Where To Stay In Tulum – A Complete Overview

Although Tulum is a laid-back town, it remains a tourist destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. The good thing about this town is that it has a lot of hotels and accommodation establishments for you to choose from.

In general, Tulum offers various accommodations that suit the preferences of different tourists. As such, you only need to know which one suits your preference as a traveler to narrow down your options.

This article will cover every accommodation to help you know where to stay in Tulum. This information includes our in-depth articles for each and helps you find the best options according to your preference.

Let’s get started!

Where To Stay In Tulum

Airbnb Properties

Airbnb properties are popular for several reasons. However, many tourists and travelers book through Airbnb because the properties are usually cheaper, have more character, and usually have homey comfort. 

Such qualities make Airbnb an excellent platform for better accommodation in Tulum. Further, booking with Airbnb is convenient and only takes a few minutes.

There are several reasons why people prefer to stay at an Airbnb property, and it applies everywhere. This platform offers excellent options for accommodation in Tulum if you’re staying there.

Since we want to make your search more convenient, we made an article to provide you with the best options on Airbnb. Read more about the Best Airbnb in Tulum.

Luxury Hotels

Best Luxury Hotels in Tulum

It is the goal of most luxury hotels to provide their guests with the best possible experience. Generally, most luxury hotels go so far as to make the stay as valuable as possible. 

Whenever you stay at a luxury hotel, you’re getting the best of the best for your money. Thus, if you want the best out of your Tulum vacation, it’s always worth booking your accommodation in a luxury hotel.

Luxury hotels are often associated with celebrities, business titans, and world leaders. Unfortunately, the same is valid for luxury hotels in Tulum. If you book a luxury hotel while on vacation in Tulum, you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

If you want to know the best options, you can see our recommendations regarding the Best Luxury Hotels in Tulum.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are better than typical hotels because they are smaller but upscale properties. These hotels have a distinct appearance, better guest experience, and more personalized accommodations. 

Most boutique hotels are located in popular areas. As such, you’ll find the best boutique hotels in Tulum in the hotel zone, offering a chic establishment with a beachfront view or access.

Further, boutique hotels in Tulum give their guests luxury amenities, modern design (depending on the hotel’s theme), and an authentic Tulum lifestyle experience.

A boutique hotel offers more personal service, a pleasant ambiance, and a pleasant guest experience. Tulum is a picturesque place, so finding boutique hotels isn’t unexpected.

For this reason, we compiled the Best Boutique Hotels in Tulum to help narrow down your options.

Beachfront Hotels

Best Beachfront Hotels in Tulum

In our minds, Tulum always conjures up picturesque images of turquoise waters and white sand beaches. Tulum’s beach is where most visitors spend most of their time. In such a situation, there is nothing better than a beachfront hotel with views.

A beachfront hotel in Tulum provides you with some of the things you’re looking for when visiting this town. Here, you get to have a beachfront view and access, and it’s not something you’ll get by booking hotels in Tulum Pueblo. 

In general, beachfront hotels are generally more expensive than the rest. However, if you’re on vacation and want to enjoy the best of Tulum’s picturesque beach, you should book a beachfront hotel. If you’ve already decided to book a beachfront hotel, you might as well book one of the best Tulum offers.

For our recommendations, read about the Best Beachfront Hotels in Tulum.

All-Inclusive Hotels

Visitors to Tulum are often concerned about planning their trip. While Tulum is a laid-back town, it has a lot to offer, and many travelers may find it overwhelming. Therefore, many guests choose all-inclusive hotels to enjoy themselves without hassle.

An all-inclusive hotel or resort’s primary goal is to take away the stress from all the planning for trips by offering everything. Hence, it’s called all-inclusive. 

Such hotels or resorts provide everything you need for your vacation, including food, itineraries, necessities, activities, and more. In most cases, an all-inclusive resort comes at a high price, and that’s because it includes every expense you can have throughout your stay.

We’ve written five of the best options if you want to book an all-inclusive hotel in Tulum. Read more about the Best All-Inclusive Hotels in Tulum.

Family-Friendly Hotels

Best Resorts in Tulum for Families

Family and child-friendly hotels offer activities that make holidays enjoyable for children and parents.

Keeping children entertained and engaged is a priority at family hotels. As such, they offer unique entertainment spaces and children’s activities.

It’s also an excellent way for families to spend time together, whether with their kids or with one another.

Despite its reputation as a couple’s destination, Tulum also makes a great family vacation destination. Further, Tulum’s sunny weather and history make it an excellent destination for families. Kids and parents will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in this laid-back seaside town.

If you want to know our recommendations, read about the Best Resorts in Tulum for Families.

Couple-Friendly Resorts

Resorts that are couple-friendly provide their rooms and other services to married and unmarried couples. These resorts provide rooms for unmarried couples to stay in and offer additional services like spas, restaurants, and other amenities designed for those couples.

The picturesque blue waters, white sand, ancient Mayan ruins, and cenotes make Tulum a perfect romantic destination. In this laid-back town, you will find some of the best resorts that will make you and your partner feel romantic.

To know the best options in town, read about the Best Resorts in Tulum for Couples.

Hotels for Honeymoon

Best Hotels for Honeymoon in Tulum

The town of Tulum offers some of the most breathtaking views in Mexico and the world, despite its laidback and brief appearance. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people view this place as an ideal place to spend their new days as a couple.

With its breathtaking views, peaceful vibes, and availability of romantic dining spots, Tulum is indeed an option to consider for a honeymoon trip. Most people even dream of visiting Tulum for their honeymoon or a romantic getaway.

With its white sand beaches and Mayan ruins, Tulum is a paradise that will help you to create more memories with your beloved.

If you want to know the best options, check out the Best Hotels for Honeymoon in Tulum.

Two Main Areas To Stay in Tulum

First and foremost, you should be aware that Tulum has two main areas where you can find hotels, resorts, and other properties. These two main areas are Tulum Town, also known as the Pueblo, and Tulum Beach, also known as the Hotel Zone.

Tulum Pueblo (Downtown Tulum)

The Pueblo is about 5 kilometers away from the beach. Locals flock to this area because of its affordable shops, restaurants, and even hotels. As such, it’s where most budget travelers find affordable yet still stylish accommodation.

The hotel options in this area offer amenities like a jungle vibe, plunge pools, and other things to compensate for the lack of beachfront access. You’ll still enjoy the setting even though the beach is just a few minutes away.

Tulum Beach (Hotel Zone)

Tulum Beach, also known as the Hotel Zone, is where you can find beachfront hotels, fine dining restaurants, and some of the best bars with an overlooking view of the beach.

The accommodation options here aren’t as affordable as the ones in Pueblo, but it’s worth it because you’ll have access to the beach. Choosing this option will bring you closer to the sandy shores.

Lastly, the hotel zone or the beach is divided into four areas. These are:

  • North Beach – intimate, secluded, romantic, and near the ruins
  • Beach town – the most affordable option in the beach area
  • Middle – where you can find restaurants, beach clubs, nightlife, and parties
  • South – family-friendly hotels, the center of wellness activities, wide sandy beaches, and near the Sian Ka’an bio-reserve

New Area: Aldea Zama

Aldea Zama is a new luxury development south of Pueblo. The area is about halfway between the Pueblo heart and the beach. The neighborhood has a suburban feel and several boutique hotels and restaurants. One thing to note is that development is still underway in much of this area.


With so many accommodation options, Tulum can cater to every guest that visits it. As such, you’ll always find a hotel, resort, or property that will make sure your stay becomes memorable and enjoyable. 

The only thing you need to do is to figure out what type of accommodation suits you. Then, with our recommendations, you’ll find the best accommodation option in Tulum.

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