Is Tijuana Airport Safe?

If you’re considering visiting other parts of Mexico, you may have been interested in flying from Tijuana. After all, a local flight is cheaper and more convenient, unlike flying from the US. However, you may wonder if Tijuana Airport is safe.

Although many people see Tijuana as a dangerous city, its airport is safe, and you won’t have problems with it. You can even use the CBX or the Cross Border Xpress; with it, you won’t even have to walk outside. In addition, there is no safety risk at the airport, as it is secured 24 hours a day. 

If you’re planning to visit other parts of Mexico, chances are the plane tickets are pretty expensive. As such, your best bet is to board a local flight for a cheaper and more convenient fare. If safety is your concern, this article is for you.

Here, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Tijuana Airport and the safety concerns you may have. This way, you can understand how it works and move around knowing what to do when you’re in the area.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Is Tijuana Airport Safe

Is It Safe to Fly from Tijuana Airport?

If you’re thinking of flying from Tijuana Airport to other parts of Mexico, it’s safe and even more convenient than land transportation. 

The Tijuana International Airport is seen by many as the gateway to the other parts of Mexico that will take days for you to travel by land or sea.

It is better than flying straight from the US because the flights are cheaper since they’re local rather than international. Also, the process is more straightforward since you’ll be boarding in Mexico rather than in another country.

Many people see Tijuana as a dangerous city for its numerous crime rates, and until now, that’s the case. However, with new services like the Cross Border Xpress, you can cross the border and reach the Tijuana Airport from Mexico without going out.

Once you’re in the airport, you’ll find 24-hour security, so you can rest assured that there’s no crime happening in the airport. Also, you can relax even if you’re flight is at midnight.

How to Reach the Tijuana Airport Safely Using the Cross Border Xpress?

The easiest and most convenient way to reach the Tijuana Airport safely is through the Cross Border Xpress. 

As mentioned earlier, San Diego is easily connected to the Tijuana Airport through the Cross Border Xpress pedestrian bridge. 

Keep your options open and search for flights to other parts of Mexico from Tijuana if you’re seeking a discount flight.

Once you have your documents and boarding pass for one of the Mexican Airlines in Tijuana, you’re already eligible to cross the border through the CBX.

Using the sky bridge, you can get directly to the Tijuana boarding area from the US side of the airport. Airport security is available 24 hours a day. As such, safety is not at risk. 

How to Reach the Tijuana Airport Safely Using The Regular Crossing?

While the CBX is easy, it’s an expensive option for budget travelers. Alternatively, you can travel to the airport from Tijuana free of charge if you want to save 30 USD on the ticket. But, of course, a 500 peso FMM visitor permit fee still applies if you stay more than seven days in Mexico.

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To get to the airport, take a taxi or Uber after crossing the border. Depending on traffic, it takes about 10-15 minutes to get to the airport from the border. 

A taxi ride should cost between 6 to 8 USD one way. Your chances of getting less are better if you’re a good negotiator. It will cost slightly less to use Uber. 

No extended taxis are waiting at the border, but you can flag one down on the nearest street, Frontera. After leaving the Mexican immigration building, you will reach Frontera. 

It can be reached directly from the path. You can hail a taxi day or night at any hour of the day or night. You will be dropped off at the departure area by the driver. 

To get back to Tijuana airport, take a taxi. Unfortunately, taxis at the airport are slightly more expensive, and Uber does not permit airport pickups. 

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Overall, the process is cheaper than using CBX. However, if you’re crossing at night, paying the extra 30 USD for a more convenient and safer crossing is best.

How to Return Safely to The US from Tijuana Airport Using CBX

If your flight returns you to Tijuana Airport, you’ll still be eligible to cross the border using CBX. The process is generally the same, but it will be reversed.

Is It Safer to Use the Cross Border Xpress?

When you use Cross Border Xpress, you will save time at the border crossing. However, more than that benefit, it’s also a safer option, especially when crossing at night.

Among the world’s busiest border crossings is the big Tijuana crossing. Even crossing on foot from Mexico to the US could take hours. Also, you’ll find it risky to cross the border since all kinds of people are with you.

With the CBX, you can cross in minutes instead of waiting in line for hours. Moreover, you’re basically in one closed facility that’s completely secure until you reach the US side of the border.

It’s also convenient to use the CBX when you’re driving. It eliminates the need to deal with taxis, shuttles, and Ubers. Also, you don’t need a driver’s license in Mexico. It’s just a matter of driving there, crossing over, and catching your flight. 

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Is It Safer to Fly Out of Tijuana Airport?

If your primary concern is safety, you’ll be safer flying from a US-based airport. However, with the CBX, you can enjoy a safer trip while still saving money by booking a local flight to Mexico from Tijuana Airport.

There are many airports in Southern California to choose from. If money is not a problem, you can always book a flight from these airports to Mexico.

The most significant benefit will be ticket savings, especially if you’re flying into Mexico. In general, the flight is cheaper for several reasons: 

  • First, Mexico has budget airlines offering cheaper fares.
  • Flying from Tijuana to other parts of Mexico is a domestic flight which means cheaper taxes.
  • Finally, Tijuana airport offers plenty of destinations all over Mexico.


Tijuana Airport is safe if you consider using it as a starting point when flying to other parts of Mexico. Despite the alarming reports of numerous incidents in this Mexican city, the airport remains well-secured for every passenger. Further, with the service of CBX, you can cross the border and enter the airport safely without using Tijuana’s main border crossings.

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