Why Choose an All-Inclusive Hotel in Tulum?

If you’ve ever been stressed about planning a vacation, you may want to consider booking an all-inclusive hotel. While the term all-inclusive may seem overwhelming, it’s pretty simple. You only need to book and pay, and then you’re all set. Now, if that sounds easy and you consider such an option, you’ll want to know why you would choose it:

An all-inclusive hotel or resort’s primary goal is to take away the stress from all the planning for trips by offering everything. Hence, it’s called all-inclusive. Such hotels or resorts provide everything you need for your vacation, including food, itineraries, necessities, activities, and more. 

In most cases, an all-inclusive resort comes at a high price, and that’s because it includes every expense you can have throughout your stay. Now, before you change your mind, you’ll want to know why you should choose an all-inclusive hotel in Tulum. 

Why Choose an All-Inclusive Hotel in Tulum

8 Things To Enjoy From An All-Inclusive Hotel in Tulum

Below are eight reasons why you should choose an all-inclusive hotel in Tulum. This information can help you understand the perks you’ll get once you book such a hotel. Further, it can help you decide whether or not it suits your preference for your vacation.

1. No planning required

Traveling to Tulum (or even any place) requires lots of planning, especially if you’re bringing a large group. For instance, you must book your flights, airport transfers, accommodation, activities, and excursions, and even plan your meals.

With an all-inclusive hotel, you’ll enjoy your vacation without worrying about most of the things I mentioned above. In addition, once you book an all-inclusive hotel, you’re already set for almost the entirety of your vacation.

The great thing about booking such a hotel is that they will take care of everything you need, especially the food, the room, the activities, and even your airport transfer. So the only thing you need to do is enjoy your time.

2. Everything you need

From the name itself, an all-inclusive hotel has everything you need. Of course, there’s always a baseline for this term. In most cases, all-inclusive hotels have the following:

  • All meals, including snacks and drinks
  • Accommodation
  • Activities
  • Entertainment of some kind

Of course, all-inclusive doesn’t always mean everything is included. For instance, some activities are available but at an extra cost. Among these are water sports, excursions, and even spa treatments. In some resorts, alcoholic drinks may also be an extra cost.

In general, the inclusions depend on the package you’re availing of. For instance, some all-inclusive hotels offer roundtrip airport transfers and can even arrange flights for you.  

As always, every all-inclusive hotel is different, and chances are they offer a different package from another hotel. Still, with the availability of everything, you don’t have to worry about missing something since they likely have what you need or want.

3. Flexible packages

Many people think that one of the downsides of all-inclusive resorts is flexibility. Since it’s all-inclusive, some guests think they’ll even pay for inclusions they may not enjoy. However, that’s not true.

In general, all-inclusive hotels also offer flexibility. For instance, most hotels offer only basic things like food, accommodation, and other fees. 

Further, they have add-ons if you want a roundtrip airport transfer, activities, excursions, and more. Even the rooms and suites have different packages.

As such, you can be flexible and choose only the package that suits your preference to make the most of your money.

4. Best for families and large groups

All-inclusive hotels are perfect for families and large groups since they save those in charge from stressful planning.

For instance, guests who bring kids can be stressed about choosing restaurants since the children can be picky. With a large group, the preferences in such things can also be challenging to compromise.

With all-inclusive hotels and several on-site restaurants, you don’t have to plan for the vacation since the hotel has everything to fit every preference, whether for children or adults.

There are activities for kids and adults, couples and solo travelers, and even for men and women. In short, every family member will find a place to stay and an activity to do with an all-inclusive resort. 

5. Features

All-inclusive hotels usually have the most extensive areas and establishments. Booking one in Tulum will let you enjoy a few features that will make your vacation even better and worth your money.

For instance, these hotels usually have the largest pools, the best beaches, and even the best on-site restaurants.

Further, the rooms and suites usually come with complete amenities that luxury-minded guests love. Some examples are exclusive lounges, spa and wellness activities, and even concierge.

These hotels are also fit for those who want to enjoy activities like water sports or private boat tours. As such, it’s something you’ll find ideal, especially in Tulum, where most people spend their time in its pristine blue waters.

6. Easy to budget

One of the common problems when it comes to vacations is that there will always be surprise expenses throughout the journey until you return home.

For instance, you’ll get to pay for parking, entrance, taxes, environment, and so on. The expenses for food are also subject to change because every restaurant has its price range.

In Tulum, you can enjoy tons of activities, and almost all of them come with a price to pay. With such expenses, it cannot be easy to budget.

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So, when you book an all-inclusive resort, you only get to pay once, and you enjoy your vacation without worrying about expenses.

In short, all-inclusive hotels offer perks to budget travelers who take every expense into account.  

7. Ideal for relaxation

Since all-inclusive resorts already have everything around, it’s the perfect place if you want to enjoy doing nothing but relaxing.

An all-inclusive hotel is the best option if you don’t want some tiring activities. Once you have finished booking, you don’t need any planning.

You wait for your booking date, arrive at the hotel, and relax until your stay ends. All-inclusive resorts make for an effortless experience since the hotel does all the planning and organizing for you.

8. Enjoy the local culture

One of the common downsides of having everything in an all-inclusive resort is that you’ll miss what the place offers.

In Tulum, all the all-inclusive resorts have everything within the vicinity. However, for some people, the best of Tulum is enjoyed outside of hotels and resorts.

For instance, the cenotes and the Mayan ruins are to be explored. If this is also your concern, you can always ask the staff when booking since chances are they can arrange excursions to Tulum’s popular tourist destinations and local areas.

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A vacation in Tulum will be much better if you stay at an all-inclusive hotel, which applies everywhere you go. With such an option, you only need to pick your preferences, book your stay, pay in advance, and then you’re off to enjoy.
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