Flight Time to Tulum – From Places in the U.S.

If you live in the U.S. and plan to visit Tulum, you only need a few hours to travel to this town by plane. The only concern you need to know is the closest city that offers a flight to an airport near Tulum.

For this reason, we made this article your guide to know how to fly from several U.S. cities to Tulum. This information will help you understand how to reach Tulum from several cities in the U.S. 

Further, this information will let you know the direct flights, the estimated travel time, and other transportation methods you can choose to reach Tulum by land after your flight.

Let’s get started! 

Flight Time to Tulum

Where Is Tulum?

Tulum is a town situated in Quintana Roo, a state in Mexico. Since it’s in Mexico, you must fly to the country and prepare the documents required for an international flight if the U.S. is your starting point.

If you have no idea about the location of this town and want to know more about it, you can read: Where Is Tulum?

Is There a Direct Flight From the U.S. To Tulum?

Tulum has no airport of its own, which means there is no direct flight from any point in the U.S. to this town. Thus, your best bet is to fly to the closest airport nearby, Cancun Airport. 

Luckily, Cancun Airport accommodates direct flights from several cities in the United States, and we’ll include each below.

How Many U.S. Cities Have Direct Flight To Cancun?

If you live in the U.S., you can choose from 38 cities with direct flights to Cancun. In general, the flight time to Cancun depends on their location.  

One of the quickest flights is from Miami to Cancun, which is only about an hour and a half. The longest flight will be from Seattle, which takes almost six hours to reach Cancun.

List of Cities in the U.S. With Direct Flights to Cancun

Here is a list of U.S. cities with direct flights to Cancun. From Cancun, it’s only an hour and a half of travel by land to reach Tulum.

CityStateAirport CodeFlight Time
MiamiFloridaMIA1 hour, 33 minutes
TampaFloridaTPA1 hour, 35 minutes
OrlandoFloridaMCO1 hour, 44 minutes
Los AngelesCaliforniaLAX4 hours, 43 minutes
San DiegoCaliforniaSAN4 hours, 25 minutes
San FranciscoCaliforniaSFO5 hours, 19 minutes
SacramentoCaliforniaSMF4 hours, 55 minutes
ClevelandOhioCLE3 hours, 47 minutes
CincinnatiOhioCVG2 hours, 59 minutes
ColumbusOhioCSG3 hours, 8 minutes
MinneapolisMinnesotaMSP4 hours, 56 minutes
MilwaukeeWisconsinMKE3 hours, 31 minutes
AustinTexasAUS2 hours, 30 minutes
DallasTexasDFW2 hours, 31 minutes
HoustonTexasIAH2 hours, 5 minutes
Las VegasNevadaLAS4 hours, 58 minutes
SeattleWashingtonSEA5 hours, 52 minutes
WashingtonDistrict of ColumbiaIAD3 hours, 32 minutes
PittsburghPennsylvaniaPIT3 hours, 17 minutes
PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaPHL3 hours, 26 minutes
HartfordConnecticutBDL3 hours, 47 minutes
BostonMassachusettsBOS3 hours, 57 minutes
PortlandOregonPDX5 hours, 46 minutes
DurhamNorth CarolinaRDU2 hours, 45 minutes
CharlotteNorth CarolinaCLT2 hours, 34 minutes
DenverColoradoDEN3 hours, 50 minutes
AtlantaGeorgiaATL2 hours, 16 minutes
New OrleansLouisianaMSY2 hours 4 minutes
ChicagoIllinoisORD3 hours, 21 minutes
New York CityNew YorkJFK3 hours, 35 minutes
Salt Lake CityUtahSLC4 hours, 30 minutes
Kansas CityMissouriMCI3 hours, 30 minutes
St. LouisMissouriSTL3 hours, 10 minutes
IndianapolisIndianaIND3 hours 29 minutes
DetroitMichiganDTW3 hours, 27 minutes
Atlantic CityNew JerseyACY2 hours, 56 minutes
NashvilleTennesseeBNA2 hours, 58 minutes
BaltimoreMarylandBWI3 hours, 40 minutes

How Far Is Tulum From Cancun Airport?

Flight to Tulum

From Cancun Airport, you need to travel by land to reach Tulum. The distance between Cancun Airport and Tulum is around 67 miles. 

Now, if you have plans to stay in Cancun for a while before visiting Tulum, you may want to know more about the travel time and distance between these two places. If so, you can learn more about it: How Far is Tulum from Cancun?

Now, if you want to head to Tulum after your flight, the estimated travel time from the airport to Tulum would be around an hour and a half to two hours. 

Such travel time also varies, depending on your chosen transportation method. Since Cancun accommodates all flights of visitors wishing to visit Tulum, you’ll find several transportation methods.

For in-depth information about this matter, read: 7 Ways To Get To Tulum From Cancun Airport.


Since Tulum has no airport, the fastest way to travel to Tulum by plane is to fly to the nearest airport, Cancun Airport. Luckily, several cities in the U.S. offer direct flights to this airport. As a result, it will only take a few hours to reach this wonderful town.

Once you reach Cancun Airport, you only need to travel by land for around an hour and a half to reach Tulum. As such, the total time of travel would depend on which airport you’re flying from in the U.S.

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