Does Cancun Have Sharks?

Cancun is known as the “perfect beach” getaway destination. Thousands of tourists flock to its shores every year with pristine white sand and oceans that sparkle turquoise. With so many people in the clear blue waters, some visitors grow nervous. This may attract sharks to the area and increase their chances of being attacked when entering the water.

The simple answer is that there are sharks in Cancun. Take note, however, that if you’re worried about being attacked by one, your chances are less likely than being hit by a car. After all, the number of people attacked by sharks yearly is exceptionally low, considering sharks can be found in almost all oceans worldwide.

Continue reading to learn more about sharks in Cancun, including whether Cancun has sharks, what type of shark can be found in Cancun, as well as whether there has ever been a shark attack in Cancun, and more.

Does Cancun Have Sharks?

Does Cancun Have Sharks?

Like most beach destinations, Cancun does have sharks. After all, sharks are abundant in 90% of the world’s oceans. This does not, however, increase your chances of being attacked by a shark in Cancun.

Despite the fact that sharks are roaming the Cancun waters, shark attacks in Cancun are extremely rare. Overall, there have only been 40 shark attacks in the whole of Mexico over the last 400 years. That is nothing compared to the number of shark attacks that occur in, for example, the US or Australia.

What Type of Sharks are There in Cancun?

Cancun is home to over 40 distinct shark species. The diversity is extensive, ranging from the little dogfish to the massive whale shark. While this number may appear overwhelming, keep in mind that most of these species are bottom dwellers living in deep sections of the ocean that you would never dare to investigate.

Nevertheless, the most common sharks found near Cancun’s beaches include bull, whale, and Caribbean reef sharks (all considered not dangerous to humans unless provoked).

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Do Sharks Stalk the Beaches in Cancun?

Overall, sharks are creatures that do not often include humans as a primary source of food in their diets. When shark attacks happen, the shark is typically mistaking a person for its main food source: seals.

This means that while it may seem like these daunting predators are stalking our beaches, waiting to make us their next meal, they are simply trying to eat to survive.

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Does Cancun Have Great White Sharks?

Great white sharks are free to explore whatever water they please. So, while it is not common to see great white sharks in Cancun, be aware that nothing is stopping them from wandering past your beach.

While several dive companies in Cancun claim to provide great white shark cage diving from Playa del Carmen, only Guadalupe Island offers great white shark cage diving in pristine blue water with 100 to 150-foot visibility. Unfortunately, this island is not close to Cancun and will require you to relocate to Guadalupe in order to perform this activity.

Has There Ever Been A Shark Attack in Cancun?

The likelihood of being killed by a shark is less than one in 264.1 million. However, there are times when a shark attack is more likely.

Unfortunately, Cancun has had multiple shark attacks, with at least two unprovoked shark attacks occurring within just a few months of each other in 2011. However, no other known shark attacks in Cancun have occurred since these incidents, and thankfully, no deaths have occurred.

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How to Avoid Sharks When Swimming In Cancun

Sticking to Clear Shallow Waters

While Cancun is generally a safe place for tourists to frolic about in the water with their families, by sticking to clear, shallow waters, you can make sure that you will see any predator coming from a mile away.

Fortunately, these crystal-clear waters stretch for miles in Cancun, making it easy to find your own secluded little patch of beach to enjoy your vacation.

Don’t Swim Alone

Swimming with others or in a group can also help dissuade sharks from approaching. After all, when you’re alone, you’re regarded as easy prey. Still, when you’re in a group, you’re all perceived as a harder target, perhaps discouraging any hungry shark lurking nearby from approaching.

Avoid Deep Waters At Night, Dawn, or Dusk

Since the ocean can give off an ominous feeling in the dark anyway, it may be best just to admire it from shore. After all, you are less likely to see something, like a shark coming towards you in the dark.

Deeper waters at night are also not a great idea since sharks have terrible eyesight. If you’re floating on the top of the water, a shark, in the dark, could mistake your body or limbs for a snack. These periods of the day are also regarded as “shark feeding times,” so best to stay out of the water.

Avoid Swimming in Waters Where Seals Are Abundant

Seals are regarded as most sharks’ main food source- well, at least the species that can also cause you harm. It is, therefore, best to stay out of the water when you notice that seals are present. This could indicate that there is a shark close by, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike and obtain their next meal.

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Final Thoughts

Cancun is regarded as “the” ideal beach vacation spot. Thousands of visitors visit its coastlines each year due to the area’s immaculate white sandy beaches and blue crystal waters.

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There are sharks in Cancun. That much is obvious. Be aware that your odds of being attacked by one are lower than your chances of getting hit by a car. After all, considering that sharks can be found in practically all waters globally, the number of individuals who are bitten by sharks each year is incredibly minimal.

Overall, Cancun is regarded as a very safe place to spend your beach holiday. Even though Cancun is home to about 40 species of sharks, sightings are rare, with very few attacks and no deaths ever reported at the popular holiday destination.

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