Playa Tortugas (Cancun)

Playa Tortugas is commonly known as a beach spot for locals, and you’ll want to check out if you want to enjoy the beaches of Cancun. As a place frequented by locals, you can ensure a great time here. Playa Tortugas is for you if you’re looking for a beach with a relaxed atmosphere, clean sands, and plenty of food spots.

Playa Tortugas is one of the best beaches in Cancun that offers a relaxing spot and plenty of budget-friendly food and activity options. Here, you can find a relatively short stretch of beach compared to nearby areas. However, you can enjoy calm waters, plenty of restaurants, and several fun activities nearby.

Now, if you plan to check out this beach, you should know a few helpful things to include. As such, this article will cover everything you need to know about Playa Tortugas, including its location, the restaurants, and hotels nearby, and even other things and activities it may offer.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Playa Tortugas


Playa Tortugas is a beach in the northern part of Cancun’s seven. It’s located at kilometer 6.5, along the hotel zone, so the road is accessible by bus, taxi, or car. As such, this beach area is easy to visit whether you have a car or are commuting around the city.

How to get there

It’s easy to get to Playa Tortugas since it’s only a few miles from downtown Cancun. Also, since it’s located in the hotel zone, it’s easily accessible by bus, taxi, or car.

Since Playa Tortugas is a well-known beach, taxi and bus drivers know it well. You can ride either an R-1 or R-2 bus or rent a taxi. Say you’re heading to Playa Tortugas, and they’ll drop you there. To know more about commuting, read our article about Taking a Bus in Cancun.

From Downtown Cancun

If you’re coming from downtown, you must travel around 4.8 miles (7.8 kilometers) to reach Playa Tortugas. The travel time will take around 10 minutes.

From Cancun Hotel Zone

If you’re coming from the center of the hotel zone, you need to travel northwards for around 3.5 miles (5.7 kilometers) to reach this beach. The travel time takes around 6 minutes.


There is Free Parking at Playa Tortugas Beach in Cancun. There is a little parking area where you may leave your car safely and without paying any money, just as at practically every beach in Cancun. But, naturally, you must arrive early because the staff members also bring their automobiles, making it difficult to find parking.

Additionally, some folks charge for parking spaces in specific “private locations,” so there is another alternative if you are a little late.


One thing to note is that most restaurants near this area are local, such as Carnitas Michoacan. As such, you won’t find them online or on social media. 

Now, you can find some all-inclusive resorts nearby that may have a restaurant. However, some won’t allow walk-in customers, as they are dedicated to their checked-in guests.

Additionally, there are a handful of eateries where you can have a drink, a snack, and larger meals. If you want to avoid paying the prices charged by beach restaurants, you’ll find an OXXO, which is the Mexican version of Seven-Eleven.

You’ll also find a Bungee Jump if you feel like being a bit braver. But, again, there is a lovely view, and a pleasant, secluded, reasonably priced bar is nearby. 


Since Playa Tortugas are within the Cancun Hotel Zone, you’ll find several accommodation options. However, the three nearest hotels and resorts are:

You can check out our article about the Best Hotels to Stay at in Cancun to know your best options.

Beach Clubs

Here in Playa Tortugas, you won’t find high-end beach clubs. However, you can find available umbrellas and chairs for rent. You can even find nearby restaurants that serve food and drinks for an additional cost.

Some visitors choose Playa Tortugas to the beach at their hotel because they appreciate it so much. 

The public beach is open to everyone, and the serene and calming sea was praised by visitors, which is especially noteworthy for families with young children.

Even while Playa Tortugas isn’t as long as a few of Cancun’s other shores, you can locate a place to put your towel down.

You can also have deckchairs and loungers here, and it’s a nice area to relax in the sand or take in breathtaking views.


Playa Tortugas is a public beach. As such, you can enjoy the area without paying an entrance fee. Also, the beach stays open all the time.

Regarding umbrella and chair rental, you can enjoy such amenities for around 150 pesos. However, be sure to have local currency cash to avoid overcharging. Also, most of the people offering rentals accept Mexican pesos only.

Now, you can always pay around eight dollars to rent these amenities, and it will already include some drinks and food from nearby restaurants.


Now, you’ll find plenty of things and activities to do around Playa Tortugas. Surprise, this place is a favorite with travelers, given the constant festival atmosphere. 

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to play beach volleyball on the gorgeous white dunes, cool down in the blue waters, and then unwind at one of the cocktail bars. 

Many more activities are available, including bungee jumping, which draws many people here.

For those who feel that jumping off the pier won’t give them nearly enough airtime, there is also a bungee jumping tower accessible. Make sure to take a moment to take in the stunning view of Cancun’s lagoon and beaches before you dive in.

The beach is an excellent place to go swimming. You won’t need to worry about allowing little children to splash around because the pier is lengthy, and vessels don’t frequently get near the coastline.

It’s not too deep, clean, and safe for snorkeling, so you can do so for free if you have your gear. To know more about free snorkeling in the city, read Where Can I Snorkel for Free in Cancun?

Nearby Attractions

Since Playa Tortugas is located in the hotel zone, you can find plenty of tourist spots and attractions nearby. Among these are:

  • Dolphin Discovery Cancun – 1.8 miles away
  • Torre Escénica del Embarcadero de Cancún – 1.4 miles away
  • Delphinus Punta Cancún – 4.2 miles away

One thing to note is that you’ll find a pier in Playa Tortugas, and here, you can enjoy some daily ferries departing for Isla Mujeres. As such, you can always go on a day trip to this beautiful island if your hotel is near Playa Tortugas. 


Playa Tortugas offers a relaxing yet convenient beach area for every Cancun tourist and local. As a place frequented by locals, you’ll enjoy Playa Tortugas as one of the best beaches where you can find affordable food and amenities. It’s also a place filled with activities if you enjoy such. 

Now, you can visit Playa Delfines if you want a more secluded beach without any establishments and with fewer crowds.

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