How to Pay For a Bus in Mallorca?

Mallorca is one of the most famous Balearic Islands. It is among the most visited places by tourists in the Mediterranean. Mallorca is known for its serene beaches, limestone mountains, fresh produce, and Spanish architecture.

To visit all the different tourist hotspots, you will need some affordable and efficient means of transport. There is no need to look further than the local public transport via buses throughout the island.

In this article, we discuss the various ways for you to pay for a bus in Mallorca. There are so many ways to make payments for your purchases, from traditional credit and debit cards to mobile payment options and digital wallets in today’s day and age.

However, when you’re in a foreign land, your best bet is to avoid getting into financial trouble. And for this, you should have a reliable source of payment handy. So, let’s find out how to pay for a bus or other public transport means in Mallorca.

How Much is the Bus in Mallorca?

You can get buses from two different companies in Mallorca. One of them is the blue and white EMT bus that has bus routes across Palma and its suburbs. You also have the TIB bus (yellow and red), which goes further into the villages and towns beyond Palma.

If you want to take the EMT bus, you should buy a pass for 10€. This is a 10-ticket pass that lets you board any EMT bus. You can buy them at tobacco shops or stationary stalls within Palms.

Without a pass, you will be charged 1,50€ per bus ride, and you need to pay the driver directly on the bus. Make sure to not pay with a bill of more than 20€, and ensure that you are carrying some loose change in your wallet.

Call +34 971 214 444 or book tickets online to plan your route. The latter is always recommended since it saves you time looking for tickets or scrambling for change. You can choose to pay via any payment method available on the website.

TIB buses leave from Plaza de España, so you should get there in time and remember to keep a schedule with you. You can buy tickets directly at the station, making the process convenient. Here you can also find timetables for any bus service you might need.

Buses in different towns and villages have different prices that depend on your destination and the route of your journey. We recommend buying a 20 or 40 ticket pass instead of getting charged for every bus ride you take if you plan to use public transport throughout your trip. It is a cheaper option and will save you good money in the long run.

How Do You Pay for Buses in Mallorca?

You can pay for a bus through various methods in Mallorca. There is a standard method of paying through cash. You can buy tickets from stations and use them, or pay the driver on the bus. Both ways cost you the same. You can pay for a pass to get a discount and avoid buying tickets for every ride.

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You can pay for tickets at the airport as two bus services take you from the Airport to Mallorca.

The EMT airport buses go to and from Palma city and take payment in cash, though you have to make sure you carry a good amount of change.

Can I Pay by Card On the Bus in Mallorca?

You need an Intermodal Card to make payments for bus tickets in Mallorca. If you do not have this card, the best option for traveling by bus is to use your contactless bank.
It’s very well-suited for tourists who like visiting Mallorca from overseas. Upon entering the island and boarding the bus, you need to validate the card.

You can board the TIB Mallorca network if you have a debit or a credit card. This way, you can skip buying a ticket in advance. Moreover, by using a debit card, you can avail attractive discounts by purchasing tickets for up to 5 people.

It is important to remember that you need to validate your card twice when boarding the bus and, secondly, when you leave it. If you do not follow these steps, you can incur a penalty of €0.50.

TIB has something called a hop system for charging fares. You make a single hop when you move from one zone to another. If you travel within the same zone, you are charged the fare for 0 hops.

So, paying with cards for Mallorca buses is convenient and easy. You should remember to take cash with you just in case there is an issue; however, you will find paying through a card easily and accessible in most cases. Take multiple cards with you in case one does not work. You can always try a different one and bypass any problems.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Mallorca is an amazing tourist destination that you don’t want to miss out on for your summer holidays. And when you do travel overseas, transport is a factor that you should always plan for and get sufficient knowledge about.

Buses on this island are the main form of cheap public transport, and it takes your payments through both cash and card. As long as you know how much you want to travel, and how often while spending your holiday in Mallorca, you can either buy a pass or pay for every ride individually.

Always travel with safety guidelines in mind, and keep different forms of payment at hand, so you are never in trouble.

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Buses in Mallorca are well-conditioned and are good with schedules, so if you choose them as your primary means of transportation, you will not be disappointed!

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