Santorini Weather – Month by Month

Weather conditions can make or break your holiday trip. It’s always been a good idea to check the forecast and the weather conditions before getting into some new place. It’s especially true when you plan to have a fantastic time with your partner or family. 

So if you are planning to visit Santorini, it’s crucial to know about the weather condition of the island. To help you out, we will explain Santorini’s weather month by month.

Our complete guide will help you know every detail about weather conditions and help you spend a well-planned and well-desired holiday on the island without any unforeseen weather problems.

Santorini Weather - Month by month

Quick overview of Santorini weather Month by month

Santorini weather
48-57 °F 48-57 °F 50-61 °F 54-66 °F 59-72 °F 66-81 °F 72-82 °F 72-81 °F 66-79 °F 61-72 °F 55-66 °F 52-61 °F
9-14 °C 9-14 °C 10-16 °C 12-19 °C 15-19 °C 19-27 °C 22-28 °C 22-27 °C 19-26 °C 16-22 °C 13-19 °C 11-16 °C

What is the weather in Santorini?

The weather of the Santorini is the most predictable and mildest in Europe. The overall climate of Santorini is warm and sunny with mild winters. You can experience all four seasons like winter, spring, autumn, and summer on the island.

The weather conditions are distinct from month to month. So it’s good to look at each month’s weather condition separately. 


January is the least crowded month for tourists on the island. It’s a rainy month with cold winds. However, there will be no snow. This month, the temperature usually remains between 9 to 14 degrees Celsius.

Most restaurants and bars are closed this month, and beaches remain empty. 


Again one of the less crowded months of the year. There will be rain and cold winds on the island. It’s one of the peak months of winter on the island. The average temperature remains between 9 to 14 degrees Celsius.

Like January, beaches remained empty with closed restaurants and bars. 


There will be a little rain during March, and the temperature starts to vary from cold to mild winter. The average temperature remains between 10 to 16 degrees celsius. Often there will be rains and winds on the island.

There will be a slight rise in tourists on the island this month. However, most of the restaurants and bars remain closed. 


April is the month of lovely sunny days, less rain, and cold winds. The average temperature remains between 12 to 19 degrees celsius. April is the indication of the beginning of the peak season. More tourists are starting to visit the island.

All the restaurants, bars, and hotels opened in April, and the beach sites started to get busy. 


It is one of the high season months of the island. May is the month of sunny days with no rains. The average temperature is 15 to 22 degrees celsius. A large number of tourists arrived this month on the island.

There will occasionally be some rain and wind during this month. Most of the days will be sunny and warm. 


June is the dry and hot month of the year. The temperature variation remains between 19 to 27 degrees celsius. There will be no rain, and the overall climate will be hot. Beaches become busier this month.

The island will be full of tourists from all over the world. 


During July, the weather remains super hot and warm. The temperature in this month goes up to 28 degrees celsius. It’s the best month for beach lovers and swimmers to visit Santorini. July is the month of the high season of all the years.

There will be a 100% crowd this month. 


August is the warmest and most crowded month of the year. The temperature of this month remains as it was in July. There will be no winds and rains. The island will be super busy and rushy in August.

If you hate being in a crowd and rush, this month is not perfect for visiting. 


In September, the weather will feel like summer. However, there will be less warmth and hotness. There will be cool breezing winds and fewer tourists’ rush until the end of the month.

The average temperature remains between 19 to 26 degrees celsius. 


During October, the temperature starts to change from summer to mild winter. The temperature stays between 16 to 22 degrees celsius. It’s the best time for swimming and to spend time on beaches. 


It’s the start of the winter season, and there will be cold winds on the island more often. The temperature in November remains between 13 to 19 degrees celsius.

Most businesses get closed, and there will be only 30% of the crowd on the island. It’s also one of the best times to visit the Santorini if you want to spend your vacation on a more peaceful and quiet island. 


The temperature in December remains between 12 to 16 degrees celsius. It’s one of the coldest months of the Santorini. It is not an ideal month to visit beach lovers and those who want to enjoy swimming.

Most of the beaches and swim sites will be closed. However, you can enjoy the beauty of the countryside and wildlife. 


Almost all Greek islands are famous for their excellent weather conditions in Europe, and Santorini is one. It’s one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and a tourist attraction worldwide.

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The weather of Santorini is usually sunny and warm. Except for two or three months usually, you can enjoy a beachside holiday and take a swimming adventure on the island. The best time to visit Santorini is summertime (between April to July). If you want to see the island in less crowded months, you can stay in March.

So before planning your trip, think about what kind of activities you want to do on your visit and then choose a time that fits best for you. We hope you will have some quality time on the island and you find our today’s blog information helpful.

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