Islands, Sicily, and Sardinia. Besides offering accommodation, duty-free shopping, and entertainment onboard, they also provide other services. 

This company specializes in high-speed ferry services and provides luxury amenities onboard its ships.

The company offers two scheduled ferry services from Barcelona to Ibiza and vice versa every week. If you want the real-time schedule, you can check it out through Grandi Navi Veloci’s Website.

Trasmed GLE

Trasmed GLE ferries from Barcelona to Ibiza are an ideal option if you’re searching for a comfortable and easy ride. In addition, these ferries are available at affordable prices, so no matter what kind of ferries you’re looking for, it’s easy to find and book online.

Find your preferred arrival and departure schedule on the Trasmed GLE ferry. Ticket information can also be compared, including baggage allowances and onboard amenities. 

When you look for ferry services to Ibiza from Barcelona, Trasmed GLE tickets are readily available, allowing you paperless travel. 

The company offers six scheduled ferry services from Barcelona to Ibiza and vice versa every week. If you want the real-time schedule, you can check it out through Trasmed GLE’s Website.

Duration and Distance of the Ferry Ride

Listed below is information regarding the distance and duration of each ferry ride and the type of ferry each company offers.


Distance: 156 nautical miles
Duration: Around 8 hours
Route: Barcelona to Ibiza and Vice Versa
Type of Ferry: Large Conventional Ferries, Fast Ferries and High-Speed Ferries

Grandi Navi Veloci

Distance: 156 nautical miles
Duration: Around 9 hours
Route: Barcelona to Ibiza and Vice Versa
Type of Ferry: Ro-Ro Passenger Vessel

Trasmed GLE

Distance: 156 nautical miles
Duration: Around 8 hours
Route: Barcelona to Ibiza and Vice Versa
Type of Ferry: Freight and Passenger Ferries

Fares and Ticket Prices

The fares and ticket prices of ferry rides going to Ibiza from Barcelona and vice versa depend on the ferry type and company you’re riding. 

Depending on the operator, season, and whether you travel with a vehicle, a ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza can range between 80 USD and 612 USD. 

Generally, foot passengers cost $165, but prices range from 80 USD to 406 USD. So it costs 361 USD when you bring your car.

Onboard Amenities and Facilities

Ferries connecting Ibiza and Barcelona use conventional ferries with bed cabins and car decks for transporting vehicles. Ferries to Barcelona from Ibiza reach the port city in 7.5 hours on average.

If you’re wondering about the ferries’ onboard amenities and facilities, you can find everyday necessities like restaurants and bars.

You can also find everything on some ferries to make your trip enjoyable! Additionally, you can stay in a cabin, sitting in the lounge or the lobby bar, depending on your preference.

In most cases, there are cabins and numbered seats on the ferries that travel from Ibiza to Barcelona. Since Ibiza to Barcelona is a long journey, booking a cabin for a more enjoyable trip is best.

Getting to and from the Ferry Ports

It’s easy to get to and from the ferry port of Barcelona. Located on the north coast of Spain, Barcelona Port is part of the Catalonia region. Right beneath the old town, it is located in the city center of Barcelona. 

From the City Center

You can reach the Barcelona Port on foot if you’re coming from the city center. You can do so by treading on La Rambla to the city’s coast. If you want to ride the metro, you can hop in a metro going to Drassanes on L3. You’ll also find several bus stops nearby if you want to ride a bus. If you do, you can ride buses like 59, N0, N6, 21, 88B, and 88. There is also a train station, Estació de França, just a 20-minute walk from the port of Barcelona.

From the Airport

If you’re coming from Barcelona Airport, you can head to the Barcelona Port by catching either the A1 or A2 bus to the city center. From there, you can hop on the L3 Metro Line to Drassanes.  

If you’re bringing a car, follow road C-31 from El Prat to B-10, which connects you to the port. Taxis are also available at designated ranks to hail a cab.

From the Train Station

You can easily reach the Catalan capital’s two main train stations from Barcelona’s port. Barcelona Sants and Estació de França are the two main train stations in the city.

Barcelona’s port is closer to the train station Estació de França. Walking there takes only 20 minutes, and taking a taxi or bus line H14 from Drassanes to the station takes only 15 minutes.

3.5km north of the port is Barcelona’s central train station, Sants. From the port to the train station, it takes 40 minutes to walk or 12 minutes to drive. Therefore, it is best to take the metro to the train station. 

Taking the metro line L3 to Barcelona Sants is accessible from Drassanes. It takes just 15 minutes to travel by metro.


During your stay at the port, you’ll be able to find more options for short-term and long-term parking.

You can park and drop off at the ferry terminals for short periods. However, if you want long-term parking, the World Trade Center in the Moll de Barcelona is the safest and closest parking lot. 

Almost all terminals are accessible from the World Trade Center parking lot on foot. Shuttle buses are also available for terminals.


Barcelona and Ibiza are two beautiful destinations; most tourists visiting one of these destinations also want to experience another. The good thing is that you’ll find frequent ferry trips between the two. So if you have an extra day or two, you can reach one destination from the other. We hope this guide helped you understand the ferry trips between Barcelona and Ibiza. 

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