Playas de Tijuana – Tijuanas Best Beach

If you’re a beach lover and you plan on visiting Tijuana, the first thing you likely want to check off your list is to visit the city’s best beach. If such is the case, Playas de Tijuana is the spot for you.

Playas de Tijuana is the most popular beach in Tijuana because it offers a view of the US-Mexico Border’s end that stretches out to the pacific ocean. This beach area has a lot of activities and food options, making it one of the most visited spots in the city.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Playas de Tijuana if you plan on exploring this beach area. This information includes basic details such as location, food options, accommodations, and other activities you’ll enjoy in the area.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Playas de Tijuana


It’s easy to find Playas de Tijuana because it starts at the border and goes down to the entire western side of the city. Here, you’ll find a stunning panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, and the entire area is decorated with street art, restaurants, and accommodations.

The long stretch of beach of Playas de Tijuana also has a wooden boardwalk, which comes in handy if you want to explore but don’t want to get sandy feet. The beach area is also a great starting point for many tours and activities you’ll want to do in the city.

How to get there

Playas de Tijuana is easily accessible whether coming from Downtown Tijuana or straight from the border crossing. The travel time takes around 15 to 20 minutes, depending on where you’re coming from. The most common way to reach this beach is by riding a taxi or an uber.

If you’re coming from San Diego and plan on visiting Tijuana, read How to Get to Tijuana from San Diego?

From Downtown Tijuana

If you’re coming from Downtown Tijuana, the beach is around 5.6 miles (9.1 kilometers) away. As such, the travel time takes around 20 minutes, and it can be longer if there’s traffic along the way.

The taxi fare going to the beach from the city proper is around 270 to 330 MXN (or 13 to 16 USD). However, it can be cheaper if you rent an uber instead.

From the US-Mexico Border

If you’re coming from the border crossing, the beach is around 6.9 miles (11.2 kilometers) away. As such, the travel time takes around 25 minutes and can also be longer if you’re stuck in traffic. 

The taxi fare from the border crossing to the beach is around 300 to 360 MXN (or 16 to 18 USD). If you get an Uber, the fare can be cheaper.


You’ll find several parking options if you’re visiting the beach in your car. However, parking can be challenging to find if you’re visiting during holidays or peak season. Some parking spaces are available for a price, but most are free as long as you know where to look. 


When it comes to food options, you’ll find plenty to choose from throughout the entire area of Playas de Tijuana. Most restaurants serve fantastic seafood dishes and Mexican cuisine.

As you walk through the boardwalk, you’ll see plenty of stalls that serve drinks, snacks, and even heavy meals if you’re hungry.

Most of the restaurants in the area open their doors at noon. As such, the best time to eat at the beach is in the afternoon or evening.

Below are three of the famous restaurants within Playas de Tijuana:

Roccos – Seafood Restaurant

Address: Avenida del Pacífico Loc 321, Playas, de Tijuana, 22500 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +526646300766
Website: Roccos

Mariscos Arcos Playas – Seafood Restaurant

Address: Av Del Pacifico 347, Costa, 22504 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +526631276455
Website: Mariscos Arcos Playas

Mariscos Vallarta – Seafood Restaurant

Address: Av Del Pacifico 395, Costa, 22504 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +526644139796
Website: Mariscos Vallarta


You’ll also find plenty of accommodations should you wish to stay near Playas de Tijuana. These hotels are more of a lodging than a resort, which means it’s only ideal for resting and sleeping. 

Below are five of the hotels located near Playas de Tijuana:

Hotel Jatay

Address: Av Del Pacifico 560, Playas, Monumental, 22504 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +526642078868
Website: Hotel Jatay

Hotel La Mision

Address: Avenida, P.º Playas de Tijuana 761, Playas, Monumental, 22504 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +526646806612
Website: Hotel La Mision

Hotel Playas De Tijuana

Address: P.º Playas de Tijuana 841, Playas, Monumental, 22200 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +526643131571
Website: Hotel Playas De Tijuana

Tijuana Beach Pads

Address: P.º Costero 1126, Playas, Malecon, 22500 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +16052231120
Website: Tijuana Beach Pads

Del Mar Inn Playas de Tijuana

Address: P.º Playas de Tijuana 116, Terrazas, 22504 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Phone Number: +526646308830
Website: Del Mar Inn Playas de Tijuana

Beach Clubs

Although Playas de Tijuana is a beautiful beach, you won’t find any beach clubs around the area. In general, the beach area is more of a place for casual strolling, and it’s a place where people would like to sunbathe in a beach bed.

If you want to enjoy some excellent beach clubs, visiting nearby towns or other areas in Baja California is best.


As a beach in a border city, you’ll find plenty of options around, and the prices can accommodate both budget travelers and those who wish to pay more for extra comfort. In general, most of the restaurants and accommodations near Playas de Tijuana are affordable. 

Even budget travelers can enjoy the beach without hurting their budget. Now, if you want to enjoy more, you’ll also find high-end restaurants and hotels around the area. 

One thing to note is that most establishments here accept payments in dollars and pesos. However, it’s best to use the local currency to save some cash in the long run. Read: Is It Better to Use Pesos or Dollars in Tijuana?


One thing that makes Playas de Tijuana a nice beach area is the activities it offers. Here, you’ll find more than a stretch of a typical coastal beach.

For instance, you’ll enjoy the view of the border’s end stretching into the Pacific Ocean. In addition, the border is filled with creative artwork from different local artisans. 

Playas de Tijuana also has other things to see, such as the iconic lighthouse, the Tijuana sign, and even the famous dolphin structure.

In short, you’ll always have things to capture with your phones or cameras when you’re in this beach area.

When you explore more through the boardwalk, you’ll find tourists and locals enjoying their stay on the beach. The area is also a great starting point for exploring the rest of Tijuana.

Nearby Attractions

You’ll find many restaurants, shopping centers, and other attractions within driving distance. If you have extra time, Baja California is the place to go. You’ll find all that and more at Playas de Tijuana, the best beach in Tijuana.

There are countless restaurants in the city and its history and nightlife. You can walk around the shops and dip your toes in the sand.

A day trip to Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, will give you plenty to do. This place is close to the city center so you can stay for several days. Taking some excellent pictures by the Tijuana sign is a must! Enjoy the weather, walk along the boardwalk, and have fun! 


Overall, Playas de Tijuana is a beach to explore when you’re visiting Tijuana. Here, you can enjoy plenty of activities and sights to see. It might be different from your typical beach setting, where you’ll find beach clubs and other beachfront hotels. However, the restaurants and budget accommodations will ensure you still enjoy your time. 

Besides Playas de Tijuana, you’ll find plenty of other places to see in the city. To know more, read 15 Things Tijuana Is Known For.

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