Best Time to Visit Cancun

In every place, there is the best time when visitors can enjoy the best things. In this case, if your destination is Cancun, you probably want to know when the best time to visit.

The best months to visit Cancun are December through April. Generally, it is warm and sunny, but not too hot. There are, of course, preferences for every traveler. For this reason, everyone has a different idea of when the best time is to visit this city.

It is worth visiting Cancun anytime because it is a beautiful destination. However, if you prefer to travel at a particular time, you may want to know the best months.

This article will help you plan the best time to go to Cancun. Travelers can use this information to determine the best months based on their preferences. Furthermore, we will discuss both peak and off-season Cancun. With this information, you can determine the seasons best for Cancun vacations and plan your trip accordingly.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Time to Visit Cancun

When Is the Best Time to Visit Cancun?

The best time to visit Cancun depends entirely on the travelers’ preferences. For example, it is common for some travelers to prefer perfect weather. Therefore, they should expect crowds and pay more. In contrast, some visitors want to visit Cancun without a lot of crowds and without spending a fortune.

Here’s an overview of the best time of year to visit Cancun based on travelers’ preferences.

Preference of TravelersBest Time to Visit Cancun
For travelers who want to spend lessFrom June to October
For travelers who want perfect weatherFrom December to April
For travelers who want less crowdFrom June to October

For Travelers Who Want to Spend Less in Cancun

Traveling on a budget in Cancun can be challenging, especially if you plan on staying at the hotel zone and in all-inclusive hotels. However, you may spend less in the city when you visit between June and October. 

It is best to visit Cancun between September and November when prices are the lowest. There are fewer tourists during this time of year because of the less-than-ideal weather. 

This time of year is rainy and hurricane season. Thus, it is an unreliable time to travel due to severe weather conditions.

There are better times to travel to Cancun in terms of weather, but these months are the most budget-friendly. 

Hotels and resorts have lower rates in these months since it’s off-season. However, plenty of rooms are available during these months, so travelers who want to visit Cancun will have no problem booking.

There are also a lot of hotels and resorts that offer discounts. Thus, you can score great deals if you know where to look.

Cancun gets a lot of rain during these months. Further, the season is also hurricane season, even though hurricanes rarely happen here. The weather will still be overcast and rainy even without hurricanes. 

Nevertheless, budget travelers who want to visit Cancun mostly don’t mind dealing with the weather as long as they score deals.

For Travelers Who Want the Perfect Weather in Cancun

The experience of visiting Cancun can be a once-in-a-lifetime for most travelers. Or, they only have the opportunity to take vacations sometimes. Thus, they prefer visiting the city in the best weather. 

It is best to visit Cancun from December to March if you are in the same situation. The weather is always perfect during these months. You can bask under the sun during these months as long as the skies are clear and it’s not too hot.

Though it isn’t precisely the dry season, it should be better than during the rainy season. Further, good weather brings more outdoor activities. In high season, you can attend many parties and participate in more nightlife activities.

Although these are ideal months for most people, there are a few things to consider.

During the peak season, all tourist spots in Cancun are likely to be crowded. During Christmas and New Year, Cancun is usually more crowded.

There is also a spike in the prices of accommodations and other fees, including fares. Lastly, you will probably need help finding a room if you do not book in advance.

Because of these factors, we recommend you book your travel months in advance. In addition, you can avoid highly high prices due to late bookings.

For Travelers Who Want Fewer Crowds

Some people don’t mind crowded tourist spots, while others prefer peaceful vacations with fewer people. 

Many travelers will love to enjoy a destination alone or with fewer crowds if that’s not an option. To experience Cancun at its best, go in April, May, November, and December.

The last weeks of April are one of the best times to visit Cancun since it’s likely already the end of spring break crowds. For more information about it, please read our article about Cancun Spring Break.

It’s the best time to visit because you’ll find a lot of available rooms and some discounts, just like during the off-season. The best thing about staying during these times is that you don’t have to deal with many crowds. It’s a treat, mainly since Cancun receives millions of tourists yearly.

Those who prefer to avoid the rainy seasons should plan their trip for November and December. It is recommended, however, that you book as far in advance if you plan to travel during these two months.

When Is the Peak Season in Cancun?

There is no better time to visit Cancun than from late December to April, which is the peak season. Several factors contribute to this, one of which is the weather, which is simply perfect for a vacation.

There are no rainstorms or hurricanes during these months so you can enjoy clear skies and a calm ocean. Additionally, it is likely to be very crowded during these times in Cancun. Hence, if you don’t like crowds, you should choose the low season.

It is recommended that you book everything as soon as possible if you plan to visit during this season. Moreover, you should plan your itinerary carefully if you have limited time.

A good thing about Cancun is that it houses many resorts and hotels simultaneously accommodating hundreds of guests. As such, you’ll always find a room to book. 

However, always note that the peak season means higher accommodation prices. As such, a booking is best if you want to enjoy some deals or discounts.

Benefits of Visiting Cancun During Peak Season

  • There are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as parties and intense nightlife.
  • The weather during your stay will be perfect, with clear skies, calm seas, and a warm temperature.

Downsides of Visiting Cancun During Peak Season

  • Due to the high prices of hotels, flights, and even transportation, you will have to spend more.
  • There will be crowds to deal with when you visit this city. 

Note: Mexicans also travel during Easter, which makes the Easter season crowded and expensive. It’s also usually the end of spring break, so expect lots of crowds during this time.

When Is the off Season in Cancun?

If you are on a budget, you should visit Cancun during the off-season between June and October.

Cancun’s resorts and hotels offer fantastic deals during this season when prices are lowest and fewer people visit.

Of course, there’s a caveat, and that’s the weather. During these months, you can experience extreme weather conditions. For example, the weather can be hot and humid, or it can be rainy all the time.

The most rainfall occurs in June, September, and October, but these showers are usually short-lived. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when mosquitoes can be particularly annoying. If you plan on visiting Cancun during the said months, read our article about Mosquitoes and Other Bugs in Cancun.

Compared to the previous months, July and August have less rain, but they are generally hot and humid. Besides rain, hurricanes are also a possibility. 

The hurricane season in Cancun begins in June and ends in October. However, it’s not that big of a deal since hurricanes rarely occur, although bad weather can be frequent.

One thing to note about Cancun is that this city offers plenty of indoor entertainment. So even if it rains during your stay, you can do something fun while waiting for the rain to stop. For more information on the rainy season in the city, read When Is Cancun Rainy Season? 

While in the shade, you can significantly reduce the temperature during these hot months. However, if you want something relaxing, several cenotes near the city remain cool and relaxing all year long. Thus, we recommend visiting their beach clubs and cenotes.

Benefits of Visiting Cancun During Off-Season

  • There are fewer tourists in Cancun.
  • Deals and discounts on flights and hotels are available.

Downsides of Visiting Cancun During Off-Season

  • The weather will be hot and humid.
  • It is also possible that you will experience frequent rainfall.
  • The risk of hurricanes also exists.


In a nutshell, the best time to visit Cancun depends on the traveler’s preference. Most people prefer Cancun during the perfect weather despite dealing with crowds. On the other hand, some individuals don’t mind the weather as long as they stay on a budget and enjoy fewer crowds.

Cancun is always there for you to enjoy, and its famous spots are always beautiful. It is up to every traveler to enjoy the rest of the trip. When your preferences are accounted for, all that’s left to do is have a great Cancun vacation.

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