Best Time to Visit Tulum

Every place has its best time where it offers the best for its visitors. Thus, if Tulum is your chosen destination for a trip, chances are you want to know when is the best time to do so.

Generally, the best time to visit Tulum is during February and May since the weather is almost always perfect during these times. But, of course, all travelers have their preferences. Thus, the best time to visit Tulum differs for every person.

Tulum is a beautiful destination, which means any time of visit is worth it. However, if you’re a traveler who prefers a specific time, you may need to know the best months that suit your needs.

This article will cover everything you need to know regarding the best time to visit Tulum. This information includes the best months that suit the specific preferences of travelers. We’ll also cover both the peak and off seasons of Tulum. After reading, you’ll understand the pros and cons of every season and plan your Tulum vacation according to it.

Let’s get started!

Best Time to Visit Tulum

When Is the Best Time to Visit Tulum?

As I mentioned earlier, the best time to visit Tulum depends solely on the preference of the travelers.

For instance, some travelers prefer perfect weather. Therefore, they need to pay more and expect crowds.

On the other hand, some want to enjoy Tulum without crowds, and some want to visit without spending a lot.

To give you a short and direct answer, here is an overview of the best time to visit Tulum, depending on travelers’ preferences.

Preference of TravelersBest Time to Visit Tulum
For travelers who want to spend lessFrom June to October
For travelers who want perfect weatherFrom December to March
For travelers who want less crowdApril, May, November, and December

For Travelers Who Want to Spend Less in Tulum

Tulum isn’t always a budget-friendly travel destination. However, there are times when you can spend less in Tulum, from June to October. 

These months are considered the off-season in Tulum, and while it’s not the best time in terms of weather, it’s the best in terms of budget.

Since these months are off-season, the booking prices in hotels and resorts are lower. Further, travelers who prefer to visit Tulum during these months will have no problem booking since there are plenty of available rooms.

Moreover, some hotels and resorts even offer discounts, which means you can score great deals, especially when you know where to book.

If you’re a budget traveler who wants to visit Tulum but doesn’t want to spend a lot, there are other things to note besides choosing the season. Here’s an article about traveling to Tulum on a budget. It’s a guide we wrote to help every budget traveler save money during their stay in this town.

Of course, the low prices have caveats, mainly the weather. 

These months are the rainiest months for Tulum. Unfortunately, it’s also the Hurricane season, although hurricanes are rare occurrences here. Still, even without hurricanes, you can expect plenty of rain and overcast weather. 

For Travelers Who Want the Perfect Weather in Tulum


For most travelers, a visit to Tulum can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Or, their opportunity to go on vacation doesn’t come often. As such, they want to visit Tulum in its best weather. 

If you see yourself in the same position, then the months of December to March are the best time for you to visit Tulum.

During these months, you can expect perfect weather all the time. These months offer clear skies for you to bathe under the sun but not so hot that you feel it’s scorching.

It’s not necessarily dry season yet, but you can expect better weather than during the rainy season.

Also, with good weather comes more activities to enjoy. You can enjoy many parties and a more active nightlife during the high season.

Now, while these months may be the perfect time to visit Tulum for most people, there are still some caveats.

The peak season means you should expect every place in Tulum to be crowded with tourists. It can get more packed when you visit Tulum around Christmas and New Year.

Also, you should note that the cost of accommodations and other fees, such as fares, are at their peak. Lastly, you’ll hardly find available rooms when you don’t book in advance.

For these reasons, we recommend you plan your travel months before your planned date to ensure you have everything booked. It may also save you extremely high prices from late bookings.

For Travelers Who Want Fewer Crowds

While some travelers don’t mind crowded tourist destinations, others want peaceful vacations with fewer crowds. These travelers want to enjoy the place alone or with fewer crowds if the former isn’t possible.

Another thing to note is that there are spots in Tulum that you’ll appreciate with fewer people around. Among these spots is the Sian Ka’an, a beautiful biosphere reserve.

If you want the same, then the months of April, May, November, and December are the best times to visit Tulum.

Like the off-season, you can enjoy some discounts and the flexibility of having lots of available rooms.

Still, your best perk is that you can enjoy the entire Tulum and its beauty without dealing with lots of crowds.

If you prefer to avoid the rainy seasons, the months of November and December will be for you. However, if you choose either of these two months, we recommend booking in advance to enjoy some discounts.

When Is the Peak Season in Tulum?

The peak season in Tulum is from late December to April, and these months are considered the best time to visit Tulum. Among the reasons is the weather, which is simply perfect for vacations.

During these months, you can take advantage of clear skies and a calm ocean without worrying about rain or hurricanes.

Also, you should expect Tulum to be very crowded during these times. Thus, it would be best to choose the shoulder or low season if you don’t like crowds.

If you plan on visiting during this season, book everything as soon as possible. Further, you should be as thorough as possible when planning your itinerary if you have limited time.

It isn’t easy to get a reservation for hotel rooms or tours to natural reserves and amusement parks during this time. However, because Tulum is such a small town, you’ll have better chances of enjoying it when you book a nice hotel, so do so in advance.

Benefits of Visiting Tulum During Peak Season

  • You’ll enjoy more activities such as parties and festive events.
  • You’ll enjoy the best weather during your stay, with clear skies, calm sea waters, and a warm climate.

Downsides of Visiting Tulum During Peak Season

Lots of money in wallet
  • You’ll have to pay more since hotels, flights, and even transportation fares are at their peak.
  • You’ll have to deal with crowds. 

Note: Mexico’s Easter season is crowded and expensive because, in addition to tourists, many locals travel during the holidays.

When Is the off Season in Tulum?

The off-season in Tulum starts from May to the middle of December, and it’s the best time to visit this town if you want to save money.

Tulum’s hotels offer fantastic deals this season when prices are lowest, and visitors are fewest.

Of course, there’s a caveat, and that’s the weather. During these months, you can experience extreme weather conditions. For example, the weather can be hot and humid, or it can be rainy all the time.

Most rainfall occurs in June, September, and October, but these showers usually pass quickly. However, it’s also the months when mosquitoes can be annoying. So, if you plan to visit Tulum during the said months, you might want to check our article about how to deal with mosquitoes in Tulum.

The months of July and August are less rainy than those mentioned above, but they tend to be hot and humid.

Along with the rain, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for hurricanes. Tulum’s hurricane season begins in June and lasts until October.

If you consider staying in Tulum during these months, we have an in-depth article about hurricane season in Tulum. It should be a helpful guide for you to enjoy your stay in town.

When you stay in the shade, the sea breeze can significantly reduce the temperature, even in these hot months.

Many Tulum’s cenotes stay cool and relaxing all year long, so we recommend enjoying the beach clubs and cenotes there.

Benefits of Visiting Tulum During Off-Season

  • You can enjoy Tulum with fewer crowds (except during August).
  • You can score discounts and deals on flights and hotels (except during August).

Downsides of Visiting Tulum During Off-Season

  • You’ll have to deal with hot and humid days.
  • You may also experience frequent rainfall.
  • There’s also a risk of hurricane occurrence.


The best time to visit Tulum for most people will always be when the weather is perfect. However, some people have personal preferences, especially concerning their budget and their preference for crowds.

In the end, Tulum will always be available, and the beauty of its famous spots will always be enjoyable at all times and seasons. The rest of the enjoyment lies in every traveler. As long as their preferences are accommodated, all left is for you to enjoy your vacation in Tulum.

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