Do You Need to Speak Spanish in Tijuana?

If it’s your first time visiting Tijuana or any Mexican city or town, you’ll first wonder if you need to speak Spanish during your stay. Although Tijuana is easily accessible, it’s nonetheless a Mexican city, and you’ll know that Spanish is the primary language in the area.

Like any Mexican city or town, Tijuana’s primary language is Spanish. However, the city is near the US-Mexico border, so most people speak and understand English, meaning you don’t need to speak Spanish in Tijuana. Even so, knowing the essential Spanish words will significantly make your trip more convenient. 

Whether you’re still deciding on visiting Tijuana or planning it, you’ll find this article helpful. Here, you’ll read through the most common concerns related to Tijuana’s language and other concerns you may have about Spanish during your stay in the city.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Do You Need to Speak Spanish in Tijuana

Do People in Tijuana Speak Spanish?

Upon entering Tijuana from the border, you’ll see most signs written in Spanish, mainly because it’s the country’s primary language. 

At the same time, you’ll hear a lot of Spanish around the area, whether you’re going through restaurants, marketplaces, or even in other areas.

Now, it may seem overwhelming for someone who doesn’t speak Spanish. However, the Spanish language is often easy to understand.

In addition, even though most locals speak Spanish, they do understand English, and they’ll communicate in English if they see you don’t understand them.

Whether accompanied by signs or simply a single word or two, you can communicate around without any problem, even if you don’t speak Spanish.

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Do People in Tijuana Speak English?

Tijuana, like much of Mexico, speaks Spanish as its dominant language. Nonetheless, most tourists and American residents in the city speak English, including taxi drivers and residents near the tourist spots. 

For instance, if you’re exploring Avenida Revolución, you’ll find most signs in Spanish, but most store owners are fluent in English and can communicate in this language if you don’t know Spanish.

Typical Languages Used in Tijuana

As a border city, people in Tijuana speak Spanish and English. Although the dominant language is Spanish, most people can understand and communicate in English if necessary. It applies primarily to areas where tourists gather.


Tijuana’s signage is mainly written in Spanish when you visit, and you’ll see it upon entering the border and crossing into Tijuana. For this reason, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some basic signs. 

Due to the similarity of the letters, you can read them without difficulty. Signs are also clearly marked, so you’ll understand what they mean.


Before you leave the border crossing, you’ll be welcomed by locals in Tijuana, who all speak English. Whether you know Spanish well or have little knowledge of it, this will immediately ease your mind.

To interact with visitors, Tijuana residents should understand English since it is a potential source of income. In touristy places, items are labeled both in Spanish and in English.

However, some chain restaurants and eateries in Tijuana are so well-known that bilingual signage is optional.

How Much Spanish Do You Need to Know in Tijuana?

Visits to Tijuana don’t require extensive knowledge of Spanish. In general, you can get by even if you don’t know a word of Spanish. 

A glance at the signage and symbols around Tijuana will tell you what they mean, even though they are in Spanish. 

In the city, speaking the local language is always polite, but if you can’t, that’s fine. It’s always possible to learn a few things, such as how to say thanks and greet someone in Spanish. 

Essential Spanish Words That Can Help When Visiting Tijuana

If you plan to visit Tijuana, you could spend hours learning Spanish. The ability to speak Spanish, however, is optional. Even so, you might find these essential words and greetings helpful, especially when dealing with someone who needs to be fluent in English.

Spanish Greetings 

Greeting someone with a smile and a simple word is a nice gesture. In addition, turning away from someone who initiates a conversation is equally impolite. Keeping a few easy pleasantries in mind will help you communicate effectively:

  • Hola – Hello
  • Adios – Goodbye
  • Buenos Dias – Good morning
  • Buenas Tardes – Good afternoon
  • Buenas Noches – Good evening 

Spanish Words of Courtesy 

When communicating, it’s always best to be polite. You’ll always get appreciation if you add some courtesy words, even if you speak English the entire time.

  • Please – Por favor
  • Thank you – Gracias

Spanish Numbers

Tijuana residents are most familiar with basic English numbers. But they occasionally speak numbers in Spanish, so you should at least know what they say.

A basic understanding of Spanish numbers is essential, especially regarding expenses, distances, etc.

  • Uno – One
  • Dos – Two
  • Tres – Three
  • Cuatro – Four 
  • Cinco – Five
  • Seis – Six
  • Siete – Seven
  • Ocho – Eight
  • Nueve – Nine
  • Dies – Ten
  • Veinte – Twenty
  • Treinta – ​​Thirty
  • Cuarenta – Forty
  • Cincuenta – Fifty

Areas Where Basic Spanish Will Help

Even though speaking Spanish in Tijuana is optional, you may occasionally want to know more words than the fundamentals. Aside from being kind and polite, speaking Spanish will benefit these areas.

Mexican Areas Outside Tijuana

While Tijuana is a border city, there are some nearby areas that you may find interesting to visit on a day trip. You will likely need to speak with someone for transit and dining in these suburban areas. Knowing a few familiar words will enhance your experience if you plan to visit one of these locations.

Local Areas

Tijuana has several market and shop locations. Many people speak English in these areas. It is not uncommon for some folks outside Tijuana to be able to speak English only occasionally because they are not Tijuana natives.

The marketplaces are notorious for bargaining, and some products are tagged with something other than a price. Therefore, Spanish is the language of choice. As a result, your transactions will be more seamless.

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As a border city, Tijuana becomes a blend of both Spanish and English-speaking people. Most of Tijuana’s locals earn their income by accommodating US tourists, which means they strive to understand English to earn their living. As such, you don’t have to worry about visiting Tijuana if you don’t speak Spanish.

Of course, basic Spanish knowledge will undoubtedly help you blend in and interact more effectively with locals. There’s no need to worry about it too much, though. Rest assured that your stay in Tijuana will be enjoyable regardless of whether you speak Spanish.

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