When Is the Hurricane Season in Tulum?

One of the many concerns we want to know about when traveling is the weather. For instance, in tropical towns and cities like Tulum, you’ll want to see the place at its best: the sunny and dry season. Also, you’ll want to avoid visiting during the hurricane season, but when does this season occur in Tulum, you may wonder?

The hurricane season in Tulum starts in June or September and can last until the latter days of November. Note that hurricanes are rare in Tulum, and you may still enjoy the town during such months. Still, planning your travel in the last weeks of November until May is best.

Like all other destinations, the hurricane season affects Tulum’s tourism. For instance, you’ll find many excellent deals on Tulum’s hotels and resorts during the season since these months are the least visited times. Such things and many more offers are worth noting this season, so keep reading as we’ll show you more.

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When Is the Hurricane Season in Tulum

Are Hurricanes Common in Tulum?

Although June to November is considered hurricane season in Tulum, hurricane calamities are not expected. Still, if there are hurricanes to hit the town, it’ll likely do so during September and October. 

Here are some facts to give you an idea of how rare hurricanes occur in Tulum. During the past decades, only two hurricanes occurred in Tulum. 

The latest is Hurricane Grace which occurred last August 2021, and Hurricane Emily, which occurred last July 2005. For this reason, you shouldn’t worry if you’re only available to travel to Tulum during these months. 

Is It Safe to Visit Tulum During Hurricane Season?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about visiting Tulum during hurricane season since hurricanes are rare. 

Of course, it’s not the best time to visit Tulum since this season can include frequent rains, which means the sky can be pretty cloudy. Still, it remains safe from the direct effects of hurricanes, if ever one occurs.

If there’s anything else to worry about in Tulum during hurricane season, that would be mosquitoes. These insects can be active during rainy days, mostly during this season. 

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Should You Visit Tulum During Hurricane Season?

If you want to enjoy the best things Tulum can offer, you should not visit during hurricane season. However, there are some perks you can enjoy during this time.

For instance, hurricane season in Tulum isn’t peak season. Thus, many hotels and resorts in town offer excellent deals and lower rates compared to peak season. The same goes for all the activities and reservations that may cost higher during summer.

If you plan on visiting Tulum but are on a tight budget, this season may suit you. Besides this tip, you can still find ways to spend less during your stay in Tulum. For detailed information, check out our article on How To Do Tulum On A Budget?

Another thing is that you’ll enjoy the place with fewer crowds (if you prefer), and you can even enjoy some tourist spots to yourselves sometimes.

In short, the hurricane season may not be the best time, but it’s not that risky if you’re considering hurricane calamities. Plus, if you consider visiting Tulum during this time, you can spend less than you would during peak season.

To give you a general idea, here are some pros and cons of visiting Tulum during hurricane season:

Pros of visiting Tulum during Hurricane Season:

  • Enjoy the place with fewer crowds
  • Score great deals on bookings and accommodation

Cons of visiting Tulum during Hurricane Season:

  • The weather can be frequented with rains
  • The views can also be cloudy or overcast most of the time
  • A hurricane might affect your travels (it occurs pretty rare)

Now, if you want to visit Tulum during the hurricane season, we recommend doing so during November’s last weeks. Here’s why:

Best Time of Hurricane Season to Visit Tulum

While November still falls during the hurricane season, it’s not as risky and rainy compared to traveling during September or October.

This month is when the hurricane season ends and the dry season starts. As such, you can still enjoy the perks of scoring excellent deals and fewer crowds while avoiding the rainy season and enjoying some clear and sunny skies.

Also, the following month, December, is already considered peak season so the accommodation prices will increase drastically.

The Hurricane Season doesn’t mean you should skip Tulum in November. However, if you plan to visit Tulum this month, you won’t encounter any hurricanes.

What Are the Best Months to Visit Tulum?


If you want to see Tulum at its best, the best months to visit will be from February to May. During these months, you can enjoy clear skies and warm weather. However, if you don’t prefer warm weather, December is the coolest month in this town.

These months may be peak season, and the prices of hotels and accommodations are higher than during hurricane season. Further, you can expect crowded beaches, restaurants, and other tourist spots.

Still, you’ll appreciate seeing the Caribbean waters at their best and enjoy every tourist spot in Tulum without hassle or disappointment.

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The hurricane season in Tulum isn’t the best time for tourists. Though hurricanes rarely occur in town, the rainy season and frequent overcast weather make this tropical town unappealing for some people. However, it remains an ideal choice for some with fewer crowds and great deals. 

It all boils down to your preference. Whether you visit Tulum during hurricane season or not is up to you. After all, Tulum will always have something to offer regardless of the season. 
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