Where Is Tijuana?

If you’re interested in a new place or planning a vacation, you’ll always wonder about the location. Is the place easily accessible? Can you book a direct flight to it? Such types of questions are always based on the location. So, if you’re planning to visit Tijuana, you may wonder where it is located.

Tijuana is a city in Baja, California, located beside the US border with San Diego, California. As such, it’s easily accessible by land and even by air. Tijuana is reachable within an hour from San Diego and has an airport, so you can fly directly or walk through CBX or other border crossings.

Every place we visit has a unique location that plays a vital role in making travel plans. Everything starts and depends on it, from the distance to what to bring. Thus, if you need a detailed guide to finding Tijuana, this one’s for you.

In this article, you’ll find out where Tijuana is on the map, how far it is from other Mexican cities, and everything else you need to know. Further, this article will give you a detailed guide to getting to Tijuana for your fantastic vacation.  

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Where Is Tijuana

Where is Tijuana Located? 

Tijuana is located in the top left corner of Mexico. It belongs to the region of Baja, California, and it sits right beside the US-Mexico Border Crossing with San Diego on the other side.

For this reason, this city is easily accessible from the US, even by car or on foot. The border crossings in Tijuana are the busiest ones in the world, catering to almost a hundred thousand pedestrians and vehicles daily.

Due to its location, Tijuana has been a favorite destination for US citizens through day trips to experience Mexican culture without flying or driving for hours.

It’s also where US citizens book flights to other parts of Mexico to save from taxes on international flights and the expensive tickets of US airlines.

Which Country is Tijuana In?

Although Tijuana is situated right beside San Diego, California, in the US, it is located in Mexico. A border separates the two cities, and they belong to different countries. Thus, as a Mexican city, Tijuana has a different currency, culture, and language. 

However, since it’s located on a border near the US, you’ll find many people in the city speaking English well. Also, you’ll find most establishments accepting both US dollars and Mexican Pesos for transactions.

Although Tijuana sits beside the US, a border separates the two. If you want to cross the border, you’ll need to know a few things. Read: How to Get to Tijuana from San Diego?

Where is Tijuana Located on the World Map?

It’s easy to see Tijuana on the world map since it sits below the US-Mexico border on the far left side. The coasts of this Mexican city face the North Pacific Ocean. Tijuana is easy to find, even if it’s a small spot on the world map.

Since Tijuana is a coastal city that faces the Pacific Ocean directly, you’ll find the weather warm around this area. Like its neighboring city San Diego, Tijuana experiences warm weather all year. 

For this reason, US citizens who want to experience visiting Mexico can do so for only a day by crossing the border and enjoying some time in Tijuana.

How far is Tijuana from Mexico City?

The capital city and largest city of Mexico is Mexico City. If you’re coming from this city, you can reach Tijuana by land, but it’s 2765 kilometers or 1718 miles away. So you must drive about 32 hours with only quick stops. 

It can even take you a couple more hours if you’re commuting. But, of course, it will take faster when it’s only around 3 hours and 45 minutes with a plane. Both cities have airports offering direct flights to one another, so it should be easy.

How far is Tijuana from Oaxaca?

You can reach Tijuana through a long drive from Oaxaca, another famous city in Mexico. However, it will take 36 hours with only quick stops to drive the 3218 kilometers or 1999 miles between the two locations. 

It can take longer if you commute by land as well. However, your best bet is still to fly since the city offers a direct flight into Tijuana, and this flight will only take around four hours. 

How far is Tijuana from Merida?

If you’re coming from the city of Merida in Mexico, it’s the farthest among the cities we listed. Overall, Tijuana is 46 hours of drive away. 

With 4075 kilometers or 2532 miles, you need days to travel by land. As such, booking a flight from Merida to Tijuana is best since it will only take around four and a half hours.

How far is Tijuana from Guadalajara?

Guadalajara is another famous city in Mexico, and it’s 2229 kilometers from Tijuana. For this reason, reaching the town by land requires a non-stop drive of 27 hours or more. The fastest way is to travel by plane; it takes around 3 hours to reach Tijuana.

How far is Tijuana from Cancun?

Cancun is a famous city in the Yucatan Region but is also on the opposite tip of Mexico. As such, it’s one of the farthest cities from Tijuana. 

The distance between these two cities is around 4724 kilometers or 2935 miles. If you travel by land, you need around 50 hours of non-stop driving. The best way is to travel by plane, which will only take 5 hours.


Tijuana might not be the prettiest Mexican city, but its accessibility makes it worth visiting, especially for people in the US. Tijuana is more like a gateway for US citizens to other parts of Mexico. It’s also the best destination to enjoy Mexican Culture without flying or driving far. 

With its ideal location, Mexican culture, and accessibility to other parts of Mexico, it’s not surprising that Tijuana receives millions of visitors every year. Now, another concern that many people have about Tijuana is safety. If you’re also the same, read Is Tijuana Dangerous?

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